Condolences for Steven Eric Spector

Liran posted on 8/25/20

Steven was one of my closest mates during our Birthright trip. We roomed together and shared many similarities. After our trip to Israel, we even hung out a number of times in Tampa. Steven has a beautiful and kind soul and we shared an impactful moment of our lives together for 10 days. Thanks for that buddy!


Charlie posted on 8/18/20

I just got the news yesterday & am still in shock. Steven, you were a unique dude to say the least. We met while working together at Publix & right from the start - you were the nicest, funniest most genuine guy. Even after I moved back to Orlando, we stayed in touch over the last dozen yrs. I’ll miss our late night ramblings about 80’s bands & pop culture. Rest well, my friend...


Alexis Ham posted on 8/17/20

We just became co workers, We had great conversations and you were becoming my friend and I’m forever grateful to have Met such an intelligent individual. Thank you for your presence and Guidance. You will never be forgotten.


Michelle Tomarchio posted on 8/17/20

Steven, my dear friend. I will miss you with everything I have. You have always been a wonderful friend to me. You always kept communication with me throughout the years. I wish I could talk to you again. I will keep you always in my thoughts and prayers. RIP


Vincent Williams posted on 8/17/20

We met in college, through mutual friends. You always stayed in contact with me over the years, the only person I knew that does. Thank you for your friendship.


Axel posted on 8/17/20

We met trying to make the world a better place and help those in need and we both never lost sight of that goal. I love you dude I’m so sorry



Adrienne Ryan Spector posted on 8/14/20

Steven, your Aunt Ade and Uncle Ken feel very sad that we will not get to see you again in this world. I am so glad that I at least have spoken to you on the phone in the last year when you called out of concern for one of your friends. I was impressed with your caring. Your uncle and I will always remember the little boy with thick blond hair and big blue eyes who played with his cousins Rob and Ben when we descended on Florida over the holidays. Your Grandma Berenice had discovered Nintendo and the rest was history! We grownups got in some serious visiting time while you, Robin and Ben played video games! We will love your parents forever so don't worry about them---or anything---anymore.


The Metal Metrosexual posted on 8/14/20

I'm still grappling with this, but I've tried to follow your spirit and our time together and carry that on into my final public goodbye. I'll be saying goodbye otherwise for a long time, because I still don't understand or accept this. We go back 15 years, and I'm still processing the ways you've influenced me for the better. You saw something in me that I didn't, I truly believe. We had many an amazing, frivilous time, and many a somber heart-to-heart. Your passing won't be real to me for some time, I believe. What I think you would want to hear is this: The night is young, and so are we. The next time I'm in our erstwhile stomping grounds, I will say it, although you being gone makes me feel far distant from youth. Your friend, Greg



Meagan Rathman posted on 8/13/20

Steven will always have a special place in our hearts and in our memories. Thinking of you and your family much during this difficult time <3


pamela carr posted on 8/12/20

I am so sorry for your loss. No one can understand the grief that each of you feel due to the loss of a child. God bless you. I remember Steven and his family form Lake Myrtle El.



Robin Gibson posted on 8/11/20

From the little 2 yo at preschool to the kind and compassionate young man in his early 30s, I have loved you through everything. Always and forever in my heart.


David Berger posted on 8/11/20

Steven, I will always remember the insightful, engaging, and intelligent student I had in my class who grew up to be such an outstanding man. Our conversations over the years meant so much to me, and it saddens me that we will never have those again. Thank you for all you brought to the world, and I can promise you that you will never be forgotten.


Nadia Maharana posted on 8/11/20

Steven, We have been neighbors since I was ten years old. I will never forget when I started community college and needed help to learn how to write a college paper. You came over and taught me step by step how to write a paper. You were so calm and collected and per usual I was probably a ball of nerves. Thank you for being a friendly and caring individual. We will miss you a lot. RIP my friend.


Mary Rathman posted on 8/10/20

My heart breaks that you are no longer here. I remember you hanging out at our pool with Meagan and friends. You were sweet, looked out for the girls, and easy to talk to. May you rest in peace, Steven.


Lindsey Turnbull posted on 8/10/20

Steven, You were the first boy I ever met who wore blazers, even in the Florida heat. I thought you were endlessly fascinating, brilliant, and kind. That you, a senior, would even talk to me (a freshman) was so silly and wonderful. Throughout the years, I watched you become more confident, positive, and curious; and always, fascinating, brilliant, and kind. The world is a less bright and beautiful place without Steven. He was always a bright spot, a lively and warm energy, and an instant friend to everyone het met. A truly unique, inspiring, authentic person, he will be missed by many. Until we meet again, friend.