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DOLORES L DELCAMPO posted on 1/28/22

I love and miss you so much, my beautiful mommy


Dolores DelCampo posted on 1/28/22

My beautiful momma, with the most beautiful, soft and glowing skin that felt like a peach, as you would say she had peaches and cream skin. She tried her best at being the best wife, mother, and person. Everything had to be just so... perfect including her children. Our home was immaculate and everything was in perfect order. Believe me if you dropped anything on the floor you could pick it up and eat it. Oh her dancing.. My mom was a fantastic dancer. She taught me all of the dances, Cha Cha, Lindy, salsa, rumba and more. My love for dancing came from my mom. She was a good cook. We had lots of family togetherness with our grandparents, aunt's, uncle's, cousins. We were a close family and had a lot of fun. When I was older with my 3 children I hosted a lot of BBQ s, birthdays, Christmases and get togetherness, to give my mom a break, but of course she was right there helping all of the time Oh how she loved to shop. I guess you could call her a shopahalic. She dressed beautifully. Her hair, make up, nails, and her jewelry were just so. You would call my momma a class act. Right up until she passed at 97, she made sure she looked perfect. I'm gonna miss you momma. Fly with the Angels and say hi to Daddy, Joe, Grandmas Dora and Lena, Aunt Ann, Uncle Gus, Tommy, Aunt Rosie, Ronnie, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Mae, Aunt Fran, Uncle Jack, Aunt Kay, Aunt Rita, Uncle Al, Louie, Frankie, Aunt Katey, Uncle Sam, Salvatore, and the biggest hug and kiss to my baby Nickie❤️ You are always in my heart. I love you so very much ❤️


Thomas O Sullivan posted on 1/28/22

So sad today to hear this news. Jimmy was a great guy, a great employee and a gentle soul. May he Rest In Peace. We loved having with us in Peggy O Neills and Bentleys. Great bartender and friend. So sad for his wife and family. God bless you all.


Mary Ann and Thomas Barnard posted on 1/27/22

With deepest sympathy to the O’Connor family. We have great memories of Jimmy from both Peggy O’Neill’s and Bentley’s. Great guy and a wonderful friend. Rest In Peace.


Linda O'Connor posted on 1/26/22

So blessed to have known you and be part of your family. I will always remember your smiling face whenever you were around family & friends. As you return to your family in Heaven it brings us all peace to know you are no longer suffering and are at complete peace. Until we meet again Jim........


Anthony and Nikki Alborano posted on 1/26/22

We used to sit and talk by the pool for hours having a few beers great man missed dearly



Joseph urciuoli posted on 1/26/22

Remember working DSNY in Brooklyn R.I.P Jimmy


Joanne Picciolo Marosy posted on 1/25/22

Rest peacefully my friend. ❤️


Joanne posted on 1/25/22

Jimmy was always a very nice, friendly guy - we all were part of St. Anselm's close knit community in Brooklyn-may he rest in peace- our deepest sympathies to his whole family



Terri Nugent posted on 1/25/22

May you rest in the Light of the Lord Jimmy. Praying that your transition into our Fathers arms was peaceful!



Danielle Bevacqua posted on 1/24/22

For my mother. Yes, we’ve had our issues, but I never was mad at you. I love you forever


Jessica Nataro posted on 1/23/22

I love you NaNa ❤️ Nobody will ever touch my heart the way you have. Such a classy and beautiful woman. We love you love, Jessie, Ian & CaraMia



Lee Sheridan posted on 1/22/22

I miss and love you every single day sweet mommy!


Catherine Marie Johnson posted on 1/21/22

That picture was when I met Willie in 1988. He was riding his Harley Davidson up Maclay St. and I was walking he pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride. I said yes of course (I only had two blocks to my parents house), we sat and eat lunch at the taco stand on the corner, then he gave me a ride 5 houses down the street. He came in and met both my parents had a cup of coffee with them. Before he left I asked if we could go on a longer ride sometime, he said how about tomorrow. We continued to go for rides for about 34 years. We moved to Zephyrhills, Florida and that is where are story ends. We've had some good times and some bad times, but they all made us stronger. I Love you Willie and I will never forget you. Keep watching over me and the kids.


Catherine Marie Johnson posted on 1/21/22

That picture was when I first met Willie on his Harley Davidson, he road up Maclay St. and asked me if I wanted a ride, of course I said yes (even though I only had two blocks before my moms house). We sat at the corner taco stand and eat lunch, then he gave me a ride to moms (5 houses down). He came in and met both my parents, before he left I asked if we could go on a longer ride someday. He said how about tomorrow. The rest is history, 34 years later and we live in Florida now. We had the best ride together, of course there were good times and bad times, which made us closer.


Valerie Scotella posted on 1/17/22

To my beloved mother and best friend, Lucille Scotella: I miss you everyday. I will always remember how much you loved me and all of the family. You were the best mother a child could have. You were an awesome grandmother and even more amazing great grand mother. Everyone is saddened by your passing. I cherish my every memory of you.


Rosanna Sinibaldi posted on 1/16/22

Sadie this mom I miss you so much god knows how much I miss you . I miss your smile I miss your laugh I miss you riding with me I miss you so much. Your. Seriously my angel. I try be strong! I miss u . I understand so much more now . I miss u getting the car just hugging me I miss those hugs soo much. Sadie u took part my heart away. . I wanted stop say hi. I love you and I miss you.



Chris Karamitsos posted on 1/14/22

Happy Birthday, Dad. Miss you every day.


Sue posted on 1/14/22

Gin, need your Motherly support! Please watch over your Princess. She is gonna start an adventure hopefully of her life. Trying my best as we always did for each other. I love and miss you more then anyone knows . Love you


Lance & Patty Berges posted on 1/5/22

Our deepest sympathy to the Rezanka family.


JoAnn Cosimano posted on 1/3/22

I met David at the Mullet, we talked for a while and he invited me to lunch. I was living in Port Richey, FL away from my family and friends,and but Dave continued to invite me to dinner and barbeques. I also met his daughter Becky and she was just as kind as her dad. I recently moved to NJ to be near my kids and grandkids. I loved Florida and I knew I can go back to visit Dave and Becky, but that hope was lost when he passed away suddenly leaving many people in shock and despair. However I am happy that he enjoyed life to the fullest and loved his daughter more than anything and they were very close. Always doing things together and having fun. I miss him and will always remember him and his kindness and how he loved and enjoyed life. I send my prayers and condolences to Becky, and his friends and family.


Michelle Marie Ortiz posted on 1/3/22

My deepest condolences to Christie and family. I pray for everyone of you and have you in my heart. James, Rest In Peace and God be with you always. My love is with you all.


Darlene and Jonathon posted on 1/2/22

Thinking of you on your birthday and everyday. Missing you and especially your laughter. Love you. So much.


Sharon Weinbaum posted on 12/31/21

Jim , Georgia, and Christy I am sooooo sorry for your loss. My heart breaks for you. I love every one of you. I am so sorry. ✝️


Beth Chernes posted on 12/28/21

Alysha, though I did not know your dad personally, through chats with you and FB photos, I know how devoted him and your mom have been to you and your life. Amazing work in your home and such love for you in stories you shared. I can tell you all had an incredible relationship. He left this world too soon, and I wish you, your mom, brother and all who loved him peace and comfort during this time. I’m so very sorry for your loss.



Courtney Hendrickson posted on 12/27/21

Grampa Del was a big part of my childhood. I always loved going over for dinner and having oil dipped bread. He is dearly missed.



Cindy Engel posted on 12/25/21

Dear Dad! I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Heaven, I wish you were with us today. I love and miss u so much. You are the best Dad ever. I love you Dad. Merry Christmas


Phil and Teree Matzner posted on 12/24/21

Bob was not only a true friend to Teree and I, but a mentor to so many who sought to care for the Woodfield Community. He and I would joke often and whenever I needed any assistance he would be there for me and my wife for whatever the reason. When people think of the Woodfield Community, the name Bob Dray will always be thought of as the person who helped make this community what is today. May he Rest In Peace.


Amber Wardia posted on 12/24/21

Tammy, how is this real? I can't process that you are gone. My heart is broken for you. Your life was cut so short, but I believe God wanted to end your pain and suffering and I know you are resting peacefully with Jesus now, and with your loved ones, your beloved parents. There are no words to describe the grief I feel and so many others feel. You are truly loved.


Lisa Kito posted on 12/23/21

Please accept my sympathies for your loss. Tammy was one of my favorite students and I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. May she Rest In Peace.❤️


Donald Lunsford posted on 12/23/21

Walt was a wonderful Christian man. He served on my staff at Clearwater Largo Christian School and remained a great friend ever since. Beverly and I send our condolence to Sue and all the family and friends for our great loss.


Jeff Reese posted on 12/23/21

I served with Walt at the Pinellas County Jail as a fellow Deputy. Always a good man to have covering your back and a calming influence. RIP, brother.



Della O’Shea posted on 12/23/21

Del’s quiet, calm presence was a pleasure to be near, while his smile and sparkling eyes hinted at joyful zest for life. I feel blessed to have known him and experienced his musical gifts in choir and at the piano. His devotion to his wife Jessie was always evident and a fine example of a loving husband.


John and Maria Wallace posted on 12/22/21

We loved and cherished Walt, he was true Christian man and we know he is in the arms of our Lord right now hearing Well done, good and faithful servant!


Heather Covington posted on 12/22/21

Tammy you have been a very true lifelong friend and I’ll miss you very much. You were always a kind amazing person and an amazing mother. I’ll hold onto all the memories We had over the years and the conversations we had. I’ll always love you girl. Ill always think about you and I’ll always miss you.



Andrew Baer posted on 12/22/21

You will be missed greatly.


Carlene T Lunn posted on 12/22/21

My dear Tammy, thank you for your love. You were an amazing woman, and friend. I couldn't ask for a better stepmother for my son. You aced it. I will never forget out laughter together, nor the tremendous bond that we shared. I love you, and I will miss you always. Rest peacefully.


Dr. Amir Shirmohammad posted on 12/21/21

Bob was a very special man. A true gentleman in every sense. It was an honor and a joy to care for him. It was obvious he was a hero who served our country and a man of faith... He was so much more than that to so many. I am a better man for knowing him and better doctor for caring for him. I will never forget him and cherish all of our visits. Rest In Peace and God Bless.


JENNIFER LAVELY posted on 12/20/21

Richie you loved me since I was seventeen. Your family became my family and my heart is so sad that you didn't get a chance to find peace. You were a pain in my ass but I loved you for you. Misunderstood by many I got to see your softer side and I feel your absence in my heart. Our last conversation we told eachother I love you and I hope in your last moments you found the love of our Lord with you. Your with shiloh now. Kiss him for me and tell randy mum and pap I love them. Rest peacefully I'll always remember the good times. Love your Jennypoo


John Patrone posted on 12/19/21

So very sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences. Arnie was a good man. I have very fond memories of him and his smile and laughter. God Bless


Christine Kanapesky Smith posted on 12/18/21

As my dad’s longest and closest friend, Terry was a fixture throughout my life. His mild manner and unassuming presence made him such a pleasure to be around. He will be missed. Thinking of all of you and wishing for brighter days as you remember the love of a great man.


Diane Mcmahan posted on 12/18/21

RIP ... I am very sorry to hear this tragic news. He made Port Richey "Better"


Anita Ruiz posted on 12/17/21

Such a loss knowing she really passed on. I had hoped she moved to be near her daughter.


Richard l Mills posted on 12/17/21

When I moved to Florida in 1992. I got a job at Mix. With no mixer experience Terry was willing to train me. I drove mixer,rock truck dump truck and flatbed for Terry off and on for more than 6 years. He was the hardest working boss I have ever had the priveledge to work for. May he rest in peace. SARGE


Arlene smolanoff posted on 12/17/21

Love you arnie you were an amazing person and a great friend you will be missed


Kurt Steffan posted on 12/17/21

Terry will be missed deeply. I have so many memories of him from our sitting down at a restaurant drawing a cement plant on a napkin to actually building it. He was the only man that I knew that had such a vision and actually did it. I miss him so much! Kurt


Jeremy Holmes posted on 12/16/21

Very sorry to hear of the loss of this great man. My condolences to Becky and the family.


James Bair posted on 12/16/21

Sorry for your loss. Ruth was a school mate from third grade at Dividing Creek elementary and thru High School in Bridgeton High. I remember her smile. May she rest in piece.


Elaine G Raudenbush posted on 12/16/21

Our deepest condolences to the Baer family. Elaine Griffith & David Raudenbush, Classmates, Bridgeton High School, Class of 1961


Bridgeton High School Class Of 1961 posted on 12/16/21

Sending condolences to our Classmate Ruth Baer & members of her family. RIP Ruth.


Dr. Dinh and Jackie posted on 12/15/21

We really enjoyed having Bob visit our dental office. He was such a wonderful patient. Always had a big smile and many jokes. We loved listening to his life stories. He'll be missed deeply.


Gary posted on 12/13/21

Love you Mom


Glenn and Patti Scalia posted on 12/13/21

Bob was a dear friend whose presence in and inspirational service to our community will be missed. His legacy will be felt for years to come.



Sherri Baer posted on 12/13/21

I remember going to the Friends of the Library booksale with her and doing battle, buying bags of books. She always found a treasure there.


Gloria Jeffords posted on 12/12/21

I always liked Bobby. As children we sat on the back porch talking, laughing, and good time. May his memory be a comfort to his family.


Bill Sanford posted on 12/12/21

I'm so sorry to hear of Mr. Dray passing. He played an important part in my life growing up in Groton. He was a great role model for all us kids in the city. His commitment to our youth through Little League and City Recreation benefited all us kids. Sending thoughts and prayers to you, Diane, Bob and Mark.


Avery Family posted on 12/11/21

So very sorry for your loss, Diane. Bob was a great man and never to busy to help anyone in need. Our condolences to you and the entire Dray family.


william evans posted on 12/11/21

Mr Robert Dray was a great human with a caring heart. His friendship with Woodfield HOA property manager, John Krick (whom also passed away this year) were a great team in fantastic managing of this association for many years! I was lucky to meet him while doing the CPA Financial Statements and tax returns for many years. He was a great leader and always will be in my memories. His volute ering has influences me in during the same in my life!


Deb Ganley posted on 12/11/21

I lived in Woodfield for many years while Bob was President of the Homeowner's Association. When my husband became disabled due to Alzheimer's and was no longer able to keep up the outside of our house, it took one call to Bob to explain the situation and he had everything handled for me, being at my house the next day with a landscaping crew. I have stayed friends with Bob & Diane since we both left Woodfield, I cherish their friendship & will miss Bob very much.



Diane Meeks posted on 12/11/21

Nancy was my husband Tom's cousin. She & I grew up together in the little Baptist church 2 blocks from her home in Glen Echo, MD. I was close with her entire family & we spent many happy times together at church & especially in the Miller household for Sunday dinner. We shared a lot of special memories, including a road trip with our families all the way to California & back!! She was funny & also blunt about saying exactly what she thought. We had some very special conversations in the last few weeks of her life & I will always cherish those. The Miller family circle is now complete & I know that I will see her again some day soon. She is already missed very much.


Sharon Beach Holcomb posted on 12/10/21

Nancy was a cousin of mine. Her father and my maternal grandmother were brother and sister. We grew up in a time in the sixties and seventies when families got together for dinner on Sundays after church. Many memorable times together which will always be in my heart.



Bruce Allen posted on 12/10/21

Nancy was the person who taught me the true meaning of love and laughter.


Robert Arbaszewski posted on 12/10/21

Bob was one of the good ones (PERIOD). Since I was a young teenager, I have always looked up to Bob and respected him. Obviously, respect is not always easy for a teenager, but Bob made it easier. It could have been because at least once he helped bail me out of jail. Most of all, it was because he loved my sister Diane more than anything in the world. My wife Sandy, daughter Alicia and I will never forget Bob. Whenever I call Diane on the phone and Bob answered, I would say "Robert here" He would say "Diane some guy named Robert Here is on the phone"


Garry O'Rourke posted on 12/10/21

May you be rejoicing in heaven in the Presence of Jesus! May our Lord bring comfort and peace to Chris and all your loved ones, family, and friends during this time of physical separation.


Joshua Dray posted on 12/10/21

Grandpa was a very caring and heart driven man. He made sure my brother and myself experienced traveling, history, food, culture! Gramps took us on vacations up and down the east coast as well as Hawaii and Canada. I feel like I inherited his heart and love of people! I love you kid


Thomas Dray posted on 12/10/21

Uncle Bob was a VERY caring Man who upon finding out my Dad had cancer, tried his best to get him the best care. He was a very loving man to my Daughter when we visited him and Aunt Diane. He always called me on my birthday. I really missed it the other day. I will always cherish our memories Dear man.


Michael Arbaszewski posted on 12/9/21

The best man I’ve ever known, in 1975 as a very young man granted me my dream and approved a loan for a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle, being the president of the then Pfizer Credit Union (very likely he personally secured it for a very young man still in high school) I owned up to the loan and and the promise that I would never forget it, and I never did, sometimes you never know how you can touch a persons life. Bob has touched many peoples lives in such a positive way, I still promise to never forget and pay it forward, thank you again Bob you touched my life in a very positive way, love always


Nicole Lehrer posted on 12/9/21

Happy birthday to you gramps. I love you and always have and always will! No matter what anyone thinks I will and have always been your girl! I have the most amazing angel watching over me now. I know youll keep me safe. xo



Nicole Lehrer posted on 12/9/21

Memory of my grandpa! Thank you for raising me and loving me the way you did and still do! I will always remember all the years of memories Ive always had with you and grandma and treasure them always! I will always be your girl and your turkey! All my love gramps, Nikki



David Bechtel posted on 12/9/21

Bob called me every day that he was able to tell me how much he cared for me and my family. A true best friend. I miss him so. A great man. See you soon my friend.


Michelle Gent posted on 12/9/21

In loving memory of Gary Mirasola



Michelle Gent posted on 12/9/21

They genuinely loving relationship he and Chris had for one another. The dignitary, creativity, positivity and imaginative way of his final days. He is truly an inspiration. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



Michelle Gent posted on 12/9/21

Of how loving and genuine he and Chris were together. The dignity and creativity of his final days. Truly an inspiration.


Tabetha posted on 12/9/21

Ginger and Glenda were the first girls to aproached me and offered friendship when I first came to Zion Chapin.


Jayme Lea Paus posted on 12/8/21

Rachel....You will be dearly missed. The battle is over. Rest easy sweet girl....



Benny posted on 12/6/21

May you Rest In Peace. My thoughts and prayers are with your family now ❤️


Maria E Garcia posted on 12/6/21

Even though I never met Gary, I could tell what a special and wonderful man he was.. The love that Chris and him had was magical and special. I am sure his legacy will live forever. I also know that his love and memory will last forever, by those who had the fortune of knowing him, sharing moments with him, feel his love and care... I wish I had been one of those lucky people to witness in person what a grand human being he was.... RIP



Edith Mangano posted on 12/6/21

Gary was my son-in-law. I have fond memories of him.He was soft spoken, non judgmental, and listened to what people had to say. He also had a great sense of humor! Always positive looking on the bright side of things,a very good trait to have.He will be missed. Rest In Peace.


Cindia Baldisserotto posted on 12/6/21

To Chris: Words cannot express how saddened I feel about Gary's passing. He meant the world to me. He'll be forever in our hearts . To Gary: You were an amazing father figure to me. We have countless memories that I'll cherish forever and ever. Love you always.


Christine Mirasola posted on 12/6/21

My dear, sweet husband, Christmas is coming and you left this earth 10 days ago. The holidays will be very mournful but we will try to honor you in every way possible. I miss you with all of my heart, but I know you're with me always. xoxo


Gary Reed posted on 12/6/21

Just found out and was Very Sorry to hear of Helen's passing. I met Helen, her husband Bob, and their daughters Helen and Norma on a flight from VA to CA back in the summer of 1971. It was a fairy tale love story as Helen's daughter, "Helen", and I fell madly in love and I wound up becoming a Christian through accepting Jesus as my savior as the result of the love the Rutledge family showed me. The daughter Helen and I never married, but I often think of her and her lovely parents. Rest In Peace Helen Marie.



Rob & Julie Devries posted on 12/3/21

Our deepest sympathy to the Masseo family.


Glenda posted on 11/28/21

Dear Julia, Charlie, Anthony's family and friends: Without a doubt, Anthony's absence is monumental in your lives, for that I feel terribly sad. I know you, Julia, and I know how much love and care you gave to him.  I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony several times when he would come to our church.  He was a good man, so good that God called him home at his young age. Our faith says, he is where we are all trying to get to but it doesn't ease the hole in your hearts by any means.I will pray for all of you to go through this journey knowing that Anthony is OK, it's everyone else that needs support while adapting to this new part of your lives. May God see Anthony resting as quickly as possible with comfort only.  I also pray that his family and friends stay well. May God bless you all.



Cindy Engel posted on 11/25/21



Gary capps posted on 11/25/21

I was on my first deer hunt in Northern Wisconsin, I was only 12 my dad said I could go back behind the camper an sit. I shot a great big doe. Larry heard me shoot an came over by me. I told him where the camper was but he didn't believe me. He was older so I went with his thinking.we ended up dragging it a half mile in the wrong direction before we came out a road. Last time I listened to him.


James sigmone posted on 11/24/21

I will miss you bud we had some good times and you were allways there when I needed a helping hand you never turned me away no matter what kinda help I needed you helped me raise and pay for my family because I couldn't myself thankyou so much Charlie I will be forever in your debt I hop we meet again Thank you for everything you have ever done for me and my family again you were always there for me I considered you my angel I know it sounds stupid but Charlie grant I could always count on you and you never asked me for anything you always gave and never asked for anything in Rey Turn god bless you Charlie and Thankyou for everything and anything you have done for us R.I.P Charlie you belong with the best of them I hope I see you agian………..


Rev. Phyllis Bracco posted on 11/24/21

Les loved the Lord Jesus with all his heart. He was a kind and gentle man, he and his wife June visited hospitals and nursing homes to share the gospel message of love. They were and are living saints.


Ken Conrad posted on 11/22/21

You were a good friend. Always there to help out. I guess god needed you to help fix up my place in heaven. See you when I get there.



John J Console Jr. posted on 11/21/21

You won't be forgotten just glad we could talk before you were gone in the blink of an eye.


Robin Lumsden posted on 11/20/21

My condolences to all Owens and Cracker families. My heart is heavy at finding out the passing of my childhood friend Lola. I will always cherish the memories we had growing up. Life takes us through so many journeys. I’m blessed to have had you in one of them. I’m sure you are at peace in Gods loving arms. Until we meet again my beautiful friend. Love Robin


Karla and Mike Doseck posted on 11/20/21

Patty, Bill and Joni, I am so glad I had a change to know Mike, he was a great man and a rock for a lot of you. He will be greatly missed. Hugs and prayers to all of you.


Tina VonDerHofen posted on 11/19/21

You were an amazing man and one of the best friends I ever had. You loved me and my kids unconditionally. We love u and u r missed so much!!


