Condolences for Wayne Wright

Terry Clevenger posted on 6/8/17

What can I say in just a few words? He and Dottye were like second parents to my sister and I. He taught me to throw and catch, taught me to swim, and most of all showed me how much fun being a Christian can be! I always wanted to be like him with my faith. He never met a sport he didn't like, and would often beat the guys he played with, even though they were usually 10-15 years younger than him! When he and Dottye first moved to FL, he told me about this game he'd learned called Pickleball, which sounded very strange to me. But he got to be very good at it, naturally! I'm proud of their association with Young Life, and starting the first club in Kansas City in 1956. A lot of great friendships began there and continue. I'll miss Wayne greatly, but only for a little while. Amen!


Mike McDonald posted on 6/6/17

We met a long time ago although we have been related through Dottie since I was born. The first time we met you and Dotty and Rory shared your home with your nephew. I am certain you will be treated well where you are now.