Condolences for Frank Smith

Chris Shepherd posted on 4/19/19

Thank you for being a part of our lives. You told me not to long ago that I turned out alright. Not bad for a Capricorn . But to hear that from you meant more then most will understand. You will be missed my friend. Zach & Amber my truest condolences to you both.


Christy shepherd posted on 4/19/19

He will be greatly missed. Im so sorry for yalls loss.


Tiffany ryan posted on 4/18/19

We have some good memories with you pops you are definitely a great loss and will be missed by so many fly high now you gained your wings and you definitely deserve them


Tami Trejos posted on 4/18/19

My condolences to you and your family Amber. I do know that losing a loved one is hard so my prayers for continued healing for you and your family.


Judy Franck posted on 4/18/19

We had so many good times, made memories!!! Love you all!!! Hugs Amber, Zack and Mary I know it's very hard on you guys!! Hug my granddaughters for me!!



Dave Smith posted on 4/18/19

My oldest brother, thanks for all the good times and fun we had. You will always be loved and missed. Try not to piss good off. Take care Bro. Thanks for being my friend and brother.



Mary smith posted on 4/18/19

Married for 15 years there was ups and down but there was so many good things about him places we have been things we’ve done . One of my favorite was rolling down a sand dune with him and another couple butt naked lol


Sara and Kris Treger posted on 4/18/19 were a classic but your heart was made of pyre gold! See you on the other side♡ My condolences are with The Smith Famiky at this time of loss yet crossing to the next path! Love you all!



Roseanne & Bob Rachuta posted on 4/18/19

So sorry Amber, my thoughts & prayers are with you



Amber Hansberry posted on 4/18/19

I have many memories with my dad! One of my greatest is to have had him walk me down the isle. His smile that day ... made it even more special to me. He will always be in my heart along with nick! I know hes standing next to nick as they watch over us. I find peace knowing he isn't suffering anymore! I love and miss you so much pops, always will!