Condolences for Allan Babcock

amelia hoolan posted on 11/12/18

It is easy to say Allan was my pastor and my brother in Christ. He was much more than that. His intuitiveness allowed him to say hard things you needed to hear, to sit quietly by you when you needed silent companionship, and a ready sense of humor when a laugh would makes things right in this world. Allan was tuned in to his sheep, he watched over us, corrected us, welcomed us and loved us. Allan taught his sheep via music as well as preaching. The passion he had for singing and playing his guitar to exult the Father was something I looked forward to weekly. He wrote simple lyrics that allowed us to focus on the Father and worship as a church family. I "Jerry Lee Lewis'd" up one of his songs, he turned to me giggling, shook his head, and gave me one of his snarky outrageously funny comments. Allan loved. Rest in the arms of Christ my brother. Your path in life was an arduous one that you walked with grace. In doing so, you taught us how to walk our paths a little better. See you soon.


Roger M. Rosewall posted on 11/11/18

I attended the Living Church in Montclair back in the 1980s. Allan combined teaching and preaching in his sermons in a way I had never seen before and I have not seen since. He moved to Florida and I moved to Virginia. We lost touch for about 25 years, but when I reached out to him he responded quickly. From then until his passing he continued to provide teaching, advice, and encouragement. He was a wonderful man and a true servant of God.


Edith & Elizabeth Byrne posted on 11/10/18

We graduated from Wayne High School, Wayne, NJ with Allan in 1961. Allan was a very quite and shy classmate. R.I.P. Allan


Mike and Beckey Davis posted on 11/9/18

Pastor Allan was our pastor for 10 yrs. He also married us not long after we met at Sonrise, in 2004. It was a privilege serving with him and his family on the worship team and also in leadership. Pastor Allan led well and was a humble shepard of the Lord's church. He will have a crown of glory, which fades not, waiting for him on that day. We offer our deep condolences to all the Babcocks. You were blessed to have such a sincere servant of Christ as your husband, father and patriarch. Bless you all!


Jerry Zaccone posted on 11/7/18

My wife and I met Pastor Allan sometime around mid 2005. Our first time attending SonRise happened to be in his home at the time. His passion and love for the Lord was immediately evident in his preaching and in the praise and worship. His zeal for the Lord, the passion in his preaching and his faithfulness has truly been a blessing and a godly example to me and to Kathy. After attending our first service, I knew this was home for us. Because of Pastor Allan’s vision and obedience, thirteen years later, SonRise continues to be “family” for us. Pastor Allan is greatly missed, but it is so comforting to know that he is now with our Lord.


Sandy Latimer posted on 11/7/18

I never met Pastor Allen, but I am honored to know some of his family, and I am blessed by that. He greatly blessed me with his blog, and I looked forward to reading it every chance I got. I am sure he will be missed greatly by any who knew him personally, and I offer prayer up for the family who lost such a great man. Our loss is truly God's gain.


Adam and Holly Powers posted on 11/7/18

My wife and I will never forget the moment Pastor Allan looked me in the eye from the pulpit and quoted 2 Timothy 4:1-2 to me on the day I stepped into his shoes as Pastor of SonRise. There Paul says, "I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His Kingdom: preach the Word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching." It was a fitting call then, remains to be so today, and will continue to be until I pass the baton to whomever God will call. I still remember a few long walks we had in the early days of our time here where we got to know each other and where he told me of the many challenges a long pastorate brings. In all the ups and downs he said, "Only one thing matters Adam, chase hard after Christ, and everything else will fall into place." Amen Allan, amen! Holly and I grieve his departure, are praying for the family missing him, but rejoice that he has now joined the eternal song alongside the shining ones in Christ's presence. We are all going the same way soon, and upon hearing of our desire to honor him I know Allan would tell us to honor Christ. So may we follow his example and embrace the gospel with such a wholehearted affection. Glad and grateful for you Allan, see you soon!


Greg & Dina Cote’ posted on 11/7/18

Well done My Good and faithful Servent, I have no doubt those words would be said to Pastor Allan. He and his entire family have had a teaching and joyful time spent together. Dina & I will always be greatful for our time together. You got us in the chase. Thank you Pastor Allan we will always love & respect you. The Cote’s


Michele Struss posted on 11/5/18

I was incredibly blessed to have Allan as my uncle as he was a source of life in many ways for me. What I remember most as a child is how he always made me laugh…though, that never stopped once I grew up. :) As someone with special needs and who has undergone many surgeries, Uncle Allan showed me such compassion and spoke words of truth that remain with me today. He never once came across as someone who knew it all, rather met me where I was at in my struggles and humbly encouraged me in the things of God. He and my Aunt Lois faithfully prayed for me every day. He really carried a burden for me. We shared a special bond through the years, but all the more in later years because of our mutual physical challenges and resolved faith through them. No matter how bad his health and circumstances got, he never abandoned his faith in Jesus. Despite his illness, Uncle Allan continued to live out his passion and calling to study and teach the Word of God through his blog…even up to the day before he went into a coma. I learned a lot through his teaching and the way he dug deep into the words that I read so quickly over. I also admired and gleaned from his transparent vulnerability as he wrestled many things. His passing has left a void in my heart and life. My Uncle Allan will be missed dearly by his entire sphere of influence, yet through us, his influence continues on like a ripple effect.


Kathy Zaccone posted on 11/4/18

Pastor Allan was a dear friend, but more, he was a man who inspired seeking after Christ as a priority. He gave me a hunger to pray and to dig into the Word. He did this not just by teaching but by his transparent life. When he led worship, he was not ashamed to let tears of gratitude flow as he sang. Through his preaching and writing on the blog you saw displayed his passion for our Lord. He has left behind a legacy of people who have been touched by his caring heart and devoted leading to the Truth. My husband and I were so grateful that the Lord led us to SonRise, it was while the church was meeting in their living room. From that first Sunday we felt we belonged. We were welcomed in as one of the family and I know many among our congregation have felt that immediate assurance too. The spark of warm acceptance that Pastor Allan inspired still remains at SonRise. All of us have much to be grateful for in the work that Pastor Allan started so many years ago. Praise the Lord for what He did through His faithful servant! It gladdens my heart to know that Pastor Allan is now singing around the Throne of the Lord he served so diligently! I am so blessed to have had him in my life!


Jean Lanier posted on 11/3/18

Though I never met Allan personally, felt as though I knew him through his devoted and loving wife. Lois, and daughter Missy, both of whom I have the privilege of knowing. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the family and close friends they have. He will be missed by all.