Patricia cox posted on 11/19/21

We sure going miss u so sorry for ur lost may he rip i rember when he would come over for xmas he was always so quiet



amanda lopez posted on 11/19/21

brother in law my heart breaks how must we go on in this life without you please forgive us for not doing more youll never no how much you were loved until we meet again watch over us



Geneva posted on 11/16/21

May You Rest in Eternal Peace, I had the pleasure of meeting you one time but left an everlasting memory on my heart, you were a Wonderful Soul


Arlene Hulsey posted on 11/14/21

During a lifetime you meet very few really close friends like Doris and I became after discovering we were neighbors as well as attending the same church after Clint and I retired and moved to Broken Arrow. Doris and I spent many mornings in her kitchen drinking tea and spending time in reading the bible and praying. She was such a wonderful friend and influence on so many and I treasure the times she helped deepen my faith in the Lord. The four of us enjoyed being together at each other's homes and attending church activities also. Even after they moved to Florida Doris and I continued our friendship by texting and phone conversations. I have been so blessed to have known Doris and I know she is rejoicing her Lord and with her loved ones waiting there.


Dee Hall posted on 11/13/21

She was such a wonderful, sweet and precious friend and we shared sweet times together. Oh how is miss her already! When I walk in church and she is not in her regular seat—- but I KNOW I’ll see her again in our Heavenly home with our Lord Jesus Christ!


Traci M Beckner posted on 11/12/21

I just came across this. I am so heartbroken. I will always love you Jack.



Cynthia(Cyndi) Prior posted on 11/8/21

I remember the first time I met you, very polite and kind very old school. It was a pleasure to meat you. Rest In Peace ride high.


Lisa n Tommy Vengard posted on 11/6/21

George was a wonderful friend throught the world of him fly high George RIP


Michael Culbertson posted on 11/5/21

I offer condolences on behalf of the US Army Field Band Retiree and Alumni Association. Bill played French horn in our Concert Band from September 1960 to May 1964.


Penny a wood posted on 11/5/21

In my thoughts and prayers


Penny a wood posted on 11/5/21

I dont have any memories but I am sending my deepest condolence to his family and his friends may he rest in peace


Becky Coulter posted on 11/5/21

You are in our thoughts and our prayers! RIP



Harriett Worrell & family posted on 11/4/21

You are in our thoughts and prayers


Scott and Kathleen Lamb posted on 11/3/21

Scott and i send our condolences to Kay and family. Kathleen had the privilege of working with Bob in Ohio. And Scott was honored to care for his and Kay's lovely Cockers. Bob always showed love and concern to both two and four legged! Loved his sense of humor and his love for others. May God continue to give you your time of grief.


Dawn posted on 11/2/21

It’s been one year today. It’s been a very hard long year without you. I miss you so much and I wish you were here. But I know you’re in a better place than all of us here.You’re soaring high as you are a beautiful angel as we know. I love you very much till we meet again mom. Love always your baby Dawney


Dawn posted on 11/2/21

This morning One year ago today, you left us mom, I know you’re happy in heaven, But I miss you so much you don’t even know. I leave pennies on your gravestone so you know I’ve been there. Maybe I’m being selfish, and I know things aren’t fair, but I’d give everything to have you back. I love you and I miss you so much. Your baby Dawney



Cindy Engel posted on 10/31/21



Mary Arend posted on 10/28/21

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, what have you gone and done were a wonderful co-worker, friend and our groups comedian. You will be thought of often with fond memories. Until we meet again...later Bobby


Michele posted on 10/27/21

Grandma, I miss you so much! I am so happy you are finally free of pain and with grandpa and with Jesus, but my heart aches knowing I won't be able to see you again this side of heaven. I am so thankful for the time I have had you in my life. I have been so blessed to have you as my grandmother. Love you so much!


Sharon Franklin posted on 10/26/21

Rest in peace my friend. Gods got another angel. I think of all the good laugh we had and good memories. You will alway be in my heart. My heart hurt that your gone .Give all the pups we had a big hug for me.Thanks for being such a true friend to me .Love you forever


Leona Peterson, Solve volunteer posted on 10/26/21

John was a great supporter of the less fortunate in our community. He spent many hours at Solve fixing cribs, strollers and anything that needed to be fixed all the while listening to his classical and opera music and singing along at the top of his voice. He will be missed.


Rita posted on 10/26/21

John sailed the seas of life with an open heart and an open mind. - Connolly’s, Dublin


Alisha Green posted on 10/25/21

You were nothing short of my work dad! Full of jokes, words of wisdom (usefully and some not so lol) My heart breaks for the world who lost such a light. You touched more lives than you can imagine. Rest in peace and my you fill the heavens with laughter.


Fred Baltzer posted on 10/25/21

I'm In Shock, My Baby Brother Is Gone, See You In Heaven. Love You Fred ❣❣


Lisa Kral posted on 10/25/21

Saddened by the news, no heartbroken. You were a good friend and coworker. Rest in Paradise!


Celeste Taylor Rudberg posted on 10/25/21

Carol and I were not only cousins, we were friends. We lived next door to each other until we were two and remained friends after both of us moved, keeping our friendship open through "play dates" until Carol moved to Florida, and after through letters. I visited her (in this picture) when we were both 17 and again in 1961 when we were both newlyweds I was happy that we renewed our friendship a couple of years ago and recently had some great long phone conversations. I am so sorry I couldn't go see her, nor can I attend her funeral. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family who loved this sweet woman so much. May God watch over you in your sorrow.


John Baltzer Jr posted on 10/25/21

I can’t believe your gone. You were more than an Uncle to me. Rest in Heaven. Love you Uncle Butch.


Vonnie Maytum posted on 10/24/21

I am so sorry for your loss. Carol was a sweet and kind soul who loved her family more than herself. A long time friend has left us. Hope she, Jack, Dale, Bill, and so many other loved ones are having a reunion in their forever home. Love, Vonnie Maytum


Renae posted on 10/24/21

So many memories of John joining Open Door School on our many outings, from boat rides on the Cotee River, lunch at Sims Park, sightseeing manatees at Homosassa Springs, endless birthday parties (including his 90th shrimp boil), the list goes on ! I always enjoyed his company, the jokes he shared and the way he made everyone feel like a friend. John Spangle, you were a gentleman, I’m blessed to have known you.


Teresa Cook- McGrath posted on 10/24/21

I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the Buhler family for the loss of their dear beloved mother and grandmother Mrs. Carol, may God bless y’all during this difficult time.


Roe posted on 10/24/21

I still can't believe you're gone! I wish we had spent more time together this last year. I have such great memories of all the good times and I think of you often.. I will never forget. You will always have a place in my heart. Love you babe!


Mickie posted on 10/23/21

Mr. Larry insisted he was grilling and feeding me a hamburger. A lie of course to get me to eat it because it was really deer. I was just a kid so at that time I wouldn’t have gone for it. Larry was dad to one of my besties, Crystal, growing up and was an awesome dad and hubby.


Erin brown posted on 10/23/21

Sir David was someone who always made me feel better about myself...We.would laugh and laugh and laugh..oh he was funny- I knew that when the world had turned their back on me and I felt so alone I would go that with Dave and he would take my tears and worries Way by being simply himself. He acted like a.tough guy at times but he was really just a simple warm-hearted big teddy.b a ar-with a beard lol....I will forever remember him and miss him....



Patricia posted on 10/23/21

Will never forget you! ❤️


Patricia Ognibene posted on 10/23/21

I will miss Art very much. He was very special to me and was a wonderful friend. He had a heart of gold and was generous and selfless. I will never forget you Art. Love, Rat


Pamela posted on 10/22/21

I said that 'You Are the Salt of the Earth', since the first time I met you. Rest In Peace Teddi. My prayers are sent up for you and your family.


Harold N. Boyer posted on 10/21/21

Col. Sherwood was my ROTC Professor of Military Science at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh from 1968-1971. He was one of the finest men I have ever known. Rest in Peace, Colonel.



Lena Sue posted on 10/21/21

I miss you so much Mommy


Jasmine Rodriguez posted on 10/21/21

My favorite memories my grams is when me and my big sister used to go every summer to her house and go to bush gardens and we will not leave if we didn’t go on each ride. She made summers so fun for me and my sister


Karen Lovett posted on 10/21/21

I absolutely love the last line of his obituary!!! If you knew Bob, you know what that line means!!! I am so sorry for his loss. He was a very special man with a huge "dad" sense of humor!!!


Mark Bigham And Helen Bigham posted on 10/21/21

Oh Brother where art thou! I sat at day break thinking about you and cried and then I thought of your one eared elephant and laughed. We sure had some good times together Bobby Baltzer acting like a couple of eighth grade goof -ball boys. You sure made my life more enjoyable since I met you. Say good night Gracie


James Ellis Green posted on 10/20/21

We where friends as Kids . I moved away but i never forgot you and never will.Rest in peace friend.


Bob King posted on 10/20/21

Mike and I were the best of friends starting in grammar school at St. James, Boy Scouts for years, fishing buddies riding our bikes up route 12 to Cedar lake, renting a boat and fishing all day, we raised tropical fish at our homes and actively traded and sold to pet shops. He hated to be called "Spanky" but some of us could get away with it. He went to Arlington H.S. I went t St. Viator's and Prospect. We hung together in his '54 Chevy which he souped-up and ran like a bandit. We drifted away with time. Now I learn we could have had another 16 years to hang when he moved to New Port Richey and I was just 20 miles away in Lutz. What I would have given to go fishin' one more time! RIP brother.


Kimberly insley posted on 10/20/21

You are truly missed.... Whatever man and I don't care ...are the two things you love to say to everybody and every time I hear them they miss u more and more ..... Till we meet again



Karyn Lassey posted on 10/20/21

BFF and pain in the ass in the same.



Cindy Ostrander posted on 10/20/21

You will be missed ❤️


Aj pagel posted on 10/20/21

A tribute to Larry Kelly aka the road hunter I called him that because he used his truck like a deer stand .he was one of the all time great guys he is the last of my long time good friends and I will miss him alot. To his family I am so sorry for your loss I love you guys and it's at times like this I remember what my grandpa would say to me-get the hell out of the bathroom give someone a turn . Dunedin redneck


Aj pagel posted on 10/20/21

Larry took me hunting in Missouri and instead of shooting the biggest buck that anyone had seen up there in years he let me take it down one of the best times in my life



Alicia (Becky) Guthrie posted on 10/19/21

I always wished I could be proud of you and watch you grow into a Wonderful God Fearing Man. May you rest in peace and not suffer any more. I Love You Richie


Karyn Lassey posted on 10/19/21

Missing my friend every single day!! “Whatever man…..”


Donna fossetta posted on 10/18/21

so sorry for your loss, in all your posts and the way you looked at each other, you can see the love you had for each other, god bless you all and remember the great times you had as a family, he will always be remembered by his smile and your love for him


Cyndi Norris posted on 10/18/21

My love and condolences to all who loved Dave and who Dave loved. Kellee and her daughters have been in my life since I was young, and I know how much Dave means to them. Love him always, never forget. Remember the great times fondly! You'll all be in my heart and thoughts.



Cynthia Corey Bernard posted on 10/17/21

Sending thoughts an prayers. Rest In Peace


Cat Nye posted on 10/17/21

So very sorry to hear about Gene’s passing! He was very good to me and accepted me into the family. I remember the visits to the camp ground and then to Florida always a good time! RIP Gene! Test in the arms of the angels!


Jack posted on 10/16/21

I worked for the great man at Bank of Boston and I do mean great man. Had he asked me I would have followed him to Boston Financial as his wingman. I appreciated the faith and the trust that he showed me. I'm glad he enjoyed his retirement because he was hell on wheels in the office and needed to slow down. He was an amazing guy and I loved him as my boss.


Susan Arp posted on 10/15/21

Prayers to Renee and Joe's family.


Memories from Margate posted on 10/15/21


Derrick Wridgway posted on 10/15/21

My sister Jane was born in Broken Hill, Zambia. Our family later moved to Mufulira on the Copper Belt of Zambia where our sister Dolores was born. In 1963 we emigrated to South Africa. Jane married David Norman and Kayleen was born. Jane was always a free spirited restless person who loved to be on the go always. She will be missed by all who knew her... RIP sis. Derrick.



Adele & Victor Santangelo posted on 10/14/21

You were an inspiration and a joy to all of us. We will treasure the memories we shared and the good times we had together. We will miss you and keep you in our hearts forever. RIP We love you Vito ♥️


Derick Wridway posted on 10/14/21

Hi Kayleen. Syl and l send our sincere condolences on the passing of your mom. Please keep in touch.


Kathy Kay posted on 10/14/21

I am so sorry Kaylene . My love to you all


Dawn Coote posted on 10/14/21

So sorry Kay. May she rest softly in the arms of our Lord. May God grant you peace and comfort and strength at this time. Lots of love x


Shelia Wiggell posted on 10/14/21

So sorry to strong knowing she is in a better place. No more pain .no more suffering.keep well and God bless and keep you and your family safe.our love


Wendy Wiggell posted on 10/14/21

So s do sorry to hear this news kaylene. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Rip Jane


Celeste Healy posted on 10/14/21

Rest in peace my soul sister xx until we meet again


Celeste Healy posted on 10/14/21

Oh my heart is breaking...Janie and your little family came into my life when you were just 1 year old and we had just buried my dad that day and I was very pregnant with my baby girl life was in a mess had no friends to say as I had just returned from my travels abroad after 4 career and lost dazed and confused and the 3 of you moved into the cottage and the sun came beaming out into my life.we clicked like long lost sisters Janie was right by my side when Tarryn was born,holding my hand with tears rolling down her cheeks will never forget that....we had fun laughter like no other we helped each other in bad times but she was always positive and soo creative teaching me how to sew knit cook and be free .yes we did some crazy things and and some would call us hippies ..but no we are free spirits and that is something many people dont understand...Janie will be my forever friend and will hold all my memories close to my heart..and when you go my dear sister go with peace knowing your failts and bad choices which we all make .but fly with no regrets and know how loved you are soo sad today but so grateful for u and beautiful Kaylene for the gift of this very long adventure we shared and miss you my bestie and remember I woll be there for your beautiful Kaylene amasing grandboys ❤❤❤ xxxx


Kerry Webster posted on 10/14/21

I met Jane in Margate in her lovely little shop Brother Son. We just developed a connection. Of course when I met you as a little girl I just fell in love with you and we had a connection. I often visited the gorgeous cottage you lived in right opposite the beach. Your Mum was an excellent cook. The best crayfish Thermador I've ever eaten. My ex and I and Jane and partner went camping at that beautiful spot on the Estuary of Port Edward. What a wonderful weekend. Braai, fishing, strolling on Port Edward Beach. Such beautiful memories. Another great memory is going up to friends who owned a farm in the Oribi Gorge area. Jane had a little Suzuki suv and we had such fun riding up the dam walls screaming with excitement. As most of us know, Jane was a wild child but I was attracted to the positive energy she brought into so many lives. I'm not sure when Jane left the coast but I left to move to Cape Town end of 1991. Sadly we lost contact for many years as there was no luxury of internet in those days. When Facebook started, I tried to find Jane. I even contacted Timothy Boyd (Rip) but at that time he too didn't have contact with Jane. I eventually found you on the internet my darling and eventually Jane and I had contact. It was so special to connect with Jane. I even phoned her at some stage and we had a lovely chat. God bless Jane . Kerry xxxx


Dolores Coullie posted on 10/14/21

My dearest older sister Jane always had the passion for travel and meeting people. Born in Central Africa she was impetuous and a little bit wild. Immigrating to America fulfilled her deepest wish, and she embraced her new country with love, excitement and zeal.... she traveled to every corner of America and befriended many, over time her contact with us grew less as she assimilated completely. Jane was always a happy, optimistic woman and was loved by many especially by her family and friends who were left behind in her old life. I, Dolores, her only sister, two years younger, have thought about her every single day since I last saw her and shall continue to think of her with love forever more. Till we meet again Janey love you always ❤



Kaylene Beagrie posted on 10/14/21

Dearest Mommy. Forever in our hearts. May you fly with the Eagles and may God surrounded you with his Angles. I love you mommy.



Danielle Mayol posted on 10/14/21

You will always be my coffeeman



Darla Park posted on 10/12/21

Wow, so sad May you rest in peace Richie. No more struggling with your demons. Fly high cuz, and know that no matter what, you were loved!



Brandon posted on 10/9/21

I wish I was able to tell you how good I’m doing in school.


Gia Bagwell posted on 10/8/21

I just found out about her passing. She was a wonderful, loving person who always put others before herself and tried to see the best in people. I can only hope all her loved ones find peace in knowing that one day we will all see one another gain.


Carol Goodlin-Couture posted on 10/6/21

Twenty seven years of volunteering anyhow and anywhere. Most of those at Habitat for Humanity and Hospice. He touched so many lives most of which I'll never know as he never bragged about it. His kept at it until he physically could not do it any longer. God got a precious soul.



DONNA OLIVER posted on 10/6/21

Working with Al at HPH was always a bright spot in my work week. He lit up the room with his smile and he had a Heart of Gold.


Julie Trudeau posted on 10/6/21

My heart aches to hear that I lost another cousin this year, and we hadn’t gotten to meet yet. I look forward to the day we meet in heaven and celebrate together. Praying for all of his family and friends. May God grant you comfort and peace beyond understanding.


Lynn Clem posted on 10/3/21

A very sweet & fun loving gal! Loved working with her, great sense of humor and she will be sorely missed!



Joanne Hafner posted on 9/30/21

Went to school with John. Reconnected many years later on Face Book. Condolences to his family. Prayers you find comfort in each other’s love through God.


ReginaldSwinton posted on 9/29/21

My prayers goes out to the family. My God continue to comfort you


Melody Runyon posted on 9/28/21

I had the pleasure to work with Cindy professionally the last few years. She was always so upbeat and professional. I will miss her. I am so very sorry for your loss.


Erika Bennett " Your Marty" posted on 9/28/21

Aunt Bubba, Where do I even start, from the spring breaks I shared to the vacations spent they were some very joyful times. I will for sure miss your laughter and personality you sure could bring on the fun and adventure. You where a aunt and a second mother to me and you will forever be miss. Everytime I see a beautiful sunset I will think of your smile, everytime I will see a dolphin jump I will think of your voice and and laughter. It will never be the same not hearing your beautiful voice every morning at mom's picking up ella. We all miss you Aunt Bubba such a loving and big hearted woman!


Kerry posted on 9/27/21

Happy to have you walk me down the aisle at my wedding to JR 12/29/1990



Vershanda Dixon-Chambers posted on 9/27/21

Rest in peace cousin❤️



Aleena Ledford (Geno) posted on 9/27/21

Great Aunt Brenda was the best person I know. She was nice and I loved her so much and I am going to miss her a lot.



Peggy Bradshaw (Geno) posted on 9/27/21

Sometimes life is tough and downright unfair, and this is one of those times! Losing a sister is one of the deepest hurts a heart can feel, however Brenda was more than my beautiful and loving sister she was my best friend. I am so grateful for the years we had and the closeness we shared. Brenda had internal love for her family, she especially loved her role as Nana. Brenda was known for her infectious smile, and her kind and compassionate Spirit. She was truly a peacemaker, and always a source of positivity, with such a bubbly personality. Also she had a heart of gold! She will be dearly missed and forever in my heart.


Patti J Beach posted on 9/26/21

Tommy you will always be my baby. Looking forward to seeing you again one day. Love you andMiss you.



Debbie Pipkin posted on 9/24/21

Fly high my sweet angel! I love you


Carolyn J Bublavi posted on 9/21/21

Oh Rita, you will be missed by many and all. You have taught me alot since my pre teen years. A wise woman you were. Glad I was able to get to Florida to visit and visit when you were here for your birthday's. Love you mama Rita. My heart is broken. To the family, my deepest condolences during this difficult time.


Wanda and Connie Harless posted on 9/18/21

We Loved Lola more then words can say we meet her in 1996 and we always had a Girls night with dinner and a movie because she was the only girl in her home we laughed and had good time we have such good memories she will be miss but never forgotten but we know we will see her again sometime soon



Brett, Vanessa, and Joseph Owens posted on 9/18/21

She was a fun person. She'll be missed by everyone. My condolences to the family.


Edie Brown posted on 9/17/21

So sorry for your loss Rachel and Pattie and family. Tommy will surely be missed . Hugs and prayers.


Connie Halverson posted on 9/17/21

Tpmmy, You will be so missed, especially your sense of humor. Gpodbye sweet nephew.



Mary Unger posted on 9/17/21

I have some really fun Memories with Brenda and Her Best Friend Teresa Grey Nash. Brenda was Sweet and Kind and I loved hearing her laugh! She loved and was always talking about her Husband Bill and her Children Kody and Krystal and then came her Grandson's Jaxon and Theodore. Oh how she Love those Little Boy's ❤️ I really enjoyed our Day trip to the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs and the day we spent at Hudson Beach, watching the Dolphins. She was just an Awesome Lady and I Really Loved her and will cherish her and the Memories forever.


Charla Stewart posted on 9/17/21

Rachel and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine your grief, I can’t fathom the loss of Tommy is to your family. But please know that you are in my prayers as you lay this sweet man to rest and figure out how to move forward.



Rachael Baisley posted on 9/17/21

You will always be in my heart! I lava you very much!!



Nancy Carter posted on 9/17/21

Dear Tommy, lighting a candle in your memory…


Nancy Carter posted on 9/17/21

I will miss my wonderful son-in-law… your love and humor will live with us all forever ❤️



Camaron Ornelas posted on 9/17/21

My first thoughts of you Lola growing up was being excited to spend time with you at your home. I enjoyed the different world you brought to my life and how you raised not just your three boys but also took on me as well. I wish I could see you one last time to share with you how you impacted my world. I will always consider you a second mom to be.



Brandon Ornelas posted on 9/17/21

Not only were you a great mother to 3 boys, you were a great mother to me since my earliest memories. I’ll always remember eating dinner at your house and being so excited for what you would make. I also want to point out that you served your country by taking care of the boys alone so Ed could do his duty. Thank you momma Craker, I’ll always remember you and you will be missed.


Katie McQuillan posted on 9/16/21

Leona, I am so sorry for the loss of your Mother, I know you loved her so dearly. I pray for peace and comfort for you, Norman and the entire family


Travis & Sarah Taylor and family posted on 9/16/21

Our sincerest condolences and sympathy for you and your family during this difficult time.


Crystal Palmer posted on 9/16/21

Although I haven’t seen my cousin in 30 years I spoke with her a lot through social media. She was so nice she lived her family and always spoke about her grandkids I will always remember you my sweet cousin. Love and miss you always


Vickie young posted on 9/15/21

I will miss you till we meet again. The three musketeers. I love you my brother.


Bette Ann Young posted on 9/15/21

I am so proud to have been Charlie’s Mom. He was a very Thoughtful caring son and person. I loved his special ways of making me feel important. He will always be in my heart forever. He had so many friends and he was loved by so many. I know he will live on in everyone’s heart that he touched. He will be sorely missed. Thank you to all who sent their love, with flowers, plants, trees, cards, and donations. We appreciate your caring thoughts and love. I love you always! Your Mom


Bette Ann Young posted on 9/15/21

Bette Ann Young


Vicki Aliotta posted on 9/15/21

I miss u dad and will always think of u ! Vicki


Nicole Burton posted on 9/15/21

Even though I am no longer part of the family, my heart still aches for your family’s loss. You were a good man and I appreciate what time you were in my life and my son’s(your grandson’s) Matty will have some great memories to carry with him the rest of his life. Rest In Peace Bill!


Patrick Fish posted on 9/14/21

Our love is with Bill. Prayers for him and the rest of the family.


Carrie Henke - Pipes posted on 9/14/21

I'm lost for words hearing the passing of "Charlie" I knew Charlie for over 15 years, and believe it or not, we never met in person. I've been in site development for many years, Charlie and I met over the phone one day 15 years ago and from day one we were actually buddies. He took care of my trucking hauling needs, selling and buying fill dirt, it was all business. It saddens me that I never had the chance to shake this mans hand but yet I felt a close bond with Charlie. I will miss our phone calls and texts. My condolences to the family and friends close to him. May Charlie Rest In Peace. God bless you all.


