Condolences for Thomas Michael Whitney-Gray

Catherine bates posted on 9/28/20

RIP Thomas u ware such a good friend thank u for helping me out with my hard times and talking me into dating my husband fly high tt rip my friend



Heather Short posted on 9/27/20

TT, I had just gotten the opportunity to meet you in the last few weeks. You had a smile that lit up a room and a personality that people don't forget. That's how much of an impression & impact you left on me in the short time I knew. You will forever be missed.


Tricia werstein posted on 9/16/20

YOU WILL BE MISSED FOREVER my thoughts an prayers go to your family . May you Rest In Peace my friend



Tricia Werstein posted on 9/16/20

You will be missed forever.. sending my thoughts an prayers to you family ❤️ May you rest easy T


Amy Remy posted on 9/15/20

To my beautiful son Thomas, i love you more than words can or could ever say.. I can now say im completely beautifully broken.. Nothing can ever put me back together again.. I am so sorry mommy wasn't there to have ur back as i always have.. Im so sorry you died alone svared & not knowing how or why they killed you is i believe it was a robbery.. You came home with enough money to get mommy a car & home.. They will get theirs if it's the last thing ever i see done.. I am so lost without you.. You've always been my son #1 & #2 my best friend my ride or die.. You & i been to hell in back a couple times in 29 yrs.. You was such an amazing & friend! Everyone loved you as soon as they meet you.. you had such an amazing gift with people and how you are how you treated them. I just know that we have to keep your memory alive for your son Aiden he's 7 years old and he will know who his daddy was we will make sure that. I love you so much and I still am so lost without you & idk how im gonna make it.. Im gonna fight the cancer for you.. So Aiden knows all about his daddy.. I was so proud to be called your mother you made me so proud you're an amazing man and I love you so much R.I.P baby you fly over us all.. Those of you in heaven ate so lucky to have gained a new spirited young man y'all get ready to have fun. I love you son with everything that I had and I miss you so much I'm so broken without you



Nikki posted on 9/14/20

My brother was a loving and amazing person. He was kind hearted and cared about everyone even when he acted like he didn't his love still shined through. He has made some mistakes in his life but who doesn't. He has learned, loved, and grew. He didn't live the best life but i hope he lived a good one. He was my bestfriend the closest thing to me I love him so much and think about him every day. We were always so close bestfriends since I was born he raised me, cared for me, and loved me and he will remain in my heart and mind forever I hope he is it peace and has no worries. I promise I'm going to make you proud Thomas ima accomplish everything for you ! I love you so much ! You will live on even if you arnt here with us anymore. Gone but never forgotten. Real ones neva die. Ima make it in life because I had you. Through everything nmw you'll always be my d1. I love you so much and i miss you. I think about you everyday all day. I hope you truly understand how much you mean to me and how much i love you. Fly high my brotha i love you my g.