Condolences for Jill Hargett

Paula Ernst posted on 6/9/19

Beaner, I miss you like crazy. I cannot believe your gone. I keep looking for you in the house. You were my best friend, sister and the best Aunt to my boys who miss you like crazy. I will see you someday and until then I’m always talking to you. Your my guardian angel. No more pain sister. Rest and take care of everyone up there just like you did here. I love you so much. Paula


Sharon Rizzuti posted on 6/6/19

My Dawg, My Sister, I will miss you every day of my life as you where my other 1/2. All we have been thru this is the hardest of them all.Thank you for always been by my side and all your love and help.Weave gone thru it all and you did it with a smile on your face! Rest as you must need it and I will see you on the other side. Thanks for all of it! Your Dawg P.s.I will look after Kaydoo forever! Love you a big hug to you.


Katie Hargett posted on 6/6/19

Dear Mommy, I cannot properly express what your loss feels like. The best word I can think of is surreal. It does not feel real even though its so finite. I will miss you forever, but I can feel you with me in every thing that I do. I love you, Kaydoo