Condolences for Kelly Ann Gibbs


Tina Tucker Bishop posted on 1/13/19

So many memories, Kelly you were always a sparkle and sparky. You will be missed



Corriena Wallace posted on 1/13/19

Fly high Kelly You'll be missed.


Lilly M. posted on 1/12/19

Miss you so much already kel! I miss how u would always mess with bobby and tell him suck it up moses! That made me laugh and how you would always say cmom Lilly u got this take one for the team! But always took my side when bobby would mess with me lol could tell u guys were super close. I remember you when i was a little kid always cracking jokes and always was quick witted. Always smiling and would lighten up any room you walked into. Bobby and I talk about you every single day. We miss you like crazy but know your here with us everyday. Love you so much beautiful...keep shining down on everyone


Ashley Taylor posted on 1/12/19

Im so sorry for your loss but i know for sure you guys come from a steong family who lovea harder than anyone i know. Please know im here for you ❤


Susan Martin posted on 1/11/19

Miss u love u. 3rd time trying to add something I'm done.


Susan Martin posted on 1/11/19

Save me a seat. Sorry for our quarrel before ur missed n loved so much. Ur boys miss u please watch over them.


Susan Martin posted on 1/11/19

Kell we had ups n downs later in years but I always looked up to you. I live u n miss u so much. I know ur so proud looking after ur boys n they are very blessed to have you as a mom. Miss n love u. Cousin sue n friend. Xoxo til we meet gain with the rest of our family save me a seat n some stories n good times. Hope heaven is more then what you dreamt of.


John Gibbs posted on 1/10/19

Rest In Peace little sister. I will forever miss you. I wish I could have been there with you. I was there at hospital the the day you were born, it seems like yesterday. We had some great times in our life and I will always cherish those memories. Your love for family will continue. Rest well angel... With Love, your big brother



Kathy smith posted on 1/10/19

Prayers for your sons and your family.


Shaunna Swimm posted on 1/10/19

Auntie you will forever be missed. You always made the best buffalo chicken wings and potato skins. Sorry for the hole me and Derrick put in your wall with the skateboards. Sorry for the times me and D kept you up all night when you had work the next morning while we were playing with that darn cat lol. Love you auntie.


Heather McNeal posted on 1/10/19

Kelly, I will always remember all of the laughs we shared, your fiery spirit, your endless love for your children and family. You are forever in my heart. You’re gone way too soon. Until we meet again. All my love, cousin.



Bridgette posted on 1/9/19

In your memory!! Kelly Ann our cousin and friend.


Bridgette Wolf posted on 1/9/19

Kelly, I will miss wishing each other happy birthday every year. July 31 & August 1. You always said I was your birthday gift. Love you cousin!! I'll miss all the times you'd pop over to my house on Comet Drive. Memories are a treasure. Rest peacefully.


Michelle Coleman posted on 1/9/19

Kel I will never forget us playing as children or having fun as teenagers I will always cherish the memories we shared you truly are gonna be missed



Sherry Swimm posted on 1/9/19

I love you so much Kelly ! I will miss you past forever ! Give Mom and everyone a kiss !



Irene posted on 1/9/19

My sister loves books she was a librarian for the New Port Richey library. Word flowed out of her like poetry in motion. Her loving sence of humor will forever be lost. Who is gonna zing me now. I love our witty battles. Rest easy and leave Sherry’s toes alone cause the feet don’t lie. Xoxox



Tisha Goyette posted on 1/9/19

D Street Big Memories



Tisha Goyette posted on 1/9/19

Rest In Peace Kelly