Condolences for William Franklin Jones III


BrittanyLee posted on 1/8/19

Bill was a great man, there's not one thing bad I could ever say about the man. He was a loving father and wonder grand father. Bill was loved by all and will continue to be loved for the years to come. A genuine soul like no other. But also a straight forward man who would tell it like it is. I'm gonna miss you big guy! Untill we meet again, take care of yourself! XOXO


Connelle Batton-Breske posted on 1/8/19

So sad to hear of this. Billy you truely were an amazing soul. Always quick to make someone laugh. I’ll never forget the fun times that we’re had in the woods. Kids flocked to you like glue. Letting Logan know that you passed away was almost as hard a thing to do as telling him about my dad. He loved you. He talked about you ALL THE TIME. About the 22 rifle that you gave him, which he still has and how much he loved swinging on your rope swing in front of the cabin. And how much he loved the 4 wheeler that we bought from you. How much he liked hanging around Your place and how much fun you are. You will truely be missed. You have some pretty awesome company up there in heaven. May you Rest In Peace.


Toni posted on 1/5/19

I have known and loved you like family for 30 years now. I have many wonderful memories of you. From late nights at the pool hall, Sunday morning breakfasts, fishing, poker, and theme parks. I will miss my buddy. Rest Well


Jennifer Mazzarese posted on 1/5/19

For years, the riverbank was where Your soul felt most at peace Your heart was most content when there With the fish and the geese But then, your spirit came to rest Where angels chose to roam And once equipped with ten pound test You made yourself at home. The sky became your deep blue sea The clouds became your shore And there, for all eternity You sat with friends galore Each angel was a fisherman Who had traded his pole For golden wings and a game plan At Heaven’s Fishing Hole. The tales you told about each catch Its stature and its girth Will live in memories unmatched As days pass here on earth Until we meet again, one day Upon God’s golden sand We’ll picture you, no other way Than with a pole in hand. ~ Poetry byJill Eisnaugle’s


Paul posted on 1/5/19

Bill was a great man. A great friend and even father. I've known bill through the 4 years I have worked at pest bear. He was a father figure to me. He brought the very first smile to my 3 month old son. He taught me many things at work. He even taught me ways of being a father myself. He had a huge impact to me in my life and in others. His family will always be part of mine and always welcome . I will miss bill and his ways. Love u man. !!!!!



Taryn posted on 1/5/19

I’ll never forget you dad, you were such a rare soul. I hope you can see how much we all loved you and how wide your reach really was.. I pray you rest so peacefully❤️ Love you more than anything dad.. love, Tearbear



Wendy McMann posted on 1/4/19

Always smiling! When you seen him great guy, will be missed by all. An held in their hearts.