Condolences for Harold Everett Remington


Crystal T. posted on 5/13/20

Harold Remington was one of the nicest men I've ever known. He was intelligent, well spoken and loved horses. We went to a horse ranch where a few ladies were practicing dressage. Harold took a seat and watched. He smiled the entire time. At one point he called one of women over and pointed out that one of the horses was dragging one of his hind feet. She was very impressed. They practiced about an hour and then one of the ladies offered to take Harold to the barn in the golf cart to see the other horses. Before he got out to see the horses, they sat in the cart and chatted for a long time. Harold smiled ear to ear when I told him he'd been chatting with the top executive from a very well known investment company. May he rest in peace with the love of his life. I won't forget him.