Heather Reimann posted on 9/14/21

I am so sorry for your loss....he was so supportive of his grandkids


Yvonne Hoos posted on 9/13/21

Another Holiday season without Jesse. Your Dad will always light the house up for all. Love You Miss you so much. Yvonne



Yvonne Hoos posted on 9/13/21

Jesse Happy Birthday! God bless please be Hunter and Daisy Angel. They will need your help. I miss you very much. Hope you meet at the gates when my time comes Love You Yo


Hearth posted on 9/12/21

We miss you carol


George and Opal Mountford posted on 9/11/21

We will miss Carol and remember her as a fun devoted friend to all who knew her. She loved her family and her parish family. Our prayers are offered to all her family.


Sue posted on 9/11/21

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Sis! I miss you Everyday, wish I could just have one more walk with you. Just to talk about Life! Love you so much, Suz


Dan Hale posted on 9/10/21

Heart of Gold says it all. Bob and Snookie, I just found out today 9/10, I would have been there. Love to you both.


Joseph posted on 9/5/21

My deepest condolences go to Deshun’s family. It was a pleasure knowing him.



Jennifer Mccomis posted on 9/4/21

When I first heard Deshun I was enamored by his stage presence and his voice. He always called out to “the nurses” when we walked in and had such a welcoming personality that made you feel good. He is already missed terribly. My favorite songs he sang were Marvin Gay Let’s get it on and Smokey Robinson “Crusin”, I always had to stay long enough to hear those songs. He was such a great person and I pray for his family, kids and grandchildren. Rest in heaven Deshun.


Twana & Travis Henry posted on 9/4/21

Reggie, I still can’t believe that you’re physically gone, but I know you’re spirit is present and resting in the Lord. I remember when I first met you in your front yard. I was with Twana. You were only 14 or 15 and though the whole family was/is amazing you kinda stood out because as males/men though we didn’t say a word, we had a conversation. I said to myself… look at this little dude telling me that I better be good to Twana and Brittany. At the same time as we were looking each other in the eyes without blinking, I was telling you “I got them… I ALWAYS will” we understood each other (again without saying a word) and we smiled at each other. I also remember the first time I heard you sang (no misspelling) at Franklin Rd Church of Christ during evening service. I was an instant FAN. Even though you were a little nervous, you did your thing. I’ve watched you as you matured into the amazing Christian man that you are and have always admired you. Rest In Heaven little Big Brother until we meet again. The Henry, Bradley and Dexter families extend our sincere condolences and prayers of comfort to the entire Howard family.


David and Rhonda Mardis posted on 9/4/21

Jennifer and family, our deepest sympathies and condolences to you. Our hearts are broken for you. We know that we will all be united together again. You have that peace that we have with God. Eternity together! Love you and we are grieving with you.❤️



Jovita Reamer posted on 9/4/21

Praying for you and your family my God bless your healing heart



Larry Hannah posted on 9/4/21

I remember us playing flag football against each other. Your team couldn't catch up with ours for years! Then ya'll finally beat us, You and Toney came across the field and said it's about time we got ya'll. I knew then we had a lil rivalry. May God bless your family!


Larry Dean and Dean Family posted on 9/4/21

Rest Easy Big Cuz. Aunt Rose got u by her side. Love you


Barbara Johns posted on 9/4/21

To know Cindy was to love Cindy. I miss her so much, I'll never have another friend like her. Xoxo RIP


Willie and Carolyn Oxendine posted on 9/4/21

Please accept our sincere condolences. Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted " We have no doubt that you, Hilary, your family and all who loved your Dad will be comforted through this extremely difficult time.


ANGIE STANDFIELD posted on 9/3/21

Reggie This is way too soon but as you would say God Loves you more. Our entire childhood we grew up together, even though we are cousins you were always my brother. I’m going to miss you so much!!! I LOVE YOU Reggie get your CROWN!!!!


Patrice posted on 9/3/21

Rest In Peace Cindy-Loo I’m at a loss knowing we won’t be able to be silly together anymore . I will treasure all our memories forever. You have a heart of gold & a smile/laugh I miss already “Hooker”


Tammy Whitaker posted on 9/3/21

Rest In Peace my friend. We had some incredible memories down in Ft Myers! Especially at the Ale House! I will never forget! Hugs! ❤️


Kate posted on 9/2/21

Kieth my brother in law, you were truly an amazing person. You and Laurie found love and friendship, built a beautiful family and made music that touched people’s souls. We love you and will miss you.



Yolanda Williams posted on 9/2/21

~God Bless You Cousin. Rest Forever In God’s Arms~ From the Williams & Simmons Family: We send our condolences to Reggie’s wife and children. Praying for Peace, Comfort & Love❤️


John Tsangaris posted on 9/1/21

I met Kieth about 20 years ago when I started working at Granite Diagnostic Laboratory. He came up and introduced himself to me, and when I first saw Keith I thought to myself, I hope I never get on his bad side, but when we started talking, I knew we were going to be good friends. Keith had a magnetic personality, everybody that met him liked him, he always spoke the truth, that is what I liked about him, my dear friend I, and many other people that you touched throughout your life are going to miss you very much. Go rest high on that mountain my friend.


Craig Skiver posted on 9/1/21

My best friend since Jr High school I wil always remember warm summers and being Boy Scouts together and spending nights at your house. You were instrumental in me growing up. I will always remember your kindness and your wit.


Robin Adkins posted on 9/1/21

To Dee thank you for sharing the beautiful gospel that day I met you an your beautiful wife Jennifer at a church service that your brother had invited me to your music with the power of god that day touch my soul I want to say thank you for touching my soul that day ! Rest In Peace my brother Amen xo


Robin Adkins posted on 9/1/21

R.I.P.Dee, I meet you & your beautiful wife at a church service that you was singing the beautiful praise of God‘s words, I touch by your beautiful voice! It put a feeling over me like no other god spoke to me that day through your beautiful music! Thank you for the joy you brought into my life that day! Now your home enjoying the beautiful heavens praising God!



Jessica Mccarthy posted on 9/1/21

First met you at our Sunday Service at Calvary Chapel worship center . Best Sunday Service .. since then my family and I were fans . Your love and spirit will forever remain . Many friends will miss u



Jessica Mccarthy posted on 9/1/21

You’ll be forever missed



Jessica Mccarthy posted on 9/1/21

I met you at Calvary Chapel and that was the best Sunday Service ever . Since then my family and I were fans and followed your music . You’ll be forever missed


Ann posted on 9/1/21

Love my acro sister Barbara. Blessed longtime marriage. Role model for all. The love that they expressed and lived is very rare today. Prayers to Barbara and her family. Rip with the Lord.


Darryll posted on 8/31/21

Love you dad. I know you’re free of pain now. Wish I could tell you how much you meant to me Jimmy. Please continue to protect us as you always did.


Ron E. posted on 8/31/21

You left this world way too soon, but I know that's because God has a better plan for you. Dee was truly a gifted artist and entertained us all with his best day powerful voice. I will always cherish the times that I seen him perform. He put a smile on so many faces and made us feel so good. I wish his family and friends all the best and I just want to let you know that we all love you but as Dee would say. "God Loves You More". Rest In Peace my friend until we meet again. I will do my best to be the best me.❤❤



Shavaughn Howard posted on 8/31/21

Will miss you dearly, loved your smile your humor such an amazing man of god when everything happened with us being shut down and couldn’t go to church I started watching you on YouTube following gods word as you would have bible study I admired you for that and loved watching your videos sharing them . I send my love to your wife and family. You will be missed your cousin from California



Scott and Michelle posted on 8/31/21

Our hearts go out to all of the family and friends of Charlie ! He will not be forgotten !


Maria Volce posted on 8/31/21

My husband and I offer our condolences to you Jennifer and your family. We were very sad to hear that he had passed away. He was a good man and wonderful musician. As a musician himself, my husband knows that the community is very saddened by his passing. May he rock on in paradise, Ameen



Jennifer aka Wifey Boo posted on 8/31/21

My hubby I miss you so much I keep waiting for you to walk in the door late from a gig, I still can't and never will get over why you had to go! I wasn't done, we wasn't done! I know your in your heavenly home and don't have to worry about this life anymore but it still hurts so bad! My life is forever changed and my heart aches! I will carry you close everywhere I go! Love you baby! See you in eternity! ❤❤❤❤



Alesia James posted on 8/31/21

My condolences to the family during this time. You are in my prayers.


Kortney Cantrell posted on 8/31/21

I got married to dameon when I was 17 I'm sorry I'm so late posting I've been incarcerated n just got out n found out we have a 14 year old son named anthoney



Katrina Wilson posted on 8/31/21

RIP Reggie, I still can’t believe your gone. I am so heartbroken but I know your with mama now and your enjoying your new home with no more pain & worries. Love you always your little sister. Katrina


Kathe Schwarz posted on 8/31/21

Out of the blue I was thinking of something funny Kenny said which made me search for him on FB only to find this obituary tonight. Kenny and I lived together for 2 years in VA when we were in our 20s. Imagine my surprise when a lifetime passes (20 years) and I’m leaving Publix in Palm Harbor and this guy yells my name and it’s Kenny. It was like that Dan Fogelburg song. (And we did laugh until we cried.) So profound. What are the odds of running into an old boyfriend to find you live in the same town 20 years later. He was the funniest person to be around and we had a great few yrs together and remained friends for many years later and I still have photos of us. Kenny may you rest in eternal peace. The world lost a great guy.


Adele Hopkins posted on 8/31/21

R I P.......


Lois Eads posted on 8/30/21

Deshun was a man after God’s own heart…he focused his life on others, and especially on telling them about the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ… That is pure Love… That is Loving others, and can only be done when you are also a Lover of Jesus Christ ! He left a huge impact on this world… He was my Brother, in Christ, and can’t wait to meet him one day ❣️ We grieve, but not as others who have no Hope


Steve & Mari Kloszewski posted on 8/29/21

Wow, Charlie will be missed by us. A great character, neighbor and friend


ERIC WOLD posted on 8/29/21

Keith was a brother in Christ and in music. The time we spent in studio was more than just making music. The Spirit of God was ever-present. We shared testimonies and confessions. We laughed a lot and shed a few tears. He was a bright light in a dark world and life seems dimmer now that he is gone. But I rejoice in knowing that heaven is brighter now that he's there and I look forward to seeing him again someday, making music with Jesus. Laurie, my heart breaks for you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.


Danielle Brandenburg posted on 8/29/21

You were the best dj ever, made karaoke more than a hobby we were like family! I'll never forget our days at sidedoor. Till we meet again our dear friend, fly high and feast with the gods. Love and miss you so much.


Mike Wojo posted on 8/28/21

I have worked for Charlie for many years and I have always looked up to him and admired him. He always treated me with so much respect and care. I have nothing but great memories of him and I am so proud that I had the honor to work on his trucks. He will forever be in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Sending prayers to his family. With all my heart, Wojo.


Paula Gulbrandsen Crosby posted on 8/28/21

I attended the police academy with Charlie in 1984. Charlie was a great guy and I know he will be missed by all his friends and loved ones.


Charlie Denise (ste crew) posted on 8/28/21

God speed my friend



Isabella valenzano posted on 8/28/21

You are always in the air, you are always by our side, and now you will live by Gods side. You will be a light at the end of those beautiful sunsets in Florida your home❤️


Cousin Isabella posted on 8/28/21

Dear cuz, I have so much to say and I have been talking to you all week. Since we were little Sandra , you and I have so many family memories.I held strong this week sending those loving messages thru the universe to you , so you can hear me say HOLD ON...You were the bull, Strong, Sweet, Kind and loving to all. Your strength was so visible. You built an Empire from scratch..You lived a great life of having all your toys and going place to place. I think this week God called your name and it may have been such another beautiful place you saw and spiritually visited, I am sure it was !!! You letting go and going ahead of all of us to the kingdom above. We are all so blessed to have had your love and strength thru out the years. Now God has you by his side showing you the beauty of his kingdom. May you be at peace and now you are free. You will be looking down i know it , to make sure we are all as strong as you were at times. God bless all that you have left behind, family was always the biggest part of your life. I love you cuz , I will love you to the moon and back every day i think of you. My big isabella your i think only cousin.. xoxoxoxoxooxoxo


Aunt Roxanne and Uncle Larry posted on 8/28/21

Dearest Nephew:It broke our hearts to lose you, You did not go alone, For part of us went with you, The day God called you home. Back in New York with all our memories miles away, you leave that smile in our hearts for all to save for each rainy day. We have so much to say, but we are talking to God and you daily. Love your favorite aunt Roxanne and uncle Larry...xox


Erika Hudgins posted on 8/27/21

There are no words to express the sadness in our hearts. You have touched so many and left us all with memorable moments. The bank will never be the same without you. My prayers an condolences to your family an dearest friends.


Alison Shutt posted on 8/27/21

My condolences to his family. Charlie was such an awesome, awesome guy. He would come to the bank every day with a smile on his face. Had many, many conversations with him. His family was his world. I know he will be watching and sheltering over them every day. Vivian, I’m so so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Charlie was truly a solid guy. ❤️❤️❤️


Joe & Christine Bates posted on 8/27/21

As many have mentioned, Charlie was always smiling! I don’t recall ever seeing him without a smile during all of the years we have worked with him. Sending prayers to all of his family and friends


Sam Kistner posted on 8/27/21

I met Keith around 35 years ago when we both worked at the Lakeland Civic Center as it was called back then, and we have been friends ever since. I'll NEVER forget the fun we had playing guitar together, getting Crazy Bread from Little Cesar's for lunch and just simply goofing around, laughing at our own jokes and somehow we still got our work done! I remember one time the Center was going to buy new furniture for the big room that all the stars that came there would hang out in and they were going to auction the old furniture that had been use by all the stars, Elvis, Sinatra, ect.The Ledger sent a photographer there to take a picture of the furniture to be auctioned. They wanted two people to pick up each end of the big couch! Well who do you think was the closest two people? Yep, you guessed it! Me and Keith! Well you gotta picture this, I was 5' 4 and Keith was well...TALL!!! They took the picture, printed it in the paper and me and Keith cracked up! It looked like a Dachshund on one end and a Great Dane on the other!!! I Loved my dear friend Keith! He will always have a special place in my heart! Until I see you again one day on streets of gold, show them how to pick and sing up there my friend! Love ya buddy!!!


Darlene monroe posted on 8/27/21

Keith one of the most gentle spirits I have loved him for as long as I can remember never had a bad word against anyone my heart is broken that he's gone and his wife the sweetest woman you could ever meet behind every good man stands a good woman you will be missed cousin and I have always loved you with all thats in me


Gina Scudieri and Len posted on 8/27/21

Dr. Vivian and family, we are truly heartbroken over Charlie's passing. Our sympathy to you and family.


Martin W Rickus posted on 8/26/21

I send my deepest condolences to Vivian and Charles family. I worked with Charlie at the New Port Richey Police Dept. and maintained a friendship with Charlie after his retirement. Charle was a great officer who enforced the law with compassion and respect for all. He was a great guy to work with as we spent many midnight shifts working patrol. I have so many funny memories of the exploits of Charlie that I smile just thinking about them. Those who worked with Charlie knew his real passion was to be a successful business owner and we urged him to follow his passion and were never surprised by his success! I unfortunately won't be able to attend his service, and I grieve that we have lost a good man. Rest in peace Charlie


Liz Carfora posted on 8/26/21

My heart hurts for the loss of our friend, Charlie from this devastating Covid19 virus and my deepest sympathy goes out to his mother Bette Ann, sister "sissy" Sandra, wife Vivian, family and friends. I will miss his energy that always lit up a room with his warm personality, wonderful smile, beautiful eyes, and great curls. Although he left us too soon, I will cherish the good times we all shared together. I didn't have a chance to say goodbye, but as my late husband Tony said before he went to be with our Lord, "We'll all rendezvous again someday." May your light shine on Charlie....Godspeed!



Mary Miller posted on 8/26/21

My heart goes out to the family at the loss of both parents. I can still picture Bill serving pancakes at the K of C breakfasts! Rest in blessed peace, Bill and Peggy.


Mary Miller posted on 8/26/21

Peggy was a model of service, faith and grace. Always smiling. We have missed her presence in the parish.


Sara Pizano posted on 8/26/21

Charlie-I know of nobody else who has lived a more full, adventurous, big, epic life than you. You were an amazing son, brother, father, husband and friend and you got back all the love you showered on all of us. We do and will always and forever love you so much! One and done, brother, you are 24K Magic! For Bette Ann, Sandra, Viv, Kelsey, Scott, Jenna, Shawna, Grampy, Chucky and all of Charlie's family who may or may not have been related by blood or marriage-We know that didn't matter to Charlie because family were friends and friends were family. He loved you all beyond measure. That is important to keep close to your heart as you take each step forward without him here in the physical world and know that love never ends. I only hope to #live/lovelikecharlie and will do my very best to honor him by doing exactly that. Sending you all so, so much love.


Gay Williams posted on 8/26/21

Charlie I met you when you were 17 getting ready to go to the police academy. We were neighbors forever and our kids grew up together. It is a sad day to hear this news. Your life has taken many turns it is now time to fly high.


Lincoln Fox posted on 8/26/21

I met Keith through my friend Eric a year and a half ago. He had done studio work that impressed me, and he agreed to help with some songs I wanted to release. The day we met in person I saw a BIG man with a kind voice who let me know he loved God, his family, and music, Keith made me feel welcome, and even cared for, from that day on. I loved the way he was able to bring out the best musically while maintaining an encouraging demeanor, even when going at it for hours in the studio. You could tell that ability came naturally from a big heart. I will remember that time with him, and conversations we had afterwards that always left me feeling encouraged. Wish we had more time together brother.


Rod Gerrard posted on 8/26/21

I have been a friend and Bandmate of Keith for 25 years, so when Laurie told me the terrible news I was devastated. I respected Keith a great deal, both as a fellow musician and as a humble, loving, family person. I will always remember him that way. Janet and myself send our condolences and love to the family..we are thinking of you all at this incredibly sad time. Rod & Janet.


Larry Moulton and Anna Kuhbander posted on 8/26/21

Charlie you always made us smile I’m sure you making everyone smile in heaven


David Myers posted on 8/26/21

It will be little things that we remember—smiles, laughter—and although it is hard right now, the memories of these things will become tools to push away the pain. Started working for Charlie 10 yrs ago he was my boss but didn’t take long he became a true friend. Good bye to a true friend.



Brenda (Headland) Eppinger posted on 8/26/21

So many sweet memories. Rest in Peace.



Bill and April Justice posted on 8/26/21

Sometimes people that have only been in your life a short time makes the biggest impression. Charlie will definitely be missed . Our prayers for the family.


Jean Cifelli posted on 8/25/21

Our thanks to Peggy & Bob for their many years of dedicated service to St. Thomas Aquinas Parish. They are truly missed by their Parish Family.


Jean Cifelli and Cindy Fargo posted on 8/25/21

Our thanks to Peggy & Bob for their many years of dedicated service to St. Thomas Aquinas Parish. They are truly missed by their Parish Family.


Stewart Smith and the Team at Alto Construction, Inc. posted on 8/25/21

From the Team of Stewart Smith and Alto Construction, Inc. We would like to send our condolences. We are very sorry for your loss. Wishing you all the comfort during this challenging time.


Wendy & Camilla posted on 8/25/21

Although no words can really help to ease the loss you bear, Just know that you are very close in every thought and prayer.


John Allen posted on 8/25/21

I worked for Charlie for many years, he was my boss and a dear friend. I will surely miss seeing my old buddy Charlie Tuna around. Rest in peace brother.



April Koning posted on 8/25/21

You always lit up a room with your smile and great personality, you will be truly missed Charlie, you where a true friend .


Ernie Lowerre posted on 8/25/21

Im heartbroken, Charlie and I were best friends growing up in Rock Hill, we recently reconnected and were planning on getting together to reminisce. Condolences to Sissy any Mom, and all family. I will miss that guy



Carl Nicolosi posted on 8/25/21

God bless


Verchel and Leslie Hudson posted on 8/25/21

I have many great "car" memories with Charlie buying/selling, selling/buying from each other...Godspeed Charlie!!


Verchel and Leslie Hudson posted on 8/25/21

Our hearts go out to you and your family during this difficult time. I will be out of town and not able to be at the service but know that you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Lisa and Craig Gallagher posted on 8/25/21

Our sincere condolences. We are in a state of shock and disbelief. Charlie was just at our house and we were talking about us all getting together for dinner. He was always so full of life and smiling. We are heartbroken for all of you. We’ve known Charlie for along time and it was so nice to see him so happy! RIP Charlie!


Vinnie and Mary DiGregorio posted on 8/25/21

Our condolences to you Vivian and family on the sad passing of Charlie, it is a great shock to everyone, having worked for Charlie for the past couple of years i got to see his big smile and big heart, he will be missed, prayers to all his family!


KRISTIN TONKIN posted on 8/25/21

My sincere and deepest sympathy goes out to Vivian, Bette Ann, Sandra, Chuckie your whole family and all of your friends. Charlie was an awesome, caring person with many talents. I met him when I was 15 while working at my parent's company F & S Sand in Hudson. I used to take tickets from the truckers, making sure they got the correct amount of sand in their trucks. Charlie was thee first young person I had ever met that was doing really hard work. I always respected him. He was always polite. He had the best smile and beautiful eyes to match. I moved away for college and life experiences. Each time I came back to visit my family, I'd see Charlie accidentally at the grocery store, gas station, drug store etc. I was amazed that he became a policeman. That just made me respect him more. Years later, I moved back home and worked with my parents at our company, Sunset Landing Marina on the Cotee River. Charlie, an avid boater, was back in my purview. Coincidentally, I met Charlie's sister, Sandra, as she lived on my street. Oddly enough, she knew my sister! Small town! Amazing! Charlie's sister, Sandra is an amazing woman. She and Charlie were best buddies, brother & sister. So loving! I recently became a New Port Richey Rotarian. I was glad to know that Charlie was a member of the club. Charlie did a lot for Pasco with the SunWest Project. That goodwill should never be unnoticed. Charlie was dedicated to being successful. And he was just that! A successful businessman, husband, son, father, brother, friend and ally. I can't express my feelings much more. I know how much Charlie loved his family and friends. I know how we all loved him, his being, his soul. But now, he's sitting next to our Lord. I'm sure that Charlie is the best place to be, ever! In the presence of Jesus. Elohim. Adonai. Our Lord God.


Richie & Suzann Abbate posted on 8/24/21

My condolences to the family. Very sad time very big loss. Wishing the family peace ,comfort courage and love through this time of sorrow .


Carol Mathews posted on 8/24/21

I am a friend from Maple Park. My deepest sympathies.


Beth and Frank Villella posted on 8/24/21

Our deepest sympathy to the Gill Family .Rest in peace Mr and Mrs Gill.


Rita A Roosa posted on 8/24/21

My deepest sympathy to all the family. God Bless BetteAnn, Sandra, and all with God's Grace and mercy. Charlie will remain forever in our hearts


John Varrati posted on 8/24/21

I am shocked and saddened by the news of Charlie's passing. He was always fair and pleasant to work with when we needed his assistance on our projects. He has left us far too soon.


