Condolences for Denise V. Stuve

Darlene posted on 12/1/17

I miss you ❤️❤️❤️



Angela turner posted on 6/22/17

Remember her big smile coming into visit her mother gloria..her smile glowed...She was such a beautiful person...


Karen Conrad posted on 6/14/17

I have the most beautiful memories of you dancing before the Lord in your beautiful garments praise! I am very honored and overjoyed that you called me Mama Bear! We all fell in love with you and now our hearts are missing you from the moment you left... I will see you again on that Celestial Shore! Well done good and faithful servant of the Lord!


Marissa posted on 6/14/17

Aunt Denise, I know we didn't get to spend much time with eachother over the years, but I will cherish every memory I have had with you. I'm glad me and the kids got to visit with you when we moved to Florida. You and Uncle Arthur are together once again. You will forever be in my heart! I love you and I will miss you! Love, Rissa


Penny posted on 6/12/17

I thought there would be "one more time" for us to talk. Maybe then I would have told you how much you meant to me, and how thankful I was that God put me in your family. I'm sorry for the time that slipped by us . I should not have taken a day for granted. You were so strong and full of faith , I didn't think you were going to go so quickly. Thank you for not only accepting me but truly loving me. Thank you for being true to who you are; no facade and only one face. A sister I could trust. I will miss our extra long conversations that always included a few minutes of silence. I will especially miss your presence in my home. I love that you walked in like it was your own, and our friends automatically became yours. Your laughter and your smile filled every room with sunshine. Our girls nights and tea times were always a favorite. I miss you already. Your daughters are so blessed . A wonderful mom that loved and prayed for them, . And your grandchildren... a love like no other. You were more then we could have prayed for, so faithful to the Lord and your family. I long for the day that we travel the road you have taken before us and we will meet again. Your love is etched in my heart forever. Thank you Father for Denise


Barbara M Krill posted on 6/12/17

You were such an amazing woman and mom. I always felt welcomed and loved in your home when I was a young girl. You raised loving daughters to carry that on. Rest in peace.


Joyce & Jack Brlecic posted on 6/11/17

We will miss you. See you in Heaven!


Maryann Pryce posted on 6/11/17

Denise...I remember watching you dance with our Lord, with your beautiful sister Darlene and my beautiful daughter you are dancing in the presence of the king...embraced in his love for forever.....


Theresa Heaphy posted on 6/11/17

Dear Brave Warrior Denise. I've Known You Since You Were A Little Girl In Copiague, Ny. You Were Always Happy , Positive and Had A Stoic Personality Even Then ,Your Sweet Smile and Dancing Eyes Always Were There. Even When Facing Diversity. You Were A Great Sister To DARLENE, KENNY AND BILLY. An Awesome Aunt To Jonathon And Lauren and Your Other Niece's and Nephews. An An Amazing Mom, Wife Aunt and Grandmother And Friend. Your Joy For God , Family and Life Have Always Been Your Most Greatest Attributes. Even Till The Hours Before Your Going Home To The Lord You Clung To Your Place Here on This Plane. , Not Wanting To Leave Them and Make The Sad. Even Joking From Your Bed. Your Little Body Fought Hard. But Then The Angels , The Lord and Your Mom and Dad and Little Brother Harry and Your Husband, Shone Down On You With The Glory Of Heaven and You Were Gone. It Was Bittersweet For Your Family Who Surrounded You Till The End. But They All Knew Jesus Called You Home and You Suffer No More. And Now You Are Shining Down On Us From The Heavens. Guiding Us And I'm Sure You Will Be Keeping Watch Over Us Like A Beautiful Guardian Angel With Magnificent Wings .Also Shining In The Heavens At Night Like The Shing Star You Were/Are. And Then You Will Be There For Your Dear Loved Ones When Its Their Time To Come Home. My Heart Is Breaking Knowing We Won't Hear Your Voice Or See That Great Sweet Smile And Dancing Eyes. But You Are In Our Heart , Soul and Mind. So My Dearest Friends and Family I Share Your Grief and Sorrow. But We Need To Celebrate Denise's Life and Her Journey. She Has Taught Us All To Believe In The Lord , Believe In Family and To Live Life Everyday Like There Is No Tomorrow. I Also Pray To The Lord To Grant All Family And Friends Of Denise The Strength To Endure and Carry On . Hour By Hour , Day By Day. As Our Little Warrior Did. God Bless You All And My Most Sincere and Heartfelt Condolences. Terry Heaphy and Family



Darlene Farquhar posted on 6/11/17

You are always with me. I love you.



Jonathon LaMella posted on 6/11/17

Love you!


Kristin Schroder posted on 6/11/17

I will miss tea around the table and the the talks and laughs we had. You always made me feel like one of the family and I always looked at you as another Mom. I love you and will miss you dearly ❤️


Darlene Farquhar posted on 6/11/17

Denise will always be remembered as an amazing woman. She was blessed with courage , strength and conviction in her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. She had unceasing hope and fought hard, she is the bravest woman I ever knew. I'm so very proud of her and was blessed to be her sister and share life with her now and forever : eternal life in Christ. Thank You Father for Denise my gift from You Amen. I miss her terribly.


Lora Rozkowski posted on 6/10/17

Denise, Gary & I enjoyed fellowshiping with you at SHABBAT. You made us all laugh and always had a smile. You made it fun! You are a SPECIAL TREASURE to us and the LORD. love you always and see you again!


Karen Kempster posted on 6/10/17

May you Rest In Peace reunited with your loved ones once again. Those you left behind will never forget your smile, good humor , welcoming home and especially your love for them. You will be greatly missed.


Rachel and Matthew Barry posted on 6/10/17

We're so sorry we can't be with you all right now. Your mom had such a great laugh, and so much sass. She was such a great grandma too, and that's something that will live on and on. Love to you all. x


Wendy posted on 6/9/17

Missy, I am so sorry for your loss. I always have the fondest memories of your mom especially all the sleep overs we used to have. Prayers for your family through this time.


Jonathon LaMella posted on 6/9/17

My dear Aunt Denise, I will always remember you. Your love for family. Holiday dinners at your house. I remember our trips to the sponge docks, parks, and going out to eat. You are now in heaven with your husband and your mother. All of you surrounded by the light of Jesus and his love. I love you. Jonathon



sunshine stuve posted on 6/9/17

I miss you already...



sunshine posted on 6/9/17

I miss you already


Jonathon LaMella posted on 6/9/17

My dear Aunt Denise, I will always remember you. Your love for family. Holiday dinners st your house. I remember our trips to the sponge docks, parks, and going out to eat. You are now in heaven with your husband Arthur and your mother Gloria. All of you surrounded by the light of Jesus and his love. I love you. Jonathon



Justine hutcheon posted on 6/9/17

Rest In Peace ❤️You