Condolences for Anne Rose Jedynak

Lawrence J. Mayer posted on 11/12/13

There was a beauty contest at AC Spark Plug in Flint, MI. I submitted Anne ( my mother-in-law at the time) name to this contest. She was working when a member of AC Spark Plug came to her and told her she had been nominated as a contestant for the contest. She was so unnerved that someone had put her name in the contest. Not knowing that it was I who submitted her name. She stated she was too old to be included this contest. When she found out it was I who had submitted her name she was upset. Her co-worker gave her a real surprise joyful party.


Lawrence J. Mayer posted on 11/12/13

On this June day I,along with Mary Anne, stopped by Anne home. It was a beautiful day and Anne was at the pool that had been recently been purchase. She made some remark whereby I picked her up and tossed her in the pool full clothed, where by she was upset because she had her wig on. Ha Ha...........


h posted on 11/13/13

We had a 90th birthday party for Mom at her assisted living residence. After the pizza and birthday cake were gone everyone went home except Mary Ann, David and myself. We went into the Great Room to sit with her for a while. She appropriately realized she had three visitors and only two chairs. Knowing her problem solving skills were slim and I was anxious to see how she would address her dilemma. She seated Mary Ann in one chair, and myself in another and then she looked squarely at David. I could almost see the wheels turning in her brain. She toddled toward a an empty chair and promptly forgot what she was about to do. She turned around, took one look at David and said, "well Hello, Big Boy!" It was the hardest I laughed in a long time. People were rolling out of their seats. We could hardly believe our ears. I will never forget that day as long as I live. Such a funny story. I


The Staff of Michels and Lundquist Funeral Home posted on 11/12/13

Offering our deepest condolences during this difficult time.


posted on 11/13/13

Catherine Jedynak. I will miss you.


Tony Mayer posted on 11/14/13

Grandma I will miss you. Wish I had spent more time with you and Grandpa.


Judy posted on 11/16/13

Gramma ~
You were a wonderful grandmother to me. I have always and will always speak fondly of you. I love you. Jude