Ashley Moore posted on 8/24/21

My deepest condolences to Charlie’s family & his closest friends. It was a privilege to enjoy the times spent with him at Leesburg Bikefests & poker runs, jet skiing & boating, and the times his alter ego “Fred” showed up to the party. Ava & Danny will always remember their fun over at the house on Roseanne with the animals and his garages filled with cars. Charlie’s huge grin and warm heart will be greatly missed!



Virginia Onorato posted on 8/24/21

I have known Charlie for many years , our children grew up together from a young age , we were young parents together and have always had such kindness and respect for one another .. this is terribly sad news and such a great loss , Charlie was such a great guy , he has been in my prayers and my condolences and prayers are now for his family ..Charlie you will be so missed ..Rest in peace with God !


Vivian Winters posted on 8/24/21

I am so saddened by the loss Charlie. Whenever I saw him, he was always smiling and happy, and that joy spilled over to everyone around him. I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family and wish you peace.


Dean Roppolo posted on 8/24/21

With an overwhelming sadness in my heart my condolences to Vivian and families on both sides, sister Sissy and all of us that were his friends. I will cherish the kindness great times hockey games,memories and the nickname coined for him in fun times with laughter, My boy blue! Charlie until we meet again my brother you goofy son of a gun God bless you and your loving families.


Cindi & Jay Morecraft posted on 8/24/21

Charlie was definitely one of a kind who always had a great smile and kind hugs to share, there is going to be an enormous void in the lives of so many that loved him and were fortunate enough to call him friend. Please know that we are thinking of you and your entire family in your time of grief and will be here for you if you ever need a shoulder to lean on XOXO


Judith Riordan posted on 8/24/21

DearVivian, Meg called and I am heartbroken for you, Kelsey your Mom Kathleen and dad Ernie. All of your family. God Blees Charlie.



Angie Napoli posted on 8/24/21

Your light will shine on forever through all of our memories. Always a fun spirited man with a big heart!


Lizz Jamirson posted on 8/24/21

My condolences to Vivian and Charles family. I have known Vivian since High School days. I met Charles when they got married. He always had a big smile on his face. Gone to soon. He will be missed. Godspeed Charles.


Richard (Dick) Hartnett posted on 8/24/21

Jake, Lance, Mike, Melody, and Darlene, I was so very sorry to hear of Juanita's passing. I just happened to come across her obituary, and I am heartbroken that I did not know of her passing earlier. I have such very fond memories of being with you all on Topsail Island most every summer, as our cottage was also on the ocean, right near yours. I remember Juanita's contagious laugh, and her love of living at the beach. I always felt like I was a member of your family, and I truly treasured our summertime friendships, filled with surfing, fishing, skating, swimming, and putt-putt at Topsail. May God Bless you all ... I am so sorry for your loss ...


Megan Roulette posted on 8/23/21

Dear Auntie Sally, Kathy, Valerie, John, and Michael, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. She was a wonderful woman who loved her family so very much. You have our heart felt sympathy. Love, Megan and Josh


Karla Leafe posted on 8/23/21

I’m so sorry for your loss. I remember Nani as a classy lady with a big heart. She was so welcoming to me. Hugs and prayers to you all. XO


Robyn Stojka posted on 8/22/21

My heart breaks for all of Zachary’s loved ones. My most sincere condolences for this painful loss.


The Rubino family posted on 8/21/21

Our deepest sympathy and condolences to the Scotella and Passaglia familes. May you find comfort in your cherished memories.


Lusetta Roger posted on 8/21/21

Lynze and Angelina, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad (grandfather). I love to hear your stories growing up and how he loved your mom and his family. His memories will always be in your heart. Always and Forever! Lusetta Roger


Charlie Scott posted on 8/21/21

I can't stop thinking about you brother. I won't ever forget you. Thank you for a lifetime of wonderful memories. I will always cherish our friendship.


Jessy Taylor posted on 8/21/21

Thinking of the family, great people. So sad. Zach was such a sweet kid. Zach will be forever thought of to me. RIP


Jason Leadaman posted on 8/21/21

My condolences to the whole Scotella family. I remember how welcome Nani always made me feel, ever since the first time I met her while dating Sabrina. She had a wonderful nurturing way, and you were always taken care of when she was around. There were no details left to chance, and you always left her company with a full belly! She leaves behind a wonderful legacy of memories for all her loved ones.


Sabrina Leadaman posted on 8/20/21

My condolences to the whole Scotella family. I remember how welcome Nani always made me feel, ever since the first time I met her while dating Sabrina. She had a wonderful nurturing way, and you were always taken care of when she was around. There were no details left to chance, and you always left her company with a full belly! She leaves behind a wonderful legacy of memories for all her loved ones.


Sandi posted on 8/20/21

My grandmother was a magnificent woman. She was beautiful, talented, and an amazing cook. There are so many memories of her I will treasure forever. A few that stand out for me are the smells of her delicious food, her crystal bowl filled with butterscotch candy, her S cookies, filling out lottery tickets, her cooking lessons, Sunday dinners(at 2:00) with the family gathered around the impressive table in the basement, and her amazing memory that she used to tell me the best stories of growing up in New York and meeting Papa. Nani never had a “lazy” day-she always put in the effort and “dressed to impress”. I know Jason wishes I inherited that trait! I will miss Nani deeply and treasure my memories with her forever.


Tony Neri posted on 8/20/21

I’ll always remember visiting Nani. She was always dressed to impress and treated both guests and family to some of the best food and company. Her breakfasts would fill you for the day with the endless options. Just in time for dinner where she cooked the best peppers and sausage, and ending with the S cookies. There’s a reason our family shows our love through food and it’s because of memories like these. We love and miss you Nani.


Don and Sue Ortale posted on 8/20/21

Sally & Family. So sorry for your loss. I have such fond memories of the times our group spent by your Mom and Dads house. Your mom was so warm, welcoming and fun to talk to. Take care.


sean omalley posted on 8/20/21

Dear Sally and family, so so sorry to learn of the passing of your mother. Such a beautiful obituary for a talented, lovely, and Godly woman. I recall her angelic voice as she sang with such passion. She had such a warm welcoming smile who was so loving to all of us. The good Lord blessed her with a long and beautiful life. May she now have perpetual Rest In Peace.


Andrea & Mark Tacchi posted on 8/20/21

Sally, what a long life your Mom had! I never knew she was from Brooklyn… I remember your Mom as being a warm and genuine Italian Mother to the core…! Love you..Sean


posted on 8/20/21

Dear Kathy, Sally, Valerie, John, & Michael, We share in your sadness and send our deepest sympathy as you remember your dear Mom. I vividly remember your Mom’s warmth, caring and vibrancy. We are keeping you all close in our hearts, thoughts and prayers during this time. XO


Karen Gron posted on 8/20/21

Dear Sally, Nicole, Sabrina, Alyse and Danielle, We are saddened to learn of the loss of your mom and grandmother. She was a lady of many talents and many of them have been passed on to each of you. Wishing you peace and comfort in the days ahead. Love, Henry, Karen & Molly


Isabel posted on 8/20/21

Nani, We love you and will miss you.❤️


Linda Kielma posted on 8/20/21

Nani, We love you and we will miss you!❤️


Gina-Laude-Gesualdo posted on 8/20/21

Kathy, Sally, Valerie, John, and Michael, I am so sorry for your loss. I remember your mother’s Beautiful voice and quick intellect! She was a wonderful woman and very hospitable. I still remember our visit to her home in Florida and The delicious food she prepared for us. She was very kind and welcoming! She is now at peace with your father.


Thomas Liscio posted on 8/20/21

We are so sorry for your loss. We have fond memories of your mother singing at church and at weddings. Her voice was amazing. She is now singing with angel choirs and loving it ! God bless.


Danielle posted on 8/20/21

I don’t think I ever saw him without a smile on his face…I am so sorry for your loss. Much love.


Chuck Krejci posted on 8/20/21

I know how much you are struggling I pray for your strength I’m so sorry Marilyn and Greg and family


Lucille Caba Suprenant posted on 8/20/21

Prayers and thoughts go out to the Hovsepian family and friends. AEKDB


Dana Chalmers posted on 8/20/21

Marylin,Greg and family I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Zach. I know there are no words that will make his passing easier but I am sure you all have great memories you can share. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Love cousin Lucille


Hank West, Sr. posted on 8/20/21

Zach was such a nice guy; never seemed ruffled by anything. I had the pleasure of working with him at VanEck. He was such a team player and always pleasant. He will be missed dearly. My prayers are with his family and friends; that God’s peace will provide comfort at this time and always.


Hank West, Sr. posted on 8/20/21

Our heavy hearts will be with you all…..and may the Good Lord Bless & carry you through these sorrowful times. We ask this through our Lord & Savior , His Son..Amen!


David Saso posted on 8/20/21

The very first time that my Son and I met Zach.(& Greg too) was at my Brother Ray’s 80th Birthday Party @ the East Mountain, C.C. in Westfield, Mass. on 6/7/21. I felt that Zach and I seemed to bond right we talked about our Family ties . Both Zach & Greg were really having a great time ,as they mingled & chatted with My Son (Hank Jr) ;my Niece Tina, etc. I will forever remember his warm and charming smile. We were so happy to meet Marilyn (Niece) and her two fine Sons….and will never forget this time with them. Zach ! May you rest in Gods Heavenly Peace.


Lowell Cummins posted on 8/20/21

Hovsep always made an effort to be a good person and earnestly ask how you are. He will be missed by many. RIP


Ronni posted on 8/20/21

I remember how he would come in and ask you for stuff while I would be in your class doing therapy. He grew up to be a handsome and loving young man. My heart just aches for you, dear friend.


Paul Weltchek posted on 8/20/21

It was a pleasure having Zach as a part of my team the last two plus years. Smart, quick learn and a great sense of humor. The quiet ones are who you need to look out for and Zach was as devilish as the next. We hired Andrew Serhan based on Zach’s reference, but the only problem was “Andrew” and “Drew” were already claimed. Zach asked Serhan what he wanted us to call him to which the response of “anything but Andy”. Zach strongly urged us to call him Andy! To the entire Hovsepian family – everyone at VanEck share your sorrow and send our deepest sympathies.


DIANNE Fontana posted on 8/20/21

It was a pleasure to have known Zach. We worked together for about 2 years, first as members of the Operations group and later on the SecPorts team. He was bright, quick witted, and was fun to joke around with. He had a great laugh, a warm smile and wonderful outlook on life. it’s a terrible loss for us here at VanEck and my sympathies go out to his family. He will be missed.


Kathy McCarville posted on 8/20/21

Cousin Marilyn & Family There are no words for the tragic loss of your beloved son Zachary. As years go by may your happy memories of Zach bring you some peace. You & the family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Deborah Edwards posted on 8/20/21

There’s probably a hundred stories I could tell about Zack and the dynamic duo of Zack and Brandons’ middle school escapades! Things that only a “boy mom” can truly appreciate! Born 5 days apart, in different states, meeting at preschool, they remained friends throughout all those years. Marilyn and I had many laughs watching those two whether it be at a joint birthday party, or when they would come to assist with the special needs kids. Zack had a HUGE heart and was always willing to be a friend to them. He was kind, polite, brilliant, and funny as hell! You will be greatly missed by many!


Laura Perez posted on 8/20/21

Zach, I will forever remember your huge heart! You were such a positive role model to so many students at MHS with special needs . You always went the extra mile to make sure every student had a great time. May your smile shine bright down on all who had the pleasure of knowing you.


gloria posted on 8/20/21

I am so very sorry for your loss. Praying for God to give you the strength to get through this tragedy.


Stacey posted on 8/20/21

I’m so sorry for your families loss. My heart breaks for you all.


Doreen posted on 8/20/21

I’m heartbroken for you & your family Marilyn. Sending my condolences & prayers for all of you to find strength & peace.


Ed West posted on 8/20/21

Sending you prayers for strength as you find your way through each day.


Marissa posted on 8/20/21

To the Hovsepian Family my thoughts and prayers are with you .Zach will never be forgotten


Catherine (Cathy) Hernandez posted on 8/20/21

I loved the days when I would randomly show up to surprise you and Dee.. You are now with her holding her hand .. Some day, we will meet again Dad… I love you.


Dawn Leavitt-Berry posted on 8/20/21

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God wrap you in comfort & peace through cherished memories of such a remarkabke man. All our love, Karl & Cathy


Joyce posted on 8/20/21

John & Dawn Berry send our heartfelt condolences! Rest In Peace Mr. Blevins and thank you for serving our country


Mike Crossan posted on 8/20/21

My beautiful, kind hearted, jolly spirited Grandmother. Time is such a thief and I wish we had more with you, you are truly missed. You are and will always be our guardian angel.


Patricia Swigert posted on 8/20/21

Nancy was my mother in law for 37 years ,she was a kind hearted loving person .she will be forever missed


vanessa blevins posted on 8/20/21

Lari was a lovely,good hearted girl who always brightened up the room with her”bubbly” personality. I shall cherish the many fond memories as a friend and from nursing school.


O’Conner posted on 8/20/21

My parents, Frank & Lou, had been friends of Jim and Elaine since we lived in Detroit in the ’70s.. They were a truly fun couple to be around and Jim always had a smile on his face. Jim will truly be missed by our family as well as Elaine. Thank you for all the fantastic memories from all the parties. God Speed and have a drink with my folks.


Cousins, Anna V Boone and Judy Van Bremen posted on 8/20/21

"My dear friend JIM, We had so many memories since 1945 at age 16yrs old. hanging out at Don Heidyman’ s house at Hawk Ave, Toledo. All the ” BARONS” hangout! Such good times!!! Knowing you – Batter Up!! A Home Run!!! Missed you my Cheerful Friend!!"


Chuck Krejci posted on 8/20/21

Bern was truly one of the best men I have ever known, and had the privilege to closely work with for many years. His big heart and his broad shoulders helped and literally supported so many people over the years. A jack-of-all-trades, and master of several, he used his skills, talents and personal demeanor to make his world, and this world, a better place. One can do no better than that in life, and perhaps we can best honor his life by following his example and helping others as much as we can.


Alicia Barkley posted on 8/20/21

I will miss you my brother I love you


Marilon Furman posted on 8/20/21

We are so very sorry for your profound loss.


Angie Napoli posted on 8/20/21

We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you & your family.


Andrew Tilzer posted on 8/20/21

Uncle Benny, husband to my beautiful Aunt, father to my beautiful and amazing cousins, and tinkerer of all things home, you will be missed for certain, but we know that you are with your beloved wife. Rest In Peace. Love, Ronni



Jennifer Heredia posted on 8/11/21

My memory would be hanging out with youth group and Richard. Rest in peace.


Tina posted on 8/5/21

I miss and love you so much sister...I wish you were here...I hope you're in a better more high beautiful...until we meet again


Eilish weathers, Sheahan and family freemount county cork Ireland posted on 8/4/21

Sincere sympathy on the sudden passing of auntie Mary, condolences to her family.


Ger and Mary mcauliffe kanturk co cork Ireland posted on 8/3/21

Sincere sympathy to all Mary’s family.may she rest in peace.


Philip, Eilish & Brid Weathers Banteer Co Cork Ireland posted on 8/3/21

Sincere Sympathy to all the family on the passing of Mary


Krista Shank posted on 8/3/21

Margaret and family- My thoughts and prayers are with you all. So sorry for your loss.


Joel Beckler posted on 8/3/21

Margaret & family, So sorry for your loss. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.


Kim posted on 8/2/21

Prayers to the family. Used to have a blast hanging out watching movies eating pizza and swimming. The good ole days. R.I.H. Ronnie Sue.


Faith Tura posted on 8/2/21

I remember the first time I ever met grandpa he was so loving I knew from the very first time we met that he would always be a very important person in my life he would give up anything for any of us kids. He was there at some of my darkest times he helped me push through I own this amazing man everything I hope I make him proud one day. He was an amazing grandpa to my little man I couldn’t have asked for anyone better for my son to call grandpa we will forever love you and miss you dearly until we meet again ❤️❤️


Pamela Bayens-Perry posted on 7/28/21

Dad, Thank you for treating me as one of your own. You and Mom always made me feel a part of the family. You will be missed more than you could imagine but so glad you and Mom are reunited


Richard L. Thacker posted on 7/25/21

Our deepest condolences to Allen on the passing of his mother Kennlyn. We will always remember her accompanying Allen to social events at our park. She was such a sweet lady. RIP Kennlyn.


Dawn De Jan posted on 7/23/21

Emily and I go way back to Maryland when she worked at daily double bingo for years. Al and I worked with her for 20 years. So sorry for your loss Doug


Karen posted on 7/17/21

People never forget their first love...


mori dennis posted on 7/17/21

i miss u sadie, u will forever be in my heart ,and i will never forget you, i remember when we had 7th period together and you used to be so happy and ms perez would always yell at u. i miss u girl


Isanelys morejon posted on 7/17/21

Rest in piece


Isanelys morejon posted on 7/17/21

I never knew you, but I saw your around the school. And I never really paid attention to how much a person can be hurting when there hiding behind a mask. May you rest in piece beautiful soul. I pray for your family to move on past these hard times. May you rest in piece.


Merle Moynihan posted on 7/16/21

Know you were loved. R.I.P.


Ash posted on 7/16/21

I miss you so much dad.



Judy & Kenny May posted on 7/15/21

Our most heartfelt condolences to Warren & Family. Nicole was a wonderful women who clearly loved her family. My mother, Shirley was her business partner. Those two we jokingly called "Thelma & Louise" because it was always an adventure with them , working or pleasure they both were well traveled and knowledgeable. Are families blended well outside of the business relationships. It was a pleasure to have gotten to know Nicole & Warren. Wishing you strength for today and hope for tomorrow.



Tara posted on 7/15/21

JayJay, Thank you for all the love, support, strength that you have shown us! You were truly an amazing women who showed us what unconditional love real means. Until we meet again. We miss you so much!! Rest In Peace. Drew, Tara, Jasmin


Rpseann Lord posted on 7/14/21

I am so sorry to read of the passing of Jean, My sincere condolences to her family. I am so sorry I did not hear of Jean's passing until today, I would have loved to go the the memorial. Jean was a very special person in my life. I worked with her for almost 30 years and we became very good friends. My heart goes out to her family.


Rpseann Lord posted on 7/14/21

Good friend and fellow co worker for many many years


Shondra sykes posted on 7/13/21

My mother was such a strong beautiful woman. We all love you and will miss you so much. Rest in Paradise


Robert Landrum posted on 7/13/21

May God bless your children and family. Life leaves memories and in the end that's all we have. Thanks for the good memories. Again May God's spirit bless your family.



linda posted on 7/13/21

Beloved sister and mother. Miss you.


Rosemary Adkins Mccaul posted on 7/12/21

Tonya is out of pain. She fought for a long time, so now she can rest in peace. Barbara I am so sorry for your & the family's loss. Love you & thinking about y'all.


Laura West posted on 7/12/21

Sweet Tonya I love you to the moon and will be truly tell daddy mama and unc hello and you rest Hun...we will see you again you and all our loved ones make joyful noises...always Laura you Aunt Barbara Linda and Loretta


joyce neal posted on 7/11/21



mary lavelle posted on 7/11/21

First let me start off with my deepest condolences to Peggy's family, I had the honor to know her and spend some fun family times with her, she was a fun loving caring person to all and she was a great baker, loved her desserts rest in peace Peggy


Jeannette Picciotto posted on 7/11/21

She was the most outstanding person I had meet our daughters came together in third grade Ann marie had a heart so big and was the sweetest loving kind woman I've ever met. God Bless her I know she is a saint singing with the angels watching over her children n grandbabies. Rest in peace your beautiful Soul.


Sue Herring Turner posted on 7/10/21

Berry was my father's nephew, and I knew him all my life. The world has lost a gentle and kind man. Berry has gone to join the love of his life, Judy.


Vonnie and Bill Maytum posted on 7/10/21

We have fond memories of Judy, Berry, and Cody's stay with us during one of the "high tides" at their home. We laughed, reminisced, ate, and prayed. We are blessed to have their friendship. Our condolences to the family and friends. Vonnie and Bill Maytum



Colleen Badger Saracoglu posted on 7/9/21

There is no hurting, no suffering, and no pain in Heaven. While we grieve his/her physical loss, please be comforted by the fact that he/she is in a far better place now.


Colleen Badger Saracoglu posted on 7/9/21

I'm stunned by this news. ... Doreen and I went to High School together and have been in touch through the years thanks to first MySpace then Facebook. She was a beautiful person with the biggest smile. She will be missed. I hope the love and support from your loved ones bring you peace during this difficult time. My heartfelt sympathies to you. Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.


Christine Lema posted on 7/9/21

Nicole was the best Mother in Law who loved her family so much ! I will miss her dearly . Thank you for loving us unconditionally ! I will miss your sweet voice always ending the conversation with goodbye my darling I love you ! Goodbye my darling mother in law we love you so much and will miss you forever. May you Rest In Peace now


Carmen Maria Feliciano posted on 7/8/21

La primera vez que conoci a Francisca fue en el 2014 en la Legion de Maria. Ella fue muy amigable conmigo y hablamos por largo rato. Siento mucha pena porque halla fallecido. La recordare siempre y mis oraciones estaran siempre con ella.


Diana, Adam , Tori and Aaron posted on 7/8/21

Aunt Doreen was a beautiful soul. She always had a smile on her face and love in her heart . She adored our children like they were her own . She especially had a soft spot for her buddy Aaron who often sent her letters in the mail. This is a hard loss for all , we all love you so much and will miss you everyday .


Bill and Vonnie Maytum posted on 7/8/21

We are so sorry for the family's loss. Jean was a kind and smart lady - we've known her for such a long time and know her spirit is strong with the ones she loved the most. Vonnie and Bill Maytum



Dawson posted on 7/8/21

Miss you drove by your old place wishing u was there


Lila Hookins posted on 7/8/21

Will always remember so much about Ann. First of all our many years going to Woman's Retreats and rooming together. Next was her love and concern for the youth. Lastly I will mention is the many phone calls during her years in retirement that we would laugh together, cry together and most of all pray together. I will miss her very much. Love and Prayers for the family.


Santina DeRosa posted on 7/7/21

Another year, it's a little easier, miss you, hope your having fun Sandy


Carmen Maria Feliciano posted on 7/7/21

The first time I met Francisca was when I joined the Legion of Mary and I was at the Curia in 2014. She was very friendly with me. She was always helping others and was a very compassionate person !! I will dearly missed her very much !!


John and Bernadette posted on 7/7/21

Beautiful sister & friend - Loving mother and grandmother - I’m so proud to have had Doreen in my life! She was always wonderful to my children and grandchildren and always there for me ! A beautiful soul. God needed another angel . Doreen you will always be in our ♥️ we will meet again!


Heather Detko posted on 7/7/21

I’m gonna miss our talks mom. My heart will never be the same. You are gone but will never be forgotten.


Donna Napoletano posted on 7/6/21

Aunt Jay words can't express how much I will miss our lengthy conversations about life & your guiding words. All the memories I will keep tucked in my heart & reflect upon them often. What Joy you will be in eternity with all of your loved ones! Until we meet again! Peace & Love


Jay and Jennifer Larson posted on 7/6/21

She had a sweet kind soul! Prayers lifted for Leslie and the Family!


Pam posted on 7/6/21

Ann was a gift from God & was such a Godly woman inside & out and such a smile & was an angel. Will be missed but great memories of always kindness expressed.


Megan potter posted on 7/5/21

I would be honored if I could please have the opportunity to possibly rewrite this on behalf of this Gentleman For I know that he deserved a much more heart felt obituary on his behalf. If this is something that could possibly be considered I'd really appreciate it if somebody could reach out to me. My condolences to his entire family.



