Condolences for Fannie Francisco

Joe Konkol posted on 7/19/19

Jimmy and Ruthann, My profuse condolences on the passing of your mom.Time goes bye so quickly. It seems like you all just left for Florida.So sorry to hear the news.One of the things i remember about aunt fanny.She always said the word eat twice."eat,eat she would say" The other thing,she waived her hand at uncle curly during a discussion when she thought he was embellishing the truth. Rest in peace aunt Fanny


Ruth Van Dyke posted on 7/18/19

My Dearest Mother, My heart is broken, my body feels hollow, like half of me is missing , you gave and gave to all you knew , and wouldn't let anyone do for you, you were not only my mother you became my best friend . I would come over almost everyday after work and we'd sit and talk and laugh then you'd say "go home your husbands waiting for you" you never interfered with my personal life but you were always there for me, you always worried about everyone.Family was everything to you. Nothing else mattered.And ever holiday or just a family dinner , there was never enough food , you'd make sure everyone ate before you and you'd say "eat,eat" to everyone, of course we'd have a tone of leftovers .the Italian spread some would call it. You taught me patience , kindness , "to open my mouth in this world" when needed , how to be a good wife, a good mother and that family is all you need . The one thing you didn't teach me is how to live without you, I will always love you and I know you will be the most beautiful angel watching over me and my family! Rest In Peace Mom


Riley Van Dyke posted on 7/17/19

Grandma Fannie made houses into homes, holidays into memories, and empty stomachs into stomachs full of love. Grandmas joy and positivity would be contagious wherever she was, it was truly one of a kind. Her love for her family was like no other, which will live on throughout us. Her time on earth was appreciated by us all. We shouldn’t sorrow over her death, instead we should cherish every moment that we are surrounded by love and family. May Grandma rest in peace, but her spirit and love live on. Sincerely your loving grandson, Riley.


Melissa Vuono posted on 7/17/19

To My Beautiful Mother in Law- Fannie You are the best mother in law anyone could ever ask for. You always treated me more like a daughter then a daughter in law. Every time you heard we were not feeling well, you always called to show you cared and to let us know you were always there. You were a strong caring woman. Even when you were feeling weak you got up the strength to make it to my birthday party, that showed how much being with your family was important to you. Holidays will never be the same without you here. I am so blessed to of had a mother in law like you. I found this poem that says it all: I just want to let you know, you mean the world to me, only a heart as dear as yours, would give so unselfishly, the many things you’ve done, all the times that you were there, help me know deep down inside how much you really care, Even though I might not say, I appreciated all you did, Richly blessed is how I feel to of had a mother in law like you.


Paul D'Amico posted on 7/17/19

My sincere condolences goes to my cousins Ruthann and Jimmy and your families. I grew up with you guys and your mom was like a second mom to me. I will always cherish the memories of our families going on camping trips , and the endless summer days swimming in your pool. I'll never forget the look on your moms face when she saw Ruth holding a cigerette that I had been smoking and gave it to Ruth when I saw our mom's approaching. I also remember always eating at your house sometimes without any notice and your mom never complained and always served bread and butter with every meal. We spent every major holiday together. I will always cherish the fond memories of our three families ( the D'Amicos, Franciscos and the Vigoritos ) behaving more like one big family. Ant Fanny will be deeply missed by all that loved her and all she loved in return.Rest in Peace my beloved aunt. I'm heart broken with the news of your transitioning. Love your nephew, Paul


Rick Van Dyke posted on 7/16/19

- Our Beloved Fannie Francisco, wasn’t a passionate lady when it came to music or art or anything one can possess. Although when it came to family that was one thing she loved with her entire heart. She always looked forward to any holiday, simply because it meant she would be surrounded by the one thing she loved most, family. My grandmother Fannie loved her grandchildren immensely, no matter what mood she was in when one of us went to see her, she would light up like the sun. And one of the best things that Fannies legacy had left behind is a beautiful family who can all say they loved her tremendously. May Fannie Francisco Rest In Heaven. She was everyone’s ray of sunshine, the brightest flower in the garden, and now our closest guardian angel. Love your grandson, Rick.