Condolences for Rodney D. Ristau

Don posted on 9/23/16

The world is less of a place. My heart aches for Liz and the family and friends who knew him best.


Big dan posted on 9/17/16

Captain wish you were here never got a chance to tell you great guy to be around a good friend loved racing always helping on the raceway then one day I decided to take a break from racing and he came up to me and can I borrow the car I would like to race and ask me if I would help him I thought what the heck we got the car running and to the track is said to myself this going to interesting but I could not believe my eyes capt.was natural health was little green but I would tell don't do that again and he would do it better than I ask him but sometimes he would mess up and he would come back from a run and make a mistake and would get out of car and say I know not to do that again and would say good answer and he just got better and better he was a great race car driver as good as they come even though he didn't win the championship that year he will always be a champion in my eyes I am going to miss you friend.


Elizabeth Ristau posted on 9/15/16

Rodney, I still can not believe when I am reading this obituary that it is for you, my husband. My heart is breaking . I miss you so much. I know you are at peace and not in anymore pain and suffering and for that, I am ok. I know the last month was very tough on you but you sure gave it a fight. I miss you terribly but I know I'll see you again. I love you honey, rest in peace ❤


Gail Gentzhorn posted on 9/14/16

Lizzie, My heart is so full of sadness for you. I am so happy Rodney had you in his life. His Mom, Bonnie was one of my dearest friends, so I got to watch him grow up. I know he is in Heaven with her and no longer in pain. Bonnie loved you so much and was so happy you were in his life to take care of her "little boy".



Jessica Roush posted on 9/14/16

Rodney, You touched many peoples heart. You will not be forgotten. Our community came together to rally for you. And I hope will continue to do so in your memory. Save us a place up there in those pearly gates. Lots of Fishes. xo


Athena Stimson Port Tarpon Marina posted on 9/13/16

Capt Rodney always had a smile for everyone, and we can still see him wearing his hat backwards. Capt Rodney you touched so many people's lives and will be missed by EVERYONE. Rest in Peace. Our prayers for his family.


Pat Heiser Burns posted on 9/13/16

Rodney you were always there if we needed you. No more pain. We will miss you terribly. Liz...hugs, we are family.


Tom Foley posted on 9/12/16

I am so sorry to hear of Rodney's passing . I have known about him for years and only recently met him personally and shared some time with him at the shop . He struck me as a genuine man and we talked and shared some conversations about things relating to boats , fishing and off road racing .I'm so glad I got to know him if only for a short time . My sincere condolences to his Wife and family during this tough time . Rest in peace Rodney .


Jason and Karen Quarles Hassell posted on 9/12/16

Family isn't only about bloodlines, its about people that enter your life that just feel like they belonged together all along. Rodney was more than a friend... he was a brother to me and my husband, a son to my mom and dad, He was our family. A great man who always laughed at you or with you but made you find your lightness and reminded you its important to do what you love and be yourself doing it. We are so thankful we still have our sister Liz and will always cherish our many memories of lovable, laughable, caring, crazy, big-hearted, giving,loving ....Rodney


Brian Mowatt posted on 9/12/16

Great loss of a great person. Condolences to the family


Marty & Jane Hart posted on 9/12/16

Lid we are so sorry for your loss


Marty & Jane Hart posted on 9/12/16

Our memory of Rodney's kindness was when he adopted Ryan's dog.


Bob Kostrzewa posted on 9/12/16

Rodney.... was one of the greatest friends, finest gentlemen, I have ever met in my life. I have little doubt that he will be missed bye everyone and anyone he has ever known. My sincere sorrow to anyone and everyone who had never met Rodney !


Joyce Alpine posted on 9/12/16

I can remember Rodney coming through the drive in window with Davis....always made me smile . Rodney was a great guy and he and Liz together as a couple was amazing......RIP Rodney