Petra Diaz posted on 7/5/21

Que Dios le ilumine su camino y que descanse en paz.


Petra Diaz posted on 7/5/21

First encounter with Francisca when my brother passed away and she came to the Dobies on Congress and offered to say prayers for my brother. La primera vez que conosi a Francisca fue en el funeral de mi hermano que lo estaba de cuerpo presente en la funeraria Dobie en Congress y ella se ofrecio hacer los rosarios para el. Que Dios la tenga en su seno y que descanse en paz.!!



Cindy Engel posted on 7/4/21



Robert Maruna posted on 7/3/21

Heaven has a beautiful Angel..My first Love..My high school sweetheart❤.. You raised 3 beautiful children for me...Bobby,Nick and Christine..❤.Adored and loved by 6 grandchildren...❤..Loved by so many..You will be missed REE...❤..YOU ARE AT PEACE NOW ..❤.In my ❤HEART 4ever.. Til will meet again REE , I LOVE YOU ..❤❤


Angelo Barone posted on 7/3/21

I will always miss Sunday family times spent in Bellerose with all the Barone family and all my cousins Dorreen was a beautiful person inside and out she will be greatly missed this is a tough loss for everyone. Love you Dorreen ❤️.


Mike Marsh posted on 7/3/21



Mary Coe posted on 7/2/21

Lari was the sweetest woman I knew for over 20 yrs. at Seven Springs. Always smiling, never complaining. Just a happy loving friend you could always count on. When my husband passed away Denny and Lari always saw I was not left out. Had me for dinner. Just caring people. She will be missed by many of us.


H posted on 7/1/21

Sorry for your loss. Paul was a fine person.


Julie Mazza Joseph posted on 7/1/21

I have such great memories of hanging at your parents house in Penfield during high school. So sorry for your loss. Love to all❤️


John & Myra Torrioni posted on 7/1/21

Dear Fred, Linda and family, We are very sorry for your loss. We always loved talking with her, she was amazing.


Lucille Miazga posted on 7/1/21

You will be missed by all of us at Key Vista, especially by the Friday night group that enjoyed going to the Elks with you and Vince. Our deepest sympathies to Vince and your family.



Laura Andersen posted on 7/1/21

So sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you during this difficult time.



William Scott Round posted on 6/30/21

I love you Roy



Dianne Caporale posted on 6/30/21

Rest in peace Jeannie, I will think of you often An Angel is watching over you.


Jerry Caporale posted on 6/30/21

Fred, Jerry and I are so sorry for your loss. Your Mom was an amazing woman! She will be missed and I will miss her calling and asking me for help...


Joyce Schauer posted on 6/30/21

Dear Fred ~ I am so sorry about your loss. She must have been a terrific Mom to have raised a kid like you. With deep sympathy, Joyce


Bernadine Przekop posted on 6/30/21

I know you are flying with the Angels my beloved friend. I miss you more than words can say. May your family find peace knowing you are at rest. Love you always and forever. Till we meet again.


NancyJacek posted on 6/29/21

Rest In Peace my dear friend you will be missed Vince and family my deepest condolences



Tom & Jo Ann Currie posted on 6/29/21

Thinking of all of you.


Danielle Perrone Sammler posted on 6/28/21

Dearest Fred, Linda and family, I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of Aunt Jennie. She was a a great woman. I loved the times visiting with her and Honey. She was always laughing and I loved that about her. All my love to you all in this hard time.


Susanne Wilson posted on 6/27/21

Prayers for your family. Sending my sincere condolences. May your memories of her bring peace to you.



Cindy Engel posted on 6/27/21

Dear Dad, I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you today as I do everyday, I Love and Miss you so very much, LOVE YOU FOREVER DAD, LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER CINDY



Scott posted on 6/26/21

'The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep'. -Robert Frost


Bud and Gail Smith posted on 6/25/21

Our deepest sympathy to Jerry's family. We have known Jerry since 1977 at the Fire Department. He was always laughing and in a good mood. Before diversity training, we had a lot fun and horseplay in those fifteen years. Such fond memories.


Charlie & Barbara Kunath posted on 6/25/21

We will miss Aunt Vera so much! Her life was a blessing to us. We shared many good family dinners together. Good to know that she is reunited with the love of her life.


Jon TreeTop Hunter posted on 6/23/21

RIP Jerry. My prayers are with the family and friends.


Michelle Marshall posted on 6/22/21

Well my friend you are at peace now. There will be no more wars within yourself or wars with your addiction, you no longer have to beat yourself up about all you have done wrong. You can now look after your family, I know how you loved them so. Fly in the sky my friend untill we meet again. You will always have a special spot in my heart and soul. I find myself missing you so much kevin. At first I was so mad at you thinking how could you have done this but how selfish of me I was being because I know in my heart your free from all the pain now. I love you my friend.



PHILIP ROYER posted on 6/22/21

My condolences to Jerry's entire family, his friends and his fellow Troy High School classmates.


Douglas K Boak posted on 6/20/21

We will miss you and your corny jokes



Cindy Engel posted on 6/20/21



Mariah Clatterbuck posted on 6/18/21

You were just like a dad to me. I love you and will miss you!!


Mary and Brian Vaughn posted on 6/18/21

We miss you Dad!!


Laura Hutchinson posted on 6/17/21

You all are heavy on my mind and in my heart. Tracey, Linda, Josh, I so wish I could have visited you earlier this week on happier circumstances. Steve is watching over you all. He's fishing in the most beautiful places. During your hardest moments and days, just sit, close your eyes and you will feel his love and presence. I promise,, you will smile and laugh again.I Love You.


melissa davis posted on 6/15/21

R.I.P daddy I miss you


Bev posted on 6/14/21

Dearest, Mom. I miss you so much and always will. You have been a model snd example for me all my life. My refuge in the storm, my companion, my best friend.


Karen Starr posted on 6/9/21

I was married to this man in the early 70’s. So very sorry to hear of his death at such a young age. RIP John Robert Stolze Jr.


Adam lewis posted on 6/7/21

I love you Pat. You will always be remembered by me. ..until we meet again. Rest in peace......


Dawn posted on 6/5/21

Mom, Seven months and four days have passed, I’ve listen to your Voice messages to hear you talk to me. I sit in my car because it’s loud and clear. I miss you calling me over and over again. I know you are very happy and healthy, and I won’t say I want you to come back which I know you can that would be very selfish of me. Please just let me know I miss you more and I love you ❤️ your Dawney


Charlie Cardoza posted on 6/5/21

I served with Ray on the Taunton Police Dept. for over 20 years - great guy, awesome to work with. My condolences to Peg and the rest of his family. Rest easy, "Uncle Ray."


Rose and Chris Arena posted on 6/4/21

Barney was a God sent to me and my Son, Chris. He was such a help to me. We will miss him very much. God Bless and keep you always.


Arlene Smolanoff posted on 6/3/21

God bless you.michael you will be missed love Arlene


Arlene Smolanoff posted on 6/3/21

God bless you Michael you will be missed


Inez Griffith rydzak posted on 6/3/21

Mrs b or mom as we called you. Thank you for always taking care of us after mom and dad died you were truly a special part of the Griffith family. Forever in our heats forever in our lives



Anita Cartright Akers posted on 6/3/21

Mildred was my daughter-in-law's mother and will be greatly missed by us all. Prayers.



Nancy L Williams posted on 6/3/21

Miss you



Nancy L Williams posted on 6/3/21

Every memory was amazing for my amazing dad there is no way to share justst one..luv u daddy


Stephen Michael Mattei posted on 6/3/21

Mr. Coil was a my teacher at Seminole Hight School in the 90s. When you look back at your school years there are very few names that stand out but Mr. Coil was someone that stood out to me. He challenged me to be more and saw some degree of promise in me where other teachers did not. One of the best experiences in school was being his teacher's assistant. Instead of having me do nothing but arrange papers he had me get up in front of a class and review current affairs. He made me move past my fears of public speaking and embrace my love of history. In an otherwise dismal scholastic life this experience filled me with pride and made a lasting impression on me. He was a wonderful person. I thought of him this morning and was dismayed to find out about his passing but happy to read about his continued impact on others. Thank you Mr. Coil for being someone we could look up to and for challenging me.



Michelle posted on 6/3/21

So many. Can’t choose just one. He was a sweet soul with a huge heart.



Dan Wilt posted on 6/3/21

I met Diana at Moffitt Cancer Center. I met her in the Infusion Center at Moffitt International Plaza. She was a very nice patient to take care of. Her and I became fast friends. I was transferred to blood draw where I had the opportunity to treat her for the past few years. She was always smiling and cheerful. She definitely will be missed by everyone she touched. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Ted and Bernie Melanson posted on 6/2/21

We were very saddened to receive the news about Ray. He golfed in our Oak Springs Park league for many years , he was a fine man. Sincerest condolences to Margaret and family.


Lynne Morris Sturtz posted on 5/31/21

God bless Barney and give comfort to his loved ones.



Cindy Engel posted on 5/31/21

Happy Memorial Day Dad. Love you forever and ever ❤❤❤❤❤❤



Cindy Engel posted on 5/31/21



Katie Anderson posted on 5/29/21

My lil brother critter! I miss you so much already it hurts. We have had 33 years together. I’m not sure how I’m going to do this without you. I know you critter, you will always be right here with me. You have always been there for me when I needed you. I love you so much. Miss you always critter ❤️ Love your sis


Denise Weisbecker posted on 5/29/21

My sparkle was from your unconditional shine ❤️ Till we meet again


Elizabeth Alejandro posted on 5/28/21

I will forever miss my brother Barney the one thing that I love that admired about my brother is a passion that he had for evangelism and for souls his gentleness and always willing to want to help others it was a blessing to have him be a part of my life and to serve alongside him on the same platform!! I will always also be grateful for Barney being a part of my son's life always encouraging and ministering into their lives they'll never be Super bowls like the Barney Steinbergs hosted!!! Forever in my heart I love you my brother RIP until we see you again!!


Robert Schimp posted on 5/27/21

Diana, You will truly be missed, and I'm so glad that I was able to meet you in person and work with you over the last three years. It was truly a pleasure and you've been an inspiration to us all at Insurity. I will miss dearly our 1-on-1s, seeing your beautiful bald head and dealing with all the craziness that life and work brought us.


James Crum posted on 5/27/21

Sue was my sister. On a snow covered Christmas eve in W.Va. as kids we saw Santa Clause on top of our house. As I got older we talked about it. I said it must have been our cousin playing Santa.She insisted that it was Santa and I believe her. Yes Thelma Virginia. There is a Santa Clause. One time I took my Kids to Disney World. I lived in Va. and she was living in Fl.. She and I had never been and she didn't know I was going to be there. It was dark and this women ran up to me and grabbed my neck. It was Sue. So as far as Santa, Angels and miracles go. I believe. I miss her laughter and her phone calls. I Love You Sue, Baby


COHOON, JEFF posted on 5/26/21

So sorry to hear that. Had some good times working with him and he will surely be missed. My deepest sympathies and condolences to his family and especially his girls


Sue Beam posted on 5/25/21

Critter...You will forever live in my heart. I will always remember one of the kindest people ever with the truest belly laugh and greatest shit eating grin of anyone I’ve ever met. I hope you and Kasey are together and free of all... Please watch over my boy. Until we meet again.. love I you Critter.


Lisa Kelley posted on 5/25/21

Well this is a surprise, considering no one notified my mother, his only surviving family member and sibling. Sad. I hope he had good life.


Lori Anderson posted on 5/25/21

Miss you baby boy, more and more everyday. Just remembering all the good memories I can for you will stay close in my heart. Love ya mom


aimee goodling posted on 5/24/21

i pray he found peace, with love.


Yvonne Hoos posted on 5/24/21

Happy Anniversary Honey I miss you. I love you! Until I meet you in heaven I always think of you Yvonne


Katrin Brandt posted on 5/23/21

Waltraut war immer ein positiver und herzlicher Mensch. Sie hat alles dafür getan, damit man sich bei ihr und mit ihr wohl fühlt. Mit ihr zusammen waren wir immer fröhlich und haben viel gelacht. Wir werden sie sehr vermissen. Waltraut was always a positive and warm person. She did everything to make you feel comfortable with her and with her. With her we were always happy and laughed a lot. We will miss them very much. Erika und Rolf Meyer Jens Meyer Birgit und Frank Flämig Katrin und Manfred Brandt Jan-Niklas und Saskia Flämig


Gillian Brown posted on 5/21/21

Sadie, I miss you so much. I cant believe you are gone. Your family and 8th grade class is having a party to honor you tonight. I just wish you were still with us. I wish..things could have gone differently for you. One day we will meet again. Meanwhile, your memory will live on in all of our hearts. I still have your boogeyboard from the last time you went swimming in the little jacuzzi over here. Wish I could hug you. I wish you were alive. I miss you so much. I love you, Sadie.



Samantha Henson posted on 5/21/21

He was very loved even if he didn't want it. Last time I saw him was when I was 16 I never forgot our convos & how alike we were. I'm sorry he suffered so long & Im at peace that he suffers no more.



Goca I Dejo Vujinovic posted on 5/21/21

Lafice nasa , zauvijek ćeš živjeti među nama jer voljeni nikada ne umiru sve dok žive oni koji ih se sjećaju ❤


Jelovina Family posted on 5/21/21

Our Deepest Condolences Those we hold closest to our hearts never truly leave us. They live on in the kindness they have shared and the love they brought into our lives.


Doris Francoeur posted on 5/21/21

Val and I would going to eat sushi together! She would call me and say Doris do you feel like going out to eat sushi! I said sure lets go! We had many laughs together! I will miss her smile! RIP my friend Val


Sara i Tina Gudovic posted on 5/21/21

Nasa draga Dixi, Thank you for all of the love you brought into our lives. We will cherish those memories forever. We'll miss you always. Zauvek te vole, Saki i Tiki



Cindy Casteel posted on 5/20/21

I have had the pleasure of knowing Diana through work. I will remember her kindness and dedication. Her commitment and desire to help others while going through her own battles was remarkable. She was an amazing person and I will miss her tremendously.


Cheryl posted on 5/20/21

Chica, You will forever be missed. You have been a wonderful friend and co-worker through the years. You had a quick, smart mind and worked diligently. You so LOVED your family and friends and constantly strived to enjoy life through all the obstacles along the path. You were a defender for the wronged and was never afraid to speak the truth. I pray your girls grow into strong, intelligent, witty and truthful person like you. I image you are watching over loved ones and joining some unknown battle in the Heavens! Much love forever and always my Chica!



Melinda Motes posted on 5/20/21

George was always ready for a good chuckle! His favorite song was Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog.


Melinda Motes posted on 5/20/21

I put on a lot of weight after we married and he spoke not one word about it. In fact he never spoke an unkind word to me or about anyone. How rare is that In this world? And to George..thanks for teaching me how to cook that fish you caught...and how to swaddle a newborn like an Indian baby to stop Samantha from crying...and thanks for enjoying every last bite of anything I cooked for dinner.



Rita Fleming posted on 5/20/21

A very loving grandfather to Aurora soto.


Jasmina Gudovic posted on 5/20/21

Draga moja Diana...Hrabra, pravedna, mudra,divna dušo...Bistrooka moja. Tvoj blistavi osmeh, prijateljstvo i ljubav, nosiću u srcu dok me bude. Naći ću te u zalasku sunca, čuti u vetru. Neki od nas odigraju ovaj životni spektakl “ćuteći ili drameći”, obično ili manje obično...a ti si tvoj proživela maestralno. Inspiracijo, zvezdo naša...odmaraj u miru...naka ti je laka plovidba nebeskim morima...


Porodica Miokovic posted on 5/20/21

Draga Diana, duboko nas je potresla vijest o tvom ranom odlasku. Bila si primjer kako se vedrim duhom i pozitivnom energijom hrabro koraca kroz zivot. Neka te u tisini vjecnog mira prati nasa ljubav jaca od vremena i zaborava.


Slađana Stojnić Irt posted on 5/19/21

Diana, draga moja, asocijacija na tebe će uvek biti hrabrost, optimizam, radost života...Nikako kraj. Devojko čarobnog osmeha, počivaj u miru.


Jovanka i Slobodan posted on 5/19/21

Draga Diana, brišemo suze, a suze i dalje teku, tražimo utjehu, al ju ne nalazimo, nadamo se čuti tvoj glas, al glasa nema, pitamo se zašto, a samo nam tišina odgovara... Od kada si nas napustila, sve tužno postalo je tužnije. Zauvijek ćeš živjeti u našim srcima, jer voljeni nikada ne umiru. S neizmjernom boli i velikom tugom, opraštamo se od tebe, voljena naša, i nadamo ponovnom susretu na nekom sretnijem mjestu ... Do tada počivaj u miru. Vole te tvoja baka Jovanka i ujak Slobodan



Marcia&Steve Brown posted on 5/19/21

We met Jack and Ione in Florida even though we lived in same area in NY. Ione was always upbeat, but we were taken by the way she and Jack cared for Jackie. She will be missed.


Stephanie Hall posted on 5/19/21

Auntie was one of the best! She loved with her whole heart and you couldn’t help but smile around her. I loved Florida visits to grandma & grandpa’s house. She always made sure to come visit! She will be missed! I’m so sorry for her loss! Sending lots of love to Uncle Jack, Jackie, Lee and family


Emma Manley posted on 5/19/21

I remember you as a person full of ice. You were the most witty and loving-of-life person I have met. I will truly miss you, Diane.


Mechelle / Gemini posted on 5/19/21

Tom you will be well missed. God gave another wonderful person their Angel wings. Well remember the times at brass and the house parties


Juanita Stuckey posted on 5/19/21

My thoughts and prayers to you Jack , Jackie and family. So sad to hear of your loss. Ione was a dear friend. When growing up in Mannsville we spent time staying overnight at each other’s home, I can visualize her room and her mom telling us to be quiet . When she and Jack married I went to Elmira and Corning for visits and Watkins Glen staying with them for race week . Ione was a beautiful person with a big heart . Again thoughts and prayers to you Jack and Jackie.


karen shelmidine posted on 5/18/21

It is so hard to believe .. my aunt took care of my sisters and I when we were young ,life led us into different paths.. Aunt Ione always kept in touch, I'm so happy I got the chance to see her and Uncle Jack a few years back. My heart is filled with sadness. I pray for the ease of your grief, she truly was an angle and has gained her wings. All my love Karen Hope


FRED PHINNEY posted on 5/18/21

I remember back when Jack and I lived together and both worked at Dad's. He was dating Ione and I was dating her cousin Delores. Every Friday night we would go to the dance at the Meadowbrook in Ellisburg. Shortly after I left for the Navy on Feb 1 they got married. We always kept in contact over the years and I was able to visit them frequently after they moved to Florida. After Jackie's accident there was never any thought or discussion about putting him in a special needs facility. Both Jack and Ione made the decision they would take care of Jackie no matter what. She was a great lady and I will miss her dearly. My thoughts and prayers are with Jack, Jackie, Lee, Dawn and all the family.


Tammy & Jay Cheney Stuckey posted on 5/18/21

Thoughts, Prayers & Love To, Uncle Jack, Lee, Dawn, Jackie & Family during this difficult time. Aunt Ione was one of a kind always loved talking with her on the phone to catch up we always got in tons of laughs & always ended with I Love You. She will be truly missed, Love to you ALL!



Lorrie Cheney-Archibee posted on 5/18/21

Even thought we didn't see each other over the years, we kept in touch through facebook and I have very found memories of Aunt Ione. I would love when they would come home to visit the North Country. Our Cheney family keeps getting smaller.. My thoughts and Prays for Uncle Jack, Lee & Dawn and Jackie and grand and great grandchildren. She had the biggest smile and will never be forgotten...


Eileen Ditch posted on 5/18/21

I am so very sorry to learn of Ione's passing. She certainly was a special happy we were able to communicate thru Facebook. God bless you and your family, Jack.


Eileen Ditch posted on 5/18/21




Nadine posted on 5/17/21

Nothing but love to the whole family!


Melissa A Hess posted on 5/17/21

You will live on forever in our hearts my friend. Rest in peace, Diana. Prayers for your family through this difficult time. Melissa, Jay, Reese and Addison Hess


Aleksandra Kvrgic posted on 5/17/21

Najbolji ne umiru,jaki ne popustaju. Do sledeceg vidjenja....moja Diana. Zivot je previse kratak,a ti si to odigrala poslednjeg daha BORAC❤


Belkisa Zoraja posted on 5/16/21

Prerano si otisla lavice nasa ali ces zauvijek ostati u nasim srcima.


Danny posted on 5/16/21

Diana your time with Systema/Insurity was all too brief but your personality and dedication to your customers is a legacy that will live on. My thoughts and prayers are for your husband and daughters, may they have the strength to endure their loss, while also celebrate the life they’ve lived with you! Rest In Peace Diana!



Visic family posted on 5/16/21

You and your family are in our harts and mind.Rest in peace my friend.



Jasmina (Kajtezović) Margeta posted on 5/16/21

Ovo nije zbogom, samo doviđenja.. Mirno snivaj hrabra naša lavice.. Zauvijek u srcu❤


Susan Fogarty posted on 5/15/21

Eileen I am so sorry to hear about Mike. My prayers are with you.


Zlatko Cvetic posted on 5/15/21

Draga sestro,tvoje veliko srce,sirok osmeh i optimizam ,ostavili su dubok trag-ziveces zauvek u nasim srcima...


Renee and Grant Smith posted on 5/15/21

Diana was an amazing person with a brilliant mind and we are honored to have been her friend. She was a wonderful person who always showed concern for other people even though she was fighting her own battle with cancer. Her memory will live on in our hearts and our love for her will never stop. She will be missed forever.


Ron posted on 5/15/21

You’ll be missed Tommy.


Maja Kajtezović Konjuh posted on 5/15/21

Diana naša, bila si oličenje hrabrosti, upornosti, borbenosti, veselja, empatije, uvijek puna ljubavi i strpljenja, zauvijek u našim mislima i srcima... Do ponovnog susreta.. ❤️


The DiSalvio Family posted on 5/15/21

It was wonderful knowing you Diana and you are dearly missed. We will remember you always.


Jodi & Bill Ehrsam posted on 5/15/21

My heart aches for your family Tom! You seemed like such a sweet talented guy and a great father and husband! Way too soon for you to leave your life here! I’m sure you were needed as an angel. Big Love and healing Light for your journey now and your sweet family here to hold on to your beautiful memories together! !


Nada Jovic Adamovic posted on 5/15/21

A wonderful soul, a wonderful person, someone who radiated positivity and kindness. We will miss you . Rest in peace angel


Edi Bajric posted on 5/15/21

Prokleti Maj jos jedna draga mi osoba je otisla na put bez povratka. Drug bices uvijek u nasim sjecanjima kao vedra nasmijana osoba a prije svega kao dobar covjek , pocivaj u miru drug i hvala ti na druzenju .


Novakovic family posted on 5/15/21

Remarkable woman, mother and friend. You left the earth but you will stay in our hearts.


Oliver Horvat posted on 5/15/21

Prerano si otišla....☹️


Kajtezović Hasan posted on 5/15/21

Zauvjek ćeš živjeti u nsšim srcima.


Zeljka Travoric posted on 5/15/21

Otisla si nam prerano nasa draga Diana. Nek te dragi andjeli cuvaju. Borac si bila veliki. Zauvek ces biti u nasim srcima.


