Condolences for Jonathan McCoy

Lindsey posted on 3/7/20

Jon is a amazing person he cared about so many people and left a whole lot of memorys we all loved him i don't go a day without thinking of u missing u everyday rip jon


lance wilmering posted on 9/11/19

i miss you bro im going to catch him and im going to hurt him I will join you soon brother


Brianna Hunter posted on 8/22/19

My heart and soul hurts. I can't sleep I can't do anything anymore. This isn't fair. I want my other half back. You didn't deserve this. I love you forever and always baby. R.i.p Levi n I love you



Mariellen posted on 8/14/19

I'm so lost for words, You were an awsome kid. and you sure didnt deserve this. But I know your already teaching the Angels some new tricks ! Big Hugs Kid, We all love you May you soar through the Heavens above and show them Angels how to run !


Brianna Hunter posted on 8/14/19

R.I.P baby boy. I love you my love forever and alwayd my love. Levi and I love you baby. Sleep good up there my love.


Sara Poole posted on 8/14/19

My sweet Jonathan... I miss you so much already and will love you always. For reasons none of us will ever understand or accept, you were taken from us way to early. The only peace I will ever have in this terrible tragedy is knowing what a amazing person you were inside and out. From watching u move in your moms belly, to seeing u be born and then watching you grow into the amazing man and father you became. You will remain everywhere in memory on this planet and within every life you were apart of, and I will celebrate your life Every day and watch your memory live on... I love you so much. I am proud to be not just your Aunt but your God mother as well.. This is not a goodbye.... I WILL see you ALWAYS Fly high baby.... I love u Aunt Sara



Anna Guzman posted on 8/14/19

Jon was a awesome kid who just turned a man. He was so young and its so horrible the things that happen in life. I love u nephew. Keep watch over alll of us because you know we need it. You somewhere safe now no more pain or hard time in life. Watch over ur kids and make sure they know ur there. I love u and until we meet again I love u nephew


Rachel posted on 8/14/19

Words can not describe how much I love you I cant believe your gone we had so many plans you was no is an amazing loving person I really cant believe your gonna I miss you so much this is not goodbye this is I love you until we meet again so I love you FnA rest in peace babyboy


Lawrence wilmering posted on 8/13/19

I can not believe I'm going throw this again I miss you man fly high


Kat posted on 8/13/19

Jon was an amazing father, son, and friend and was taken too soon. He was always kind and caring and his smile would light up a room wherever he went. We will miss him dearly.



Sherry posted on 8/13/19

McCoy had a smile that would go on for days you made my niece Rachel the happiest person in the world he'll be greatly missed and he was definitely greatly loved