Condolences for John Griffith

Nciole posted on 5/3/22

When I was about 3 John picked me up out of my bed and took me away with my mother during the next few years I bonded to him believing he was my real dad he adopted me that bond I held never left my heart I cried for my dad for many of years one day I woke up to the news he was no longer alive knowing I'll never get my dad back kills me inside and knowing I'll never get to say good bye kills me even more. I don't own one thing of his I don't have not one picture of me and him together I got some friends looking for mom and his engagement rings I buried when I was five with a metal detector. He use to sing bon Jovi's living on a prayer and every rose has its thorn his voice would put me right to sleep he thought me how to draw and shade at a very young age he thought me how to ride a bike and how to tie my shoes also respect and dignity and how to act and not act. Pinky promised I still hold on to and have not broke but alot have tried to make me break them when John left I felt a hole I could not fill no matter how hard I tried and it is still empty today when someone would say what a cute kid he'd say tell them you look like your dad and I did I found out he paid someone 1000 dollars to find me and knowing he was looking for me like I was him last year brought so much joy to my heart that 1000 dollars saved my life I ask one thing please I know I was adopted but that was my dad always will be my uncle's are my uncle's my aunt's are my aunt's my cousins I don't feel like I never belonged as I was always with his sister and her kids growing up but have not one photos of him and I but I wish it excited not even a item something one thing is all I ask I miss him dearly just want something to hold close to my heart


Jon Greenawalt posted on 2/15/14

Even though we lost touch with each other over the years john i will allways remember when we hung out in the neighbor hood and we did a lot of stuff good and bad you will be missed your freind allways jon greenawalt


Melissa Royal posted on 2/15/14

My the wings of an angel carry you! R.I.P John.


nancy bragg posted on 2/15/14

Gone but never forgotten rest in piece


Darcy Harmon posted on 2/15/14

You will be missed dearly you were my husbands best friend and as you called each other brothers. My boys love you very much and will miss you. RIP John always in our hearts


John Harmon posted on 2/16/14

Friendship....This word has different meanings for each of us. In life, people come and go, but there is always that one special person that sticks by your side through thick and thin. John you were my best friend that was a part of my life which seemed forever. I have so many memories that I could write a book of all the things we said and did; and I guess countless memories are what best friends have. I still can't believe you are gone. It is true what they say, you never have friends like the ones you had when you were a kid. we met at Lincoln Junior High School and some one was picking on me and you came to my defense and we started to hang out from the moment on. You always had my back, didn't you. John, every time I think of how you were taken from all of us and think about all those memories...the singing at karaoke, the cookouts, or just talking about the good old days when we were teenagers, it is then when it hits me and how much it hurts that you are gone. The times we had at Evan's Skate land on Sunday nights nothing can compare to. John, I am so going to miss you. I will never have a friend again like you. At first we were friends and overtime we became brothers. I love you will never ever be forgotten.


Steve Carlson posted on 2/17/14

John you were like family bro. I remember the good old days when all of us were break dancing and doing karate. You were a wonderful person. You would do anything to help anyone out. You will be sadly missed brotha.


jamie jewell posted on 2/17/14

i will miss you dearly you were my best friend i will always remember the times we hung out and my heart goes out to your family


Amie Griffith posted on 2/17/14

Missed but never forgotten, Love you bro <3


alicia nash posted on 2/17/14

my thoughts and prayers go out to the family.


Jamie Kibbe posted on 2/20/14

I just cant believe your gone bro! I will never forget the things you did for me and i will never be able to hear a guns n roses song without thinking about you! R.I.P cuz


Janet Hadley posted on 2/22/14

Thoughts and prayers for the whole family from Uncle Leo and Aunt Janet!!!


Mark Hadley posted on 2/22/14

Il miss ya cousin but il never forget the times we shared Love ya man


sondra posted on 2/9/14

the thing that sticks with me most about john is what a huge heart he had. there isn't anything he wouldn't have done to help someone. he loved nature. when he was camping, he was at home. he loved to cook out on the grill. almost everyday of the summer all the kids knew where to come for a cookout. his voice was heaven sent. he could sing and play almost any musical instrument there was. I just want to say thank you john. you showed me what love was. you stepped up and took on the father role for my kids when you didn't have to. may you rest in peace..........


me always your posted on 2/28/14

i really thought that some time would make this easier. it wasn't supposed to end this way. we were meant to be together forever. how can you be gone. why did you leave me. I love you now as much as I loved you my whole life.


The Staff of Michels and Lundquist Funeral Home posted on 2/7/14

Offering our deepest condolences during this difficult time.


sondra posted on 2/9/14

I cant believe this happened to you. I have so many wonderful memories. we went threw so many things in the ten years we spent together. you will always be in my heart. rip :(


Brian Griffith posted on 2/15/14

I just don't know how this could happen to you, you were always there for me no matter what and now I cant pick up the phone and talk to you.. I remember when we would jam to all kinds of music, you could play any instrument put in front of you... I'm speechless still this doesn't seem right.. I love you bro you will forever be missed. rip :*(