Cat Voorhees posted on 5/15/21

Tommy you will be dearly missed by all! You helped me get started again in the Karaoke business after being out of it for nearly 6 yrs. You are loved by everyone who meets you. I have had so many good times either singing with you or just sitting around and shooting the shit with you. You are one of a kind and I want to thank you for being such an inspiration and Karaoke guide to me. I know you will be watching over all of us especially your family. You will NEVER be forgotten my friend! Love you dearly "RIP" my dear friend.



Danica Gacanica posted on 5/14/21

You will be missed dearly



Amna Ahmovic posted on 5/14/21

Fly high Our Angel



Richard D’Ornellas posted on 5/14/21

My prayers go out to you and your family. Rest In peace Tom.


Kari Dittman posted on 5/14/21

Diana was an amazing person. She was such a strong ray of light and I admired her greatly. I will miss seeing her on our neighborhood walks with Sammy and Cheddar. Her girls are amazing and are just like her ❤️


LaDorne Ann Borrego posted on 5/14/21

Some of my best memories involve Sue. I met her as a brand new nurse in 1993 and she was the best nurse to help me get orientated. She became my Best friend and sister over the years. I wish so bad I could be there. Her laugh will always stay in my heart My funniest story is when we went to surprise an old patient of ours for Christmas and the surprise was ours, we were at the wrong persons house... ha ha.... her description and laughter at my face was priceless!!!! We’ll see ya when we get up there,,, love you forever and ever,,, Annie B & Bob


Barb aka Bad Ass Barb posted on 5/13/21

Tom, meeting you at Buster’s years laughed at the nickname someone else gave me in karaoke, and I thought TOM JONES was your stage name. Funny for many reasons. Karaoke will never be the same for me... you were the best! Rest In Peace... back to the wind, sea spray on your face. You were one of a kind AND one in a million♥️


Bonnie and Pat Martucci posted on 5/13/21

Thomas you will be greatly missed as our DJ you were always there for us at our parties and car shows thank you for being a special friend love you Tom RIP till we meet again !


Bonnie and Pat Martucci posted on 5/13/21

We are so sad to loose Tom he was a great dj and a special friend he will be greatly missed by us and the Gulfside corvette club he was always there for Our parties and our car shows RIP Thomas !



Lisa Sigmon posted on 5/13/21

So kind, so happy, I miss you so much.


Greg and Dee posted on 5/13/21

Tom was a good person and great husband and father We had some great times at his and Regenes home He will be missed. Heaven gained an angel Prayers and our loving thoughs go to his family. May God be with you in your time of grief.


Stephanie D posted on 5/13/21

We are all going to miss you dearly. All the jokes and laughter. No matter the mood you always put a smile on people's faces. Your music will play on with us forever. Karaoke will never be the same. May you rest in peace and comfort be brought to your family.


The Bergman’s posted on 5/13/21

I just saw you last week and you nodded hi. You were a friendly neighbor to my family. Praying for your whole family.


Kelly Potts posted on 5/13/21

All my thoughts go to the family. Tom was a great friend. I will miss seeing his smiling face at the weekly karaoke shows. Tom just started helping me get my karaoke business started. Great mentor. It's for you Tom. Until next time.


Gail VT posted on 5/13/21

Tommy, I'll always remember your smile and talks we had. I can truly say, you were one of the nicest people I've Ever met. I'm so sorry to see you go so soon. Rest in peace my.old friend. Thoughts to your wife, children and family. I wish you strength through this devastating time.


Lisa Ackerman posted on 5/13/21

Best mentor and friend you could ever ask for!!! REST IN THE SWEETEST PEACE!!!



Nancy Giardini posted on 5/12/21

Tom was a good husband and a wonderful father,as a son in law he was always there to help. Rest In Peace Tom


Thomas Carey posted on 5/12/21

Thoughts and prayers for family and friends.


Debbie posted on 5/12/21

Tom was my Cousin we had a lot of fun on our visits when we traveled to NJ he will be sorely missed



Bella posted on 5/12/21

Always sharing food with each other at brass ❤️



Jimmy Saxton posted on 5/11/21

We love you Harry and will see you again in heaven one day. Rest In Peace.


Kay and Steve Coomes posted on 5/9/21

We am sorry for your loss. Harry was a nice guy. Our prayers and thoughts are with you!


Tina Mertz posted on 5/8/21

He was a wonderful dad. When I was younger and had my friends spend the night he'd wake us up by banging pots and pans together in the morning to wake us up for breakfast. He was known as Chef Haree' because he always made peanut butter pancakes or chocolate chip pancakes. To this day my friends would still call him that. I miss him so much, but he is in a better place.



Karen Cullen posted on 5/8/21

Until we meet again may the sun rise upon us. May the wind always be at your back May the sun shine warm upon your face rain fall soft upon your fields. Until we meet again. May God hold you in the palm of his hands.


Ann Marie V posted on 5/4/21

Fran was a kind and caring person. Even though we hadn't seen each other in awhile, I have fond memories of our friendship. May she rest in peace.



Cindy Engel posted on 5/4/21

Dear Dad, Today is your Birthday. I want to. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH DAD. LOVE YOU ALWAYS YOUR DAUGHTER CINDY XOXO XOXO XOXO XOXO XOXO


Jim posted on 5/3/21

Sorry for your loss, Fran was a great friend and neighbor



Christine posted on 5/3/21

Aww Fran, My sweet friend.... miss and love you.❤️ ❤️❤️ gone way too soon..So sorry for you all, prayers to the family ❤️


Lu-Ann Mehlrose posted on 5/3/21

Oh my Frances. You were my new best friend. Our time here in Florida was way too short. Our adventure was just beginning! I’m broken hearted and angry that it was stolen from us all. My love Fran. I miss you


MICHAEL W MEHLROSE posted on 5/3/21

To my beautiful sister Frances. You were a beautiful soul that past too soon. I am broken hearted. We had so much more to do. I know you fought with everything you had. I will miss you and remember you all of my days. I know Rosemarie , Mom , and Dad were there to help you cross LOVE AND KISSES MY SISTER FRANCES


Cousin Monica posted on 5/3/21

It is So very Sad that Frances left this earth too soon . But , God has his arms open for her in Heaven .❤


Maria Lindsay posted on 5/2/21

Frances you are with us always through our memories of your life. I remember you being my " little sister" when you came to stay with us during the time Aunt Hilda was recuperating with a broken leg. While you left us here too soon, we know you are at peace.


Sue posted on 5/1/21

Gin, it's gonna be 2 years tomorrow since you left us. Frankie is being a champ as you would expect. Fly high with Mom and the Angels We all love and miss you. Please watch over your babies, ❤ your baby sis


Bertha Santelli posted on 4/30/21

Frances will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. May all of you find comfort in your many memories. Love from cousins Bertha and Joe


Bertha Santelli posted on 4/30/21

Frances will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. May all of you find comfort in your many memories. Love, Cousins Bertha and Joe


Aggie Schuster Parisi posted on 4/30/21

Sweet, gentle kind Frances, we will always keep you in our hearts and prayers. You are so loved & dearly missed. Love, your cousin Aggie



Susan Schuster Williams posted on 4/29/21

Frances, you will be missed by our entire family. You left us too soon. May God Bless you now that you are in the presence of His love and peace. My love to you, Susan



Rosanna (mommy her only mom) posted on 4/28/21

Sadie, this mommy i want you to know i miss you soo much i try not to cry daily but i would be lying if i said i didnt. i love you soo much our life will never be the same without you ! i still havent got my nails done i dont even care now! i will never stand some thing i am putting together some of puzzle pieces but some are still missing! i want you to know you have some amazing friends they are helping me get through each day and same for them! we will be together one day in future i know. i miss you going everywhere with me riding with me locking the door lol i miss your smile and laugh i miss going to places you say mom they are human i have to talk to them they talk back lol sadie i miss you so much we had so many plans! i was even filling out all paperwork you asked me to fill me out! babygirl i miss you so much izzy misses you so much to so does cody and landon we all miss you we did get the kitty out of shelter like you asked we did that we were going to surprise you. i never forget the sunday the before called and made sure tell your little sister happy birthday you said mom she is 9 now aww she growing up you said i love you mom i said i love you to i will always keep that with me ! you were so excited about your first kiss you were telling me all about it you knew you could told me anything! your letter sits on my dresser god knows how many i read it you lived your best life with me as you said i love you baby girl my sunshine forever you always be my sunshine i promise before i promise you again i will never ever sing that to anyone else we had our own version at night i miss that i miss calling you i miss you calling me in week say mom leave early my dad going let me come see you you were soo excited your like i dont care what we do as long i am with you! i love you sadie lynn mwah


David Rowe posted on 4/28/21

Fond memories of my classmate, “ Ferd the Bird” a true gentleman always.


Jessica Williams posted on 4/26/21

Dad, I can't express how much I miss you. I re strung you guitar last night & have decided to start playing it in your honor. I will cherish it until the day I die. I have your dogs too & they are missing you dearly especially Bandit. I promise to love & take care of them for as long as they live...forever your mini me....


Jennifer Morehead posted on 4/25/21

Save us all a seat at your table, dear lady! ♥️


LaJuana Arnett posted on 4/24/21

Scott I am so sorry for your loss. But your memories will last your lifetime and at times will give you moments of happiness, even though they will never absolve the pain. My prayers are with you and your family , today and everyday.


Juanita Sanders Starnes posted on 4/22/21

I do hate losing another cousin. We will have a big reunion with out Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I’m so sorry to all of you girls and Carlene’s siblings. I’ve lost all of mine, and believe you me, it is very sad. But Carlene is exactly where she wants to be. All my love and condolences to each of you. Your cousin, Juanita



Jo-Ella Nagy posted on 4/22/21

I will miss you for the rest of my life. You were my sister, friend, confidante and proprotector. We will meet again. I love you.



Tom Salyers posted on 4/21/21

A very caring and loving person I will miss her very very much



Sherry Shrum posted on 4/21/21

Gone but not forgotten. Thank you for enriching my life. R.I.P.


Amanda Reed (Poorman) posted on 4/21/21

I will not forget her laugh❤️ If she laughed we laughed. You will not be forgotten ganga. Thank you for being my grandmother.


John R. O'Connor posted on 4/21/21

Bill: May your soul rest in peace and set your mind at ease. You've been a good friend since we were kids, and I hate to see you go. Take it easy Bill. You put up a good fight, but time took its toll. May God bless you and watch over you. Sincerely, John O'Connor


Vanessa posted on 4/21/21

Level Up Player One. godspeed


Harlen posted on 4/20/21

I didn't know you very well Sadie. I'm sorry that I never got to talk to you, and I'm sorry that you didn't get to live to the fullest. You were a nice, funny, well girl and I'm sure a lot of us still miss you. My regards to the family, I hope you all still live a happy life just as well as sadie did before she passed.


Denise Fialkosky posted on 4/20/21

My father treasured the friendship he had with Mr. Lee while they both were residents at Oakview Terrace. My Dad was deeply saddened by your father’s passing. I was happy to have met your father and know why my Dad thought ao highly of yours. May they both RIP.


Jean posted on 4/19/21

You know you were always loved here. You will always be loved forever. You will always be one of my favorites. Rest in peace sweetheart.


Shane posted on 4/19/21

I'll never forget the fun/troubles we had together. You were one of a kind, and made us all laugh no matter what... I remember sitting in that cop car with you on the way to the bar and then we got let go. We still made it to the bar that night.


Debbie Burns posted on 4/18/21

It’s a few days after saying our final goodbyes. You no longer have to feel any pain. Since I first met you some 40 yrs ago you never changed in all that time. You were liked by those you met with a smile n kind words. You even trusted me to run your package store which was allot of fun because you made it that way. You welcomed me n mom into your home n even our furry friend. Helping out in your cooking school and therapy products taught me allot about people n business. You loved big parties at your house inviting everyone you knew. The bigger the better was your thought. You were there if I needed someone to listen but most of all you were there for mom. That meant the most to me. You made her happy for all those yrs. I’m not you but I’ll try to fill the void you left in her life n just maybe Tom n I can make her laugh n enjoy life after you. You always called my husband son , who admired you n learned allot from you. We are all going to miss you dearly but now your in heaven with gram and that has to be my comfort that she now has you up there watching over all of us. May you both guide us in the right directions. We love you Wayne You were taken to soon and by this horrible virus that is striking the hearts of way too many. Take care, god needs you now more then we needed you here have to believe that cause you have left empty holes in many hearts of those you touched . Love you xx


Wilfredo Santana posted on 4/15/21

Wayne’s visits to the office have been a breathe of fresh air. His was always ready with a smile and kind words. I will miss conversing with Wayne; his point of view was only matched by his quick wit. Speaking with Wayne was like a breathe of fresh air. Wayne was always offering a helping hand...He was truly a good person and I will miss him. ¡Vaya con Dios, mi amigo!


Paige Boltwood posted on 4/15/21

Mom, I know we fought like oil and vinegar and I know we both said things we both didn't mean. I'm still your daughter, I wish someone would of called me so I could of said good bye.


Chris, Doug, the Fuzzies, and the Office Circus posted on 4/14/21

Hi my dear friend, I still can't truthfully believe you are gone. Life seems a bit darker now, and I can't even begin to fathom why you were gone. You have always brightened my life, with wires and your smile, you are my sunshine, now and forever. The only reason I can imagine taking someone as kind as you is because they needed more light in Heaven, so it can cascade down onto us on Earth in these dark times. Perhaps God and all of the Angels needed your help as an electrician. I sure hope those wires don't give you too much trouble up there, but I believe that if anyone could illuminate this dark world, it would be you, and God must have known that too. Keep up the hard work, we know that you will do a good job at bringing us the light in this crazy, dark world. You are in our hearts forever and always. We love you.


Rob Johnson posted on 4/13/21

I will miss sitting on the front porch drinking beer telling stories and listening to Tom play the guitar. Until we see each other again bud. Love ya!!! Rob


Eloise Milson posted on 4/13/21



Christine Amidon posted on 4/12/21

Hey Wayne, just wanted to let you know how much we missed and how important you are in our lives. With all the darkness in the world today, God brought you home so you could be a spotlight for him. Also, he needed to teach the world 3-and-13, and he needed a good scorekeeper! Love you and sweet dreams.


Barbara Ponx-O'Dell posted on 4/12/21

I only met Wayne 3 times, but heard wonderful stories from his wife, whom I have known for 47 yrs. He seemed like a genuine likable person and he really loved Gail. I wish I had had the opportunity to spend more time getting to know him, but with him and Gail in Florida and me in Connecticut made it a little difficult . May he rest in peace.


Barbara Ponx-O'Dell posted on 4/12/21

Only knew Wayne slightly


Deborah morin posted on 4/11/21

Dad l miss you so much, it’s really hard for me and everyone. I remember sitting and talking to you while you work on a motorcycle on Brockton. Traveling on the train and having dinner on it, attending a dinner show, playing card and doing puzzles,and visiting.I miss hearing your voice,and your laughter, just being able to call to say hi and check on you . I know you’re not suffering any more and your in heaven, l will see you again. I love you always and for ever love “ special girl” as you would say xoxo Deborah


Asia Stewart posted on 4/11/21

You'll always be my Sadie Baby. I love you forever.


Dorothy Mason posted on 4/10/21

Met Wayne and Gail 30 some years ago at a deli where I made fresh cookies every morning. They came to Oshkosh for EAA every year and we became friends. Miss you and love you, Hugs to you Gail. Dottie & Gene Mason


Tom & Linda Wickham posted on 4/10/21

We met Pat when her mother married my dad in 1989. We loved her easy laughter especially as she told the story about how our parents met. She will be missed


Robin Barron posted on 4/9/21

Miss you soooooo...... much already Dad !! I know your in a better place but it doesn't make it any easier for those of us left behind . Love you to the moon and back until we meet again ! Xoxoxo


Lisa baar posted on 4/8/21

I'm still working on this mike.i love you and you will never be forgotten.your life was stolen and I will keep fighting for justice.


Portia Justice posted on 4/7/21

Many wonderful memories with this family through the years. We are saddened by your loss. Sending our love and prayers. Olive Faye Matney Thacker ( Lick Creek, Ky) Jeff & Portia Thacker Justice. ( Raccoon, Ky)


Pearlann Schmidt posted on 4/7/21

I'm glad I met you back in 6th grade and I apologize for not talking to you before I moved away. I wish I could've said goodbye. You will be missed by all Sadie. Please rest in peace ❤️


Bea Cool Smith and Glima Cool Hall, Ashland, KY posted on 4/7/21

We were so sorry to hear about Pat’s passing. Knowing that there’s a better place where she is now whole and no more suffering is a comfort. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.


Patricia Sawyers Gaylor posted on 4/7/21

I grew up with Pat always thought it was neat that we had the same name and our birthdays were in June we were born a week apart Heaven has gained an Angel I will pray for the family


David William Adams posted on 4/7/21

Scott was my best friend from the first day we met in 7th grade middle school. The best days of my life was when we lived in Orlando and spent our weekends in Daytona, I will always miss him, till my time also comes, and I hope to see him in the life after. He loved his parents Art and Janette and brother David, and will be missed by his cousin, Kirk. We're coming Scott, see you soon, my friend.


Patrick Smith posted on 4/6/21

You truly are missed and always will be now fly high with the angels and say hello to my sister love you Pat Rest In Peace



Jeanette (Netty) Trombley Doyle posted on 4/6/21

I was sorry to hear of Rita's passing. We grew up on the same street in Roxbury, Massachusetts. I want to send my deepest condolences to her siblings and family. May she rest in peace.



Cindy Engel posted on 4/4/21



Rosanna Sinibaldi posted on 4/4/21

Sadie today is easter it’s been one month today you been gone that pain and tears comes down every single day your my life. You took part my heart with you! Sadie you always be my daughter!! I was soo happy when I had you !! I had little girl I even gave u my middle name! I miss u so much I still catch myself calling for u I go in order always Cody Sadie landon izzy riley jasper. Sadie you willl always be with us I know that but nothing is the same everywhere I go I see u there I see things with your name written all over it. I know in your letter I said none of this is my fault now I know more n more I just want throw up I love you soo much! I need u in my life Sadie Sadie u were my shadow when I would go pee u had be right there talking to me when I was in shower I would come in there talk to me my shirts I would wear them even though I fuss I didn’t care ! Sadie our bond was special snuggling in bed I still sing u songs bedtime song it was only ours I promise u babygirl I will never sing your my sunshine to anyone else !! Sadie your clothes still in same spot! Your bed still remains the same Sadie nobody will ever take your place Sadie I love you ! I miss getting your phone calls during the week I miss u calling me saying your hungry can I bring u lunch I miss u soo much!! I miss u just calling me in class asking me what am I doing and don’t work to hard !! I read your letter every day!! Just know I miss u and I love you I hope your up there in heaven with my mom dad Deborah my baby brother grandmas u have a lot of family in heaven I will see u one day again I love u babygirl Happy Easter in heaven your only mamma always



Peggy Shedlock posted on 4/4/21

Best time living a couple houses away from Ed, Pat and Alvina in Gainsville, FL. We had Friday night movies, cookouts, went out for lunch & dinner. Alvina always made sure Pat and I had on our lipstick.



Angie Amato posted on 3/30/21

Happy Birthday Paulie! You are deeply missed. Gone too soon!!!


Rosanna Sinibaldi posted on 3/30/21

Sadie how am I suppose to go on? I know have your brothers and sister but you were part my heart to! My life will never be the same without you me and u were soo close mom and daughter we had plans so many plans u just told me over n over u wanted come live with me I was in process filling out paper work Sadie I love you. We had so much fun going on our adventure events I love u moon and back your always be my sunshine you meant the world to me to . I love u. U were so happy about your first kiss u would tell me all your secrets I will miss u soo much mwah your mommy always and forever Rosanna (rose)


Rosanna Sinibaldi posted on 3/30/21

Sadie I am lost of words your always be my little sunshine I love you much . Sadie me and you soo close I always looked forward u coming to me and seeing what our next adventure going to be!! U were soo happy about your first kiss omg u told me all your little secrets u would ask me for advice Sadie I love you soo much I know u left me good bye saying don’t cry mamma but Sadie I love you and I can’t believe your gone I mean the world to me to sunshine I love u soo much



Cindy Engel posted on 3/28/21

Dear Dad, just thinking about you, today has been a tough day for me, I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH. YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY THOUGHTS. XOXO XOXO XOXO. LOVE YOU ALWAYS DAD, YOUR DAUGHTER CINDY.


Catherine Rivera posted on 3/26/21

Pa, I Miss You So Much


graves posted on 3/25/21

im sorry for your loss


RodneyMorgan posted on 3/23/21

Jessica was a dear friend. She was a big sister to me. I felt like I could her anything about my life stories and what I've been through and she was understood. She consoled me when I cried. A remarkable woman. God bless you in Heaven. A true Angel.... Miss you and always will be loved by me Eternally......



Daphne posted on 3/22/21

Loving and caring sister!!! You will truly be missed!!


Bonnie Burton posted on 3/21/21

Earl and I are so sorry for the loss of your Dad. I have missed Dennis from the day he left Florida. He was very special to me. He always watched my house and made sure I was safe when I had repair men here. He would take down their license plate number in case of a problem. Lol Once he called me when my IT guy John was here. He wanted to know who was here. To me he is and will be so dearly missed. I truly loved Dennis. Earl always enjoyed conversations with Dennis as well. Bonnie Burton


Ronald Torres posted on 3/18/21

Sorry to hear about Don. I worked with him and broke him in on the Sheriff's Dept. for many years and we had a great time, he will be missed. May God bless and rest in peace my friend.



Cheryl posted on 3/18/21

I ight a candle in remembrance of you.


Cheryl posted on 3/18/21

I am saddened to learn of Roy’s passing. I will remember Roy as a happy person and he was always smiling. He was a good soul. My condolences to his family and friends. Be at peace Roy. Respectfully, Cheryl



Jennifer Emerson posted on 3/15/21

I Miss And Love You Everyday Bill. You Were The Best Caring, Loving and Knowledgeable Person I've Ever Known. I Say Prayers To You Each And Every Day, My Dearest Dearest Love. I Will Keep Your Memory Alive ALWAYS. I LOVE YOU, FOREVER & ALWAYS.


phil Aleci posted on 3/15/21

Louise and I have heard so much positive about Thelma and her will to live that we have been inspired , though we have not meet her, we understand the love which she shared with her children. We pray that she is resting with our God in Heaven and may we all play cards in heaven. Love and Prayers to the Family Louise and Phil.


Toni Tucker posted on 3/13/21

Adrianis was affectionately called AJ...I met her several years ago through her nephew Steven. AJ was warm hearted, friendly, giving, and humorous. She was gifted with a subtle and not so subtle sense of humor that made me crack up. She was a Christian woman who loved people and loved Jesus. She is now home with the Lord and resting in his Glory...



kathy jackson posted on 3/13/21

You will always be remembered. I know you are free of your demons now and are whole watching over your children.


Shelby Anderson posted on 3/13/21

Tiffany you were like the big sister I've always wanted thank you for affecting my life the way you did I love you always and will miss you we will make sure your kids each and every one of them are okay and I will check on them every day and your nana love you always rest easy girl forever your shelbs❤❤❤



Diane Kersey posted on 3/13/21

I will always remember you and love and miss you



Deborah BRUNK posted on 3/11/21

Sorry for your loss.



Emma wilsom posted on 3/8/21

i love you so so much sadie you will never be forgotten you will always live in my heart



Margarita posted on 3/8/21

Rest in peace SVATO Dimitar. From Margarita and Tsocho


Cheryl Gendebien posted on 3/7/21

My words are not adequate to express the sorrow I feel for your loss. I am so blessed to have known Sadie as a 6th grade advanced math student. I will always remember Sadie's love of learning, her sassy attitude, and the love she had for her friends. I was very fortunate to have attended the 8th grade honor roll ceremony a couple of weeks ago to congratulate all the kids. My eyes lit up when I saw Sadie. I had given her a big hug and expressed how excited I was for her for returning to Gulf. I was super proud that she had continued to excel in all of her classes and that she was part of their last honor roll celebration for middle school. On Friday, our Buccaneer family showed strength and compassion for your loss. The students and I will continue to embrace Landon upon his return. My heart and prayers go out to both of you and your family at this most difficult time.


Daniel Couture posted on 3/7/21

73 my friend!!! All of us on ham radio will miss your insight on things!! LOL! You have been a good friend for 40 years!! All of us on 3.860mhz will miss you buddy!!!


Geena Rossel posted on 3/7/21

You were such a beautiful young lady and a wonderful friend to Reese. You are very loved and very missed forever Sadie ❤️❤️❤️



Alyssa posted on 3/7/21

i remember when i had brushed you hair and did your hair cause you where so excited for your first kiss then you wore that hairstyle everyday after that



Alyssa posted on 3/7/21

you where such a good person and didn’t deserve what happened i just know your having fun in heaven we all love snd miss you bby ❤️ you where the one of the bestest friends i’ve ever had you had such a kind heart



Brentton Ohmann posted on 3/7/21

I love and miss you sadie. You will never be forgotten in my heart


Brentton Ohmann posted on 3/7/21

I love and miss you sadie.You will forever be apart of me i wiil never for get


Aleisha McNeal posted on 3/7/21

Oh sweet girl you will be missed dearly. Your momma loves you so much and I know you know just how much now. Keep a watch over your family. Sending my love and prayers to all the family and friends.


Debralee Johns posted on 3/7/21

Mel and family, my heart goes out to you all. May you find peace.



Becky Anderson posted on 3/6/21

Sadie, we had lots of fun, smiles, and laughter playing at Ormond Beach, Florida. You were always one of the bright lights in my day. You are with the heavenly angels now. Love, Grandma Becky



Cassie Chavis posted on 3/6/21

RIP Butterfly you will be missed.



Sherlin Hernandez posted on 3/6/21

I love you Sadie. I wish you would have stayed with us. You will forever be in my heart and never forgotten.


Sherlin Hernandez posted on 3/6/21

I love you Sadie. I will always remember you. I wish you would have stayed with us I was looking forward to seeing you walk across the stage for 8th grade. Your always in my heart love.



Kayleigh Walters posted on 3/6/21

I can’t believe you are up there in heaven such a sweet girl you will be missed by everyone Rest In Peace beautiful



Coby Jones posted on 3/6/21

Sadie you will truly be missed and remembered in our hearts forever.



Kathy posted on 3/6/21

I am so very sorry Mel. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and your entire family. She was such a beautiful girl and gone way too soon. God Bless you all!


CATHERINE RIVERA posted on 3/6/21

Papi, I Misssss You Soooo Much. Thank You Pa For Everything. You Were A Good DAD. You Will Always Be In My Heart. I Love You Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa, Pa Your Daughter Catherine Rivera


Larry Kenneth Kraut posted on 3/6/21

I'm sorry. I thought I had given my condolences in my previous post. The last time I saw Tom and Dolly was when they lived outside of Chicago and had a weeping willow tree in their yard. The two of them looked like movie stars! I will always remember them fondly the short time I knew them and how they complimented me when they let me play their electric organ they had near the front door. GOD Bless them, both. I sure wish I would have located them prior to Dolly' passing. I would have loved talking to her before her passing and Toms'too, but there was no internet access for me back then. Would love to correspond with a family member. My number is 773-671-3653


Larry Kenneth Kraut posted on 3/6/21

I remember when Tom was courting Dolly. Tom was friends with my father Frank Kraut back in Chicago. This was around 1955. I was about 4 or 5 years old at the time. One night Tom and Dolly went out on a date with my mother and father and they were all excited over a small calendar they had gotten that night. The calendar was of a girl in a bathing suit and bunny ears with a little fluffy tail glued on to her backside. Was Tom Burrichter associated with Hugh Hefner prior to his starting Playboy?


Michael and Helen Jamail posted on 3/4/21

In heartfelt sympathy and condolences in heartfelt sympathy and condolences on your loss. Remembering the wonderful times we had with Uncle George and our dear cousins God blesses his soul


Theresa Schroeder posted on 3/2/21

I knew George for many years from working for Pasco County. He was such a wonderful man with the biggest heart and so compassionate. I will miss George so much and his sweet smile. He adored his daughter Laurie and son In law Guy with all his heart and soul. They both gave him a beautiful home and life. He will be so missed by so many people.



Father John posted on 2/28/21

May our loving Lord grant him rest in a place of brightness, a place of refreshment, a place of repose from where all sickness, sorrow and sighing have fled away and may his MEMORY BE ETERNAL! VECHNAJA PAMJAT! With love and prayers, Father John



Richard McDonough posted on 2/28/21

As you join your parents, Dan Sr. and Ruth and your siblings, Jim, Elaine and Bill, Rest in Peace Rick.



Cleria posted on 2/27/21

I want you to rest in peace. Your wife Cleria.



Margaret posted on 2/26/21

You will be missed. Rest in peace. Your granddaughter Margaret.



Velina posted on 2/26/21

I hope you rest in a place of peace and brightness. Your daughter-in-law Velina.


Deborah Kincaid posted on 2/26/21

Lisa, Linda and Laura.... I was so very sorry to hear about your dad's passing. It is so very hard to lose one's "daddy". I know you have so many happy, fond memories of him that will help when you are missing him. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.... Love to you all. Debbie and Richard


Fred & Dar Schoenrock posted on 2/26/21

Guy and Laura---------so sorry to hear about "DAD". Our thoughts and prayers to you both.



Dimitar D. Georgiev posted on 2/26/21

May your soul rest in peace and may God welcome you to his kingdom in heaven my father. Your loving Sonny.


Maria Cinquemani posted on 2/25/21

On behalf of the Pinto and Cinquemani families we sincerely want to send our condolences to our cousins Guy and Laura. Sending prayers and love.


Robert Medvesky posted on 2/25/21

George always had a smile for all .. You will be missed my friend .. Memory Eternal ..


Sharon Aleta Butler Smith posted on 2/25/21

As a small child I loved your laugh and when I saw you many years ago your laugh was just as beautiful as way back when I was three. I Love You❤️❤️❤️♥️


Nicole Marchesano posted on 2/24/21

Sending Guy and his family much needed live and prayers


Dan Bozik posted on 2/24/21

Dear Lisa, Kim, and families, We send our sincere sympathy for the loss of your father, grandfather and our wonderful uncle. We have such fond memories of Uncle George and his Beautiful Aunt Jelia. Our prayers & thoughts are with you at this sad & difficult time.Love, Cindy & Dan



Kim Jones posted on 2/23/21

Love you Dad


Barbara Gilboy posted on 2/23/21

I’m very sorry to hear of Rebecca’s death. She worked with me at the Zephyrhills Post Office. She was my sub for several years. We shared a love of cats and we would entertain each other with stories of their antics. God keeps you now, Rebecca .


Sheila & Joe Bozik posted on 2/22/21

In loving memory of dear Uncle George, a wonderful loving Uncle who adored his cherished wife, Jelia, with whom he is again united in Heaven for eternity. So inspiring and sweet was his unconditional love for his beautiful family, his daughters and his grandchildren and great grandchildren! Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss, with our prayers and love, Sheila and Joe


Amy Shafer posted on 2/21/21

We had some good times with Donnie.


Russ Petz posted on 2/18/21

I had the great pleasure of knowing Steve for the better part of 25 years and I was even more fortunate to get to work closely with Steve at Lifetouch for 5 years before his retirement. Steve always had a smile on his face and he was larger than life. So happy that Dawn came into Steve's life. Never saw him happier. God Bless you dear friend. Get things ready for us. We will all join you soon. RIP


Darren Wilson posted on 2/17/21

My sincerest condolences to Family and Friends..Eric was a nice person. I liked him first time we met. RIP Eric.


Cheryl Campbell posted on 2/17/21

Cousin Valerie and family, my deepest sympathy on the loss of your son, husband, father. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Cheryl


Cheryl Campbell posted on 2/17/21

Cousin Valerie and family, my deepest sympathy on the loss of your son, husband, father, Eric. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Cheryl


Cheryl Campbell posted on 2/17/21

Cousin Valerie and family - sending my deepest condolences on the loss of Eric. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Cheryl


Mary Thompson posted on 2/16/21

so sorry to hear of Al’s passing. He was a great friend to my husband and we love both Al and Jane. He will be missed.


Sue (Sherman) Senecal posted on 2/16/21

So sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Larry and Pam Grim posted on 2/16/21

What a sad day on Earth, yet a glorious day in Heaven to have received such a saint! I came to know the Lord in the church in St. Petersburg where Pastor Tedder was ministering in the 80's. What a wonderful example to all that congregation was he! And when it came time for me to tie the knot, he and the Mrs. were right there beside us sharing godly advice and counsel. We have commented through the years that their counsel along with their strong example of a godly marriage, was a catalyst in helping us excel in our union. Now 30 years later, we couldn't have asked for a better foundation as we started out on our journey together! Pastor Tedder, you were loved and admired by many and are certainly already missed deeply! We are happy to know where you are though and even happier knowing many of us will see you again! Until then...


Eli Dalabakis posted on 2/16/21

So sorry to hear about Al going to be with the Lord. Enjoyed hearing him and Jane sing many times at Northside Church in St Petersburg. May his memory be eternal!!


Fred Thompson posted on 2/16/21

I was grieved and saddened when I saw the post on the 16th that Al had gone to be with the Lord. At the same time, I have peace and joy in knowing that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Although I haven't kept close contact, Al was one of my spiritual heroes and had great influence in my life. His calm nature and his commitment to the truth of Scripture spoke volumes of his love for the Lord. Jane, you are in our prayers!


Lura and Ev Pennington posted on 2/14/21

It breaks my heart that I cannot be there in person to Celebrate the Life of my sweet brother Al. I miss him, but I'm so happy he is Home with the Lord he served so faithfully. My love to Janie and the rest of the family. God only knows the number of people whose lives were blessed just to know him, to have been taught by him, or to hear him sing! I LOVE MY BROTHER And Ev was always impressed by by Al's intellect and keen wit. Conversations with him will be one of the many things he will miss.


Margaret martinez posted on 2/14/21

To the Lovins family Eric was a wonderful man and he was always so much fun and so helpful to everyone we will dearly miss him love the Martinez and Henry families


Jerry & Carolyn Moore posted on 2/14/21

We have been so privileged to have shared 55 years of Christian fellowship with Al and Jane. Al, I can hear you singing "Fill MY Cup Lord" to Jesus even now! Thank you for a life time of faithful Christian service.



Cindy Engel posted on 2/14/21




Robert Beck posted on 2/12/21

She was so kind and very thoughtful. May you rest in peace. Bless the family that this kind soul has left behind.


Sue Simpkins posted on 2/12/21

Mary Anne (and Paul) were always inviting and helpful to my ex husband and I when we moved to Miami and met them. I remember spending Christmases with the family. My condolences to all.


nancy bradford posted on 2/11/21

fun times doing plays with her kids at your house on Keane road. you and all the moms in the neighborhood would come miss the old days Maryann was loved so much by many I always thought of her through the years and I was going to Florida. last April when I wasn't allowed to fly due to covid oh how I wish I could of seen her one last time. may she sleep in sweet peace



Michelle Selznick posted on 2/11/21

I remember her always so happy. She would always say "my beautiful Michelle." I hear her voice now. All my memories consists of her loving others dearly.



Kimmy posted on 2/11/21

I still can’t believe it. I miss u.



Ariana Continanzi and David McDonagh posted on 2/11/21

God Bless and rest in quiet peace. Thank you for raising my best friend to be such a beautiful soul.


John S. Linkogle posted on 2/10/21

So very sorry to hear of your loss. May you feel God holding you in His loving arms as you take your time to let Him fill that void in your heart with His love.



Rhonda Passmore posted on 2/10/21

I met Mary through Wendy I was Brianna and Jessica’s Teacher and care giver! She was the sweetest!♥️


Ruth posted on 2/10/21

Wendy, my deepest condolences. So sorry to hear about your Mom’s passing. We know she is accessing a better place. She will live in your good memories. Hugs my Dear Friend.


Jorge and Tammy montane posted on 2/9/21

I am very sorry for your loss. May god give you the strength needed during this challenging time.


Adrienne Welch Windwillow posted on 2/9/21

My Aunty Mary Ann taught me how to dance, played with me and was loving and caring. Even though we became separated, we never lost touch. Much love to my cousins.


Mary Sue and Stephen Cross posted on 2/9/21

So sorry for your loss.



Steve & Joan Masone posted on 2/9/21

Her suffering is over


Peter Guglietta posted on 2/9/21

I was 10 years old when I first met Maryann. She was dating my brother at the time. She was a beautiful, loving and caring woman who loved her family foremost. I am saddened by her passing, but grateful for having known such a caring woman with a beautiful smile and loving heart!


Penny Barker posted on 2/9/21

May God bless you and keep you. I will miss our conversations, your laughter and friendship. Rest In Peace.


amanda bates posted on 2/8/21

To My Brother In Law Thank you for loving my sister unconditionally even when she did not deserve it . I know me and you did not always see eye to eye on a lot of things but we grew to love each other by the grace of god. You will be forever missed. Thank you for helping to bring Mattie into this lifetime as she will be you living legacy .Fly High Bro and dance with my sister to Amazing Grace. Heaven got a awesome couple Rock Out Love you guys!!!


Tim Byers posted on 2/6/21

Steve was my best friend. We shared successes. We shared tears. I have stories about Steve that will make you laugh and orhers sure to bring a tear. Perhaps at his celebration of life I can share a few. He was kind. He was loved and will be missed.


Sarah Taylor posted on 2/6/21

So many great memories my buddy! You are truly loved and will surely be missed by many. You left a mark on people who had the chance to know you for sure. Rest in peace my friend.


Anne and Faustine Bonito posted on 2/6/21

so very sorry for your family’s loss . This is so sad too young RIP Mattie ❤️


Valerie (Harman) Miller posted on 2/5/21

P.S. I almost forgot...don't forget your wallet bro. And I'll always be the "Big Valbowski" the nickname you gave me way, way back in the day I'll always remember how funny you were and all our inside jokes.


Jamie Fretwell posted on 2/5/21

I will never forget you bro. We spent so many good times together in the deer park and at the shady house. You are the reason I started drumming. I will miss you so much. Life will not be the same without on this earth. The drummer from def leppard only has one arm! Sap forever



Jena posted on 2/5/21

You were an amazing guy and friend. You got people to smile and you got them to laugh. You helped me through a time when I thought I my life had ended. You gave me the nickname Jona. I love and miss but I know I will see you again


Valerie (Harman) Miller posted on 2/5/21

I'm so fortunate to have had an amazing friend like you for over the last 20 years. No matter the distance of were we lived we always remained friends. You treated me, my sister so good. I'll cherish all the great memories we've had. I'll miss you so much homie. I love you until we see each other again. Rest easy brother



Valerie (Harman) Miller posted on 2/5/21

Rest easy my friend. I miss and love you brother



Krystle Harman posted on 2/5/21

Love you Matt


Krystle Harman posted on 2/5/21

Yoski! Thanks for always being an awesome friend! Thanks for always being there for me no matter what. Thanks for all the laughs. I miss you so much but I'm forever grateful to have been your friend. Love you


Krystle Harman posted on 2/5/21

Yoder. So many great memories with you! Thanks for always being there for me no matter what. Thanks for all the laughs. Thanks for being an awesome friend. I miss you so much but I'm forever grateful to have been your friend. Love you!!!


DARLENE D OSTUNI posted on 2/5/21

Over the 30 years Ralph and I were married; Steve and I became very close. Especially during the time when Ralph was sick. He was very supportive through those times and I was glad to be able to give him the support he needed through his divorce and when he had cancer. He became my brother and I loved him very much. I was very happy when Dawn came back into his life. He was very happy and that made the family happy. He will surely be missed.


Deborah Ostuni Stiewing posted on 2/3/21

Steven ... my darling cousin. We lost you and Ralph way to soon. The jokester brothers ... who adoringly drove their lovely sister Linda crazy ... all in the name of fun and love. Linda adored you guys ... My hands hold her hurting heart. Such good memories sleeping over your house in the summer and when all of you would visit my family in Connecticut. The At the Game photo January 3, 2021 is truly who you were. That amazingly great big smile ... made us all smile and love you all the more. Writing this seems wrong. Your supposed to be texting me to say hey cuz I'll be stopping by before you know it. And thank you for introducing us to the lovely Dawn. You both had a beautiful life together. I along with Jim and my kids will miss you greatly. Hug your brother, your mom and dad, and my parents as well. There will be a day where the pearly gates will open for me...I'm going to look for my smiling cousin. I love you.


Michael Gustafson posted on 2/3/21

We are so very sorry for the loss of your husband/father. He was a great neighbor, I will miss our talks


Victor Ostuni posted on 2/3/21

There are places I'll remember All my life though some have changed Some forever, not for better Some have gone and some remain All these places have their moments With lovers and friends I still can recall Some are dead and some are living In my life I've loved them all Love ya cuz, I will see you on the other side. Victor Ostuni Jr.


Beth sperry posted on 2/3/21

I'll always remember how you smiled with your eyes Uncle Steve. You will be missed


Dawn posted on 2/3/21

Since our Junior High days, Steve has always made me smile. It was nothing short of a miracle that he popped into my life again, when I needed him most. He brought sunshine back into my life. I will always be grateful for the miracle of Steve in my life. I will always love him. My heart is broken.


Linda Nemetz posted on 2/2/21

Rest in peace, my cousin.


Petra posted on 2/2/21

I knew Steve for 9 years... very good friend of mine, I miss talking to him and checking if he’s doing ok. It’s like a bad dream for me that I can’t talk to him anymore.


Cliff and Sue Vogan posted on 2/2/21

We only knew you a short time, but you made Dawn happy and made her laugh which made you a really good person to us.


Elizabeth Weston posted on 2/2/21

Steve and I went to our SHS Junior Prom together as the friends we were and saw each other again "XX" number of years later at an SHS Class Reunion where we laughed and joked! Steve always was the same smiling, fun loving person I'd always known and he will truly be missed by everyone who knew him and loved him!


Karen Matteson posted on 2/2/21

Steve was my best friend and greatest person I have ever know. You will be missed.



Kathy Robinson posted on 2/2/21

You left indelible memories that many will treasure.


Bj Wright posted on 2/1/21

Sorry to hear of your passing, you will be missed


Bj Wright posted on 2/1/21

Sorry to hear of your passing, you are missed



Millie posted on 1/31/21

Thinking of you, Daddy... all the time. Hope you are at peace.


Linda Jarvis posted on 1/30/21

Steve was a larger than life personality and I will miss him so! We were always close, our only fights politics! I hope his friends can attend his life celebration on 3/6/21 2PM, Burkes Cemetery, Holder, Fl.


Eileen Sloane and Family posted on 1/30/21

Our deepest condolences to Janet, Paul, Alexandra and George. May you feel comfort in knowing that Mamoru is in a better place and, hopefully, getting back on a golf course! You are In our thoughts and prayers .



Sarah Mclean posted on 1/29/21

Scott Alan McLean Jr. was my dad and I remember so much of him it’s like he never left, I remember one year on Christmas my mom wanted a fruit tree and then he got her a lemon tree! It was so funny that he was trying to joke around saying my mom was sour, everyone loved it even her, he even planted it himself.


Debra Ortega posted on 1/29/21

Our heartfelt condolences to Janet, Paul, Alexandra, George and all of the Iizuka family. May all your cherished memories bring you comfort at this difficult time and his memory be a blessing. Love and prayers, Leo, Debra & and Leanne Ortega


Maria & Eric Castellucci posted on 1/29/21

My deepest condolences to Paul, Janet and family. May the beautiful memories of your loved one bring you comfort. Thoughts and prayers.


Paul Mercado posted on 1/29/21

My father in law and my dad passed on the same day. Two very different men, both with a strong work ethic. Mamoru loved his family and enjoyed to hear of their challenges and successes. His pride of family came through in just about every conversation I had with him. Remembering his wonderful and gentle soul and soft spoken manner will be the way I will always remember him in my memories. I am fortunate to have become part of the family he held so dear. May Mamoru Rest In Peace and live in our hearts always. Love, Paul


Bernadine Kucinski posted on 1/26/21

Dear Ed, Five lonely years since you left us. You will remain in our hearts and minds forever. Love always, Berni



Cindy Engel posted on 1/25/21

DearDad, Its unbelievable that today is 5 years since u left us, I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH LOVE YOU ALWAYS DAD YOUR DAUGHTER CINDY. (LOUIE)


Brent c Pizzo posted on 1/24/21

First of all Thank you for your respect, everyone who left a message of behalf of my Brother. Gonna Miss you Bro After loosing touch with all that life throws our way we were able to reconnect and build a new relationship. Never thought Ide be around to bid you farewell in this life. But we were there together. I always stayed concerned about your recovery and tried to keep you positive when I had the time to see you. Having reconnected you filled a void in my family life. Always looked up to your accomplishments in life and our family's love for everything automotive. Thank you for all the knowledge and guidance. I could go on and on, Till next time we meet Love you Brother


Diane Venezia posted on 1/23/21

I'm so sorry that I lost contact with Margie over the years. I have wonderful memories of the early Rowdies soccer games that we attended regularly with her girls when they were very young and our impromptu weekend trip to NC and back just to see the leaves changing on trees in Nov. She loved her children and sacrificed a lot for them. May she rest in peace and I look forward to meeting up with her in Heaven one day. :*)


DIANE C VENEZIA posted on 1/23/21

I'm so sorry that I lost contact with Margie over the years. I have wonderful memories of the early Rowdies soccer games that we attended regularly with her girls when they were very young and our impromptu weekend trip to NC and back just to see the leaves changing on trees in Nov. She loved her children and sacrificed a lot for them. May she rest in peace and I look forward to meeting up with her in Heaven one day. :*)


DIANE C VENEZIA posted on 1/23/21

I'm so sorry that I lost contact with Margie over the years. I have wonderful memories of the early Rowdies soccer games that we attended regularly with her girls when they were very young and our impromptu weekend trip to NC and back just to see the leaves changing on trees in Nov. She loved her children and sacrificed a lot for them. May she rest in peace and I look forward to meeting up with her in Heaven one day.


Julie King posted on 1/22/21

Robert was the son of Jeanie and Harold Green. He is survived by his sister Stephanie Walker his niece's Emily Green and Anna Walker his nephew AJ Scott and his former wife Julie King. Robert will be missed by all of his family


Stephanie Angius posted on 1/21/21

Rest in paradise....ill always remember when i got a letter from you...i was so happy, you will be greatly missed


Miguel Sama posted on 1/20/21

Carlos y familia: Estamos muy apenados por la triste noticia. Nosd unimos a vuestro dolor y deseamos que Juan descanse en paz.


LINDA JOHNSON posted on 1/20/21

John, there is this place in me where your fingerprint rest, your voice still lingers and your laughter softly echos. It is a place where a part of you will forever be a part of me. My love knows no boundaries. Thank you for the love you gave to all. I will forever miss you. Always in my heart...Your Mimi


Janet Fuqua posted on 1/19/21

Michelle was one of my best friends in high school. I spent many hours at her house before she moved from Texas to Florida. She has always made me smile and I will always have fond memories of her. I am praying for the family.


Jerry and Linda Guthrie posted on 1/19/21

Sorry about your loss. Our prayers are with you.



Rachael Sheehan posted on 1/19/21

When I was a child my father and I would go visit Aunt Janet and Uncle Tom every year during the summer. Before they moved from Massachusetts, they would tell us of moose that walked through their yard, and other things that we never see in WVa. Aunt Janet would make me hot cocoa and we would all laugh because every year we never saw one. When they moved to Florida our yearly trips headed south, and Disney was added to the events of the trip. One year there was even a alligator in their pool. Aunt Janet always told me I was a beautiful soul and it showed on the outside. After my dad died I always enjoyed talking with her because neither one of them lost the Boston accent, talking with her made me feel closer to him. Now I know they are at peace together, with Uncle Tom, and their parents. I will miss your strength and your support Aunt Janet, please give my love to everyone who has gone before you. You will be truly missed.


Kim Abuschinow posted on 1/17/21

Saying goodbye to my step-father Robert E Koszarek. He was a great man who showed me how to make some great polish food. I remember how he dressed up as Santa Claus for my children when they were little at the PYC in Pennsylvania and the company picnics we went to for Congoleum. I met him when I was 16 and didn't really like him very much, but over the years he sorta grew on me. He made sure that I had a wedding reception and helped take care of my children with my Mom whenever I needed. He was such a great grandfather to my children and a great step-father to me. I'm going to miss not seeing him on holidays, but I'm thankful I got to share a lunch with him and my Mom. It was a great day and we looked at pictures together and spent some time visiting. I Love you Bob! Thank You for being my other Father and sharing your home and family with us.


Dana Reina posted on 1/17/21

We are heartbroken and send our deepest condolences. We have so many wonderful memories of John. He and Lucas shared a lifelong friendship through thick and thin. John will always have a special place in our heart. And we will miss him dearly. We are so sorry for your loss Love, the Reina family David, Dana, Lucas, Giselle and Angelina


Carol Tufts posted on 1/17/21

John was so cherished by his family and all who knew him. It is evident from the beautiful pictures. John’s grandmother’s (Leigh) face lit up talking about John which she did every time she was with us, her circle of girlfriends. Their children and grandchildren are the apple of her and Frank’s eyes. My condolences to all you knew and loved John so deeply.



Karen posted on 1/17/21

Your mom and I are cousins. Wishing I met you....



Etta Wright posted on 1/16/21

Bob was such a beautiful person in and out. He and Carol had a great life together. I admire him for the love he had for Carol and how he always cared for her. I could not have picked a better brother in law, he was perfect. RIP. You will be dearly missed. I remember the day you got married like it was yesterday. Still as good looking now as then.



Travis Westley posted on 1/15/21

Carlos and family. My deepest sympathies for your loss. I pray you find strength to get through this trying time and also pray that the memories you keep will always keep your son close.



Jason Turner posted on 1/15/21

Carlos, so sorry for you and your families loss, Prayers sent


Amanda Cermeno posted on 1/14/21

John.. Oh you will be missed. So much! My heart is heavy for my you Tammy.. Tammy you were Johns go to since Day 1 ... We shared so many good bad and in-betweens together, blood sweat and tears is all you ever gave for him and NOTHING you do goes unnoticed. John I know we will meet again one day, I love you so much and god allowed us 2 hours on Christmas to talk about the ups and downs for a reason, and honestly Im thankful for that everyday! I could have been there more but we all fall short just know I love you with all my heart and I couldn't have asked for a better BROTHER then you !!! I love you forever!



Carol A. Koszarek posted on 1/14/21

My husband, partner for 35 years, you are now with our Lord and you will never leave my heart and I will remain yours til the Lord calls me home. Thank you for everything you did, it will never be forgotten. Your love carried me through the good and the hard times. Never goodbye, see you in heaven


Zue & Zee Andrusyshyn posted on 1/14/21

You were loved beyond words sweet John. Your Grandmother spoke of you whenever we gathered as girlfriends, and was so proud of the grandson, father, husband & man you had become. May your infectious smile brighten the gates of heaven. Rest in peace precious John.


Gracia Delgado-Lavallee posted on 1/14/21

Mi más sentido pésame para la familia Mejía de parte de la familia Fiallos de Siguatepeque.


Veronica posted on 1/11/21

All my love and prayers to you for the loss of your son. He will always be with you. My heart and love are with you at this time.


Glenda (sister) posted on 1/11/21

WR you are gone from my hearing and my sight but you will never be gone from my heart. I will forever remember the last call from you to wish me a happy birthday, it was so special to me. Rest in peace now and join those who you loved and those who loved you. The days ahead will be lonely but knowing I will see you again brings comfort to my heart. I love you and will miss you terribly


Jerry & Vanessa Riddle posted on 1/10/21

Prayers lifted for Judi and WR's family and friends. Gone too soon, but not forgotten. Jerry and I have enjoyed reminiscing and love all these pictures shared. Sincerely and with love, Jerry & Vanessa Riddle



Janet posted on 1/10/21

Walt, I miss you so much. There are soooo many good times to remember. So many great stories....many including Bob Arnett. :) You always treated me as your own daughter. I love you and miss you. ~Janet


Mirna y Gerardo Caldron posted on 1/10/21

Nuestro más sentido pésame por la gran pérdida que han sufrido la familia Mejía. Dios tenga en su gloria al Tío Alfredo.


Mirna y Gerardo Caldron posted on 1/10/21

Nuestro más sincero pésame a toda la familia Mejía por la gran pérdida que han sufrido. Dios tenga en su gloria al Tio Alfredo.


Kathy Vaughan posted on 1/10/21

Walter, you, your friendly hello, kidding, laughter, and contagious smile are deeply missed at VFW Post 4412. May you rest in peace. We send our deepest heartfelt sympathy to Judi and your family. May the love of family and friends surround you and bring you peace and comfort.



Matthew Blanchard posted on 1/9/21

I found Kermit around 2012 while searching Ancestry for family. He is my cousin on my Mothers side. I am glad i found you and we had the time to know each other. Gonna miss you Cuz!!!!!


Deborah Chenault posted on 1/9/21

Judi you and the family are in my prayers. Precious Memories


Nora posted on 1/9/21

Miss you John. Love you always.


Patricia Williams posted on 1/8/21

Walt I will miss joking around with you when I called. My heart goes out to Judy and the family.


Zachary Linde posted on 1/8/21

Such a wonderful photo gallery. John's personality and smile jump from the photos. I am sorry for your loss and may John rest in peace. My condolences.


Andrea Cleland posted on 1/8/21

God Bless you Mr. Smallakoff, may you rest in peace.



Misty posted on 1/7/21

You were a good friend. I miss you dearly. Rest easy.


Glen McKelvey posted on 1/7/21

Carlos, I am sorry to hear this news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Grace.


Mary Johnson posted on 1/7/21

John, you were a great friend, a keeper of secrets and someone that stood up for me, even when I wasn’t there. Thank you for your friendship and the fun times we had. You were my TV buddy and we watched a lot of true crime together. You were a joy to be around. Always seeking advice and wanting to grow more wise. You loved my cooking and loved to eat, nobody could put down more sushi rolls than you. Love and miss you so much already. I imagine your heaven is your own private beach, lounging in a chair, drinking a beer, soaking up the sun and only hearing the waves crashing on the shore. Rest In Peace.


Delilah Parker posted on 1/7/21

Sadly missed and many condolences from Donna's TN and MI family - mother: Betty Grant, sisters and brothers: Delilah (Blalock) Parker, (Larry), Carl Grant, Jr. (Mary Ann), Keith Grant, Cindy (Grant) Hamilton, (Eric), Michael Grant, (Renea). TN, MI, FL and PA nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by - father: Richard H. Blalock, stepfather: Carl Grant, sister: Carlene (Grant) Tucker, nieces (TN) Laura (Hamilton) Sponaugle, Ashley Grant and (MI) Sabrina Grant. May she rest in peace.


Betty Contreras posted on 1/6/21

Nuestras sentidas condolencias a toda la familia de nuestro querido amigo Alfredo. . Descanse en Paz. Dios les dé fortaleza y les bendiga.


The Perez’s posted on 1/6/21

Rest In Peace ❤️ You will be greatly missed❤️


Natalie Wilson posted on 1/6/21

Carlos, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how proud you were of your son. Wishing you and your family strength and comfort during this time.


John Mitchell posted on 1/6/21

Carlos, so sorry to hear this news, prayers to you and your family


Jim & Gloria Patino posted on 1/6/21

Our deepest sympathy for the loss of your son. We are thinking of you & Tammy and entire family.


Reagan Johnson posted on 1/6/21

I don't know the right words to say. I've been looking at videos of when you lived with us or when you were visiting. In every single one, we were laughing. I miss laughing and smiling with you. Thank you for being a big brother to Grant, Pierce and I. We love you so much.


Larry Slick posted on 1/6/21

Carlos, So sorry for your loss, our prayers are with you and your family.


Brian Smith posted on 1/6/21

Carlos, what a beautiful tribute. Through all this sadness I know you must be so proud of your son and the impact he had in his short time here. He is chip off the ole block as they say. Your granddaughter is a beautiful legacy to him and one you can stay close to him with. Wish I knew how to take some of the pain away. Am here for whatever you need. Thoughts and prayers my friend.


Michael Viscuso posted on 1/6/21

I am lost for words at this sad time. Please know that I am thinking of you and praying for peace and comfort for you and your loved ones at this difficult time and offer my condolences.



Randy Ross posted on 1/6/21

Sorry to hear, he is in good hands now.



Layne and Sheila jones posted on 1/6/21

May God put his hands on your family, Prayers to all


Grant Johnson posted on 1/6/21

You always tried to make people feel better. You always made me laugh. Thank you for living with us. You were like a big brother to me. I love you so much and I know you loved me too. I miss you so much Love Grant


Tracie and Jeff posted on 1/6/21

Compliments to John's family...You raised/impacted a remarkable and impressive young man, that any parent would be proud to call 'son'. From the moment Nora brought him to meet us, Jeff and I and members of our family were charmed. He was a bundle of joy and exuded warmth, 'goodness' and soulful strength. The Lord is gracious and full of compassion. Psalm 145:8 NKJV He smiled with his whole body and gave the very best hugs...We have three adult daughters and Jeff and I knew that whenever John was with them, they would be safe...well protected. He was a true and old fashion, chivalrous gentleman. I think he was an 'old soul'. That Tuesday before Christmas, I was able to join the 'facetime' conversation (regret not seeing him and hugging him that evening) that Nora had with John and was honored to have the opportunity to meet his lovely mom and beautiful baby girl, Ava. Gosh, he was so proud of her. He loved her so very much and spoke about her all the time. She's the spitting image of her dad...and, after our brief verbal exchange along with Nora's glowing description (they all went to see the Christmas lights at Sandy Point on the Chesapeake Bay) we could see that none of John's narratives about his daughter were exaggerated! Nora was in awe of Ava and marveled at just how mature, intelligent, sweet, dear and wholesome she is, for one so young! She's 'up one side and down the other' her dad, and it didn't take long to see that....John left a beautiful legacy, including his dearest Ava and all who were, to have experienced and known his gracious kindness, compassion and love. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted. He saves those whose spirits have been crushed. Psalm 34:18 NRSV Heaven couldn't wait any longer...You see, John had a heart of gold and a vivacious spirit and God needed His loving, dedicated and devoted servant to come home. Prayers to all his family and friends and his sweet Ava...I sure wish we knew why God called this worthy and beautiful soul, but I do know that God has a plan and it's truly perfect. When God calls His good time...John will be there to greet his family and friends. And, remember… Jesus wept. John 11:35 NIV…Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:4 ESV…Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh. Luke 6:21 NRSV To John’s mom…just after my sister passed away in a hospital, my brother was able to catch the priest who had just left after giving Lisa her last rites. He quietly sat next to my blessed mom and after a while told her something that comforted her, greatly. He was very young and acknowledged that he couldn’t begin to understand her anguish…pain…and then it came to him. He told her that the Blessed Mother understood her pain and sorrow…That was it…these were the words that strengthened my sweet and dear mom. 'I cry for the legacy this loved one leaves in death, for the ways the world has been made different by their presence, for the memories that become both more beautiful and more painful on this side of death. And I pray that the work You have accomplished in this remarkable life will grow deeper, wider, and stronger in the days to come, uninhibited by a weak opponent like death.' - Gregory Cole God Bless and wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart.


Michel-Rene' Lloyd, Sr posted on 1/6/21

Donna, you once my supervisor who was always willing to help and was honored when you had me, some years back and as a Notary, perform you daughters wedding! I truly missed working with you at Linvatec in Largo Florida. You will surely be missed!!


Genesis School and Longleaf Learning Center posted on 1/6/21

Michelle was a wonderful teacher and she loved working with young children. That love was apparent every day, as she guided and cared for her students.  She always said that teaching was her great joy and her absence will be felt on both a personal and professional level.  This is a very sad time for everyone at Genesis School and Longleaf Learning Center. We will always remember Michelle for her great kindness, sweet demeanor and beautiful smile.  We send our love and heartfelt prayers to the family. With deepest sympathy, from her friends and colleagues


The Nettles posted on 1/5/21

John and his family will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. He was a great guy who will be missed dearly.


Lisa Webster posted on 1/5/21

A soul that could warm my heart whenever we spoke. Miss him so but so glad he will no longer suffer. Enjoy your party up there. So many that loved you will be there to greet you❤


Tina Mertz posted on 1/5/21

I will always remember the fun times with Michelle. We did some Karaoke and other fun, crazy things. We would be listening to music and she would change the words. She always made me laugh. When we went away for a weekend all we did was laugh the whole time. I miss you so much Michelle and miss our fun times together. Rest In Peace.


Kat Moore and Krewe posted on 1/5/21

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Grace and her husband and John's entire family! Peace be with you all, until you meet with John again! We will be here for you Grace, when you return. Everyone is so very saddened by the news!



Kathleen O'Neill posted on 1/5/21

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Grace. I didnt know John personally. May God bless this family and Johns daughter.


Brenda Cassato posted on 1/5/21

Words cannot express my sadness for for your loss. I am so sorry for you. My prayers are with your family during this sad time. May you find peace in knowing that he was loved and will be missed greatly.


Kelley L Raunec posted on 1/5/21

My heart is broken for Grace and Carlos and Joel. May God be with you all at this time and soften your grief with your memories of a deep and abiding love.


Jorge Buonomo posted on 1/5/21

John, Thanks for all the good moments and laugh we shared. Keep everybody up there entertain like you know how to. See you later Buonomo


Julia posted on 1/5/21

I will always love you and miss you! You were one of my longest and truest friendships. I will never forget that infectious smile of yours either. We have shared so many great memories and I will cherish them forever! You were so loved by so many. Until we meet again my love.


Hallie Jamieson posted on 1/5/21

Your bright soul was called on by God, even though you will be so missed I can only imagine how happy you are smiling down on us from up there. Your love was beautiful, you were always laughing and made everyone around you laugh. I know so many people miss you but we will meet again when it’s our time. Shine bright on us from heaven. Rest easy in the blissful peace you now have <3


Hallie Jamieson posted on 1/5/21

You meant so much to so many, your beautiful soul was needed by God. You touched so many, you are so loved. You always had a smile on your face, but you can rest easy in the beautiful sky above. You will be missed, and never forgotten. Till all that you love can meet you again in heaven, and we all can see you again.


Nellie posted on 1/5/21

A beautiful, gentle soul gone too soon. You loved making everyone around you smile. You were an open and honest person who wore his heart on his sleeve. You are loved by so many. I cherish the lovely memories I was lucky enough to share with you and will always love you for the love you shared with my sister.


Guy and Lori Anis posted on 1/4/21

We will cherish the memories of your smile and laughter .The awesome times spent with you and your Mom. Thank you for your service .Forever in our hearts.Rest In Peace..


Kevin Brogdon posted on 1/4/21

I know you and Sham are up there keeping each other company. Gonna miss you man


Ellen Arena posted on 1/4/21

I love and will miss your beautiful smile! Don’t worry, I got your mom!


Joseph Muia-Cook posted on 1/4/21

John, thank you for all the memories we got to make together. From Korea to Maryland you were always the life of party, bringing smiles and laughs to the faces of everyone around. I wish you had more time with us here on earth to spread that infectious laugh with more people. You will truly be missed by many my friend. Don’t get in too much trouble up there with Wilson! Until we meet again. -Cookie


Charles Verheyen posted on 1/4/21

Rest in Peace John! Love you brother!


Dwaine Drummond posted on 1/4/21

So very sorry that Uncle Alden has moved on, but happy he is no longer in pain. He can join Mom, an Don an Keith and Memere and Papere. I can here the roaring laughter now. He will always be remembered for his generosity and pranking. Any time there was a knock on our door in the middle of the night, we knew it was Alden....making a big entrance. Till we meet again, we love you. Dwaine, Brenda, Cgase & Kiley


Jeanne Weeks posted on 1/4/21

I shall always remember Alden's cheeriness and positive attitude.


Morgan Emiroglu posted on 1/3/21

Gay, I want to remember the good times. You and Delilah coming to pick me up in your pajamas to go to Dairy Queen, you dancing on the table at your company Christmas party after a few Sambuca's, or our girl's weekend at the Sea Rocket with Bettie. You called us the "The Three Musketeers." But most of all I want to remember a dear friend who has left an empty space in my heart. I know now you are at peace and wrapped in the loving arms of Jesus with Lucille and Delilah by your side. I will miss you my sweet friend but I know we will see each other again. Rest


Pastor Lu posted on 1/3/21

Dear Colleen, I have sweet memories of you and Michelle as teenagers and young women. Two beautiful people. Michelle is not far from you or your mother, grandmother and others she loves so dearly. My prayer is that you find joy in your precious memories and the assurance that you will she your beloved sister again. by the blood of out Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



Nora posted on 1/3/21

Love you dearly friend. Me and my family will miss you. Until we meet again.


Nora Jamieson posted on 1/3/21

John always wanted the people around him to be laughing and smiling. Such a good heart. You will be missed by so many.



Uncle Frankie posted on 1/2/21

Thank you for your love



Kenny Bratcher posted on 1/1/21

So very sorry loss.



Cindy Engel posted on 1/1/21



Terri Arbon posted on 12/31/20

I am so sorry for your loss. Michelle will be incredibly, solely missed. My only relief is knowing she is finally at peace! Heaven definitely has a new angel with pink wings, I’m sure!


Lisa Marie Stoner posted on 12/31/20

Paulie, you will be greatly missed. Your sense of humor, sarcasm, and the love you had for your friends and family will be remembered daily. Prayers for your children, Kelli and the family. Love, Stoner


Tammy Bully-Schuck posted on 12/31/20

Paul, you always had me laughing. I’m going to miss you, your wit, funny sarcasm and most of all your friendship. You are loved.


Lizz Jamieson posted on 12/31/20

I remember the first time I ran into you again after your high school years at my school. We had a lot of reminiscing about family and people we both new. You had a good sense of humor. My heart goes out to your family. I know your children met everything to you. You were great at your craft. You will be missed. Godspeed Paul!


Victoria Notorleva posted on 12/30/20

You got your wings way too early.



Nancy Carter posted on 12/30/20

My love and prayers are with your family



Kelli Miller posted on 12/30/20

My best friend The one person in this world that could always make me laugh. We shared a lot of them. I’m eternally greatfull that I was able to share my life with you even if only for a little while. You’ll always have my heart.. love you always Kelli (ding)


Wanda Thomas-Witfoth posted on 12/30/20

Condolences to his children and family he will be truly missed.



Dorothy Taylor posted on 12/29/20

God bless Herb. Always laughing and enjoying life. We especially enjoyed being neighbors and friends. Kent, Dorothy and Shea.



Pam Johnson posted on 12/29/20

Rest is Peace. Send thought and prayers for his family



Kelly Cox posted on 12/29/20

Remembering our last time together was when we were riding the gocarts. With the neighborhood friends. I'm truly shocked and I'm so sorry.️️R.I.P♥️


Bruno Buonsanto posted on 12/29/20

One of my first childhood friends. Great Elementary school memories together. Childhood Birthday parties. Playing together at my grandmothers. You had a wonderful soul and great sense of humor my friend. You will be deeply missed by many. RIP Paul.



Kathy and Ron DeGaro posted on 12/29/20

Out thoughts and prayers are with Erica and Sara during this most difficult time.



Lisa posted on 12/29/20

Rest In Peace



Olivia White posted on 12/28/20

My Condolences to the Vance Family. Best Wishes, Disparti Law Group



Jane Nemetz posted on 12/28/20

Best Brother In Law any Girl could ask for. We had many good times and some hard times, but that is what family is. I will miss you and our chats so much. May you rest in Paradise with Your Dad and My Dad, until we meet again, I love you .... Jane



Cindy Engel posted on 12/25/20



Lisa K Baar posted on 12/24/20



Lisa K Baar posted on 12/24/20




Patricia Gregory posted on 12/24/20

Daddy I miss you everyday until we meet again.


Kelly Jean Figueroa posted on 12/22/20

Dear Steven,you are finally at peace and with God. May he accept you into his arms and take you home again. I will miss you


vic mickunas posted on 12/21/20

So sorry to hear about the passing of my good friend.I know Walt will be playing his trombone in the heavenly jazz band.


Shaun posted on 12/20/20

Sending prayers to your kids and family. Keep an eye over them...


Ashley pizzo posted on 12/20/20

I want my dad to remember me and that I love him so so so so much and that I wish I could see him right now and have some of his ashe's


Sherri Corbin posted on 12/20/20

The kid's an I are going to miss you so much, please watch over everyone an know i will do my best to take care of our kid's... Our thoughts and prayers are sent to the rest of the family. Love us all #tillwemeetagain


Kron family posted on 12/20/20

We are so sorry for your loss. Sending our thoughts and prayers to the Pizzo family!


Alex heasley posted on 12/20/20

You touched so many in mobile gaming. Meet people all around the world. I’m from Ireland and it was nice knowing you for 4 years. You were such a gentleman! Sleep tight buddy you will not be forgotten! Zer0YourAZz


Rachael posted on 12/20/20

Hearing of your passing broke my heart. You will always be my best friend. All the years I've known you, you was a great friend and an amazing person! For the last few days, I've been wishing it was just a dream. Unfortunately, it's reality. One thing for sure, you'll definitely be missed. You're in a better place now and may God be with your kids and family during this difficult time. I'll see you again one day. -RagEQueeN69 & Bird-


Peter posted on 12/19/20

As tears roll down my face I wonder why your passing as this affect on me. Never had the pleasure of meeting you personally, we are brothers none the less. Farewell my friend. Fishng4u


Magic posted on 12/19/20

I will always appreciate the time and laughs you gave us! You were a tick weird but that’s what made it all worth it! DvK,


Ben Little posted on 12/19/20

May you rest in peace my friend. I may never meet you in person but in the game you was a very nice person and always help people in need always willing to talk. You have touch many of us. MGC- we love and will miss you


Linda posted on 12/19/20

So sorry for your loss. Bob and Linda


Linda posted on 12/19/20

So sorry for your loss. Bob and Linda Zavacki


Laura Zavacki posted on 12/19/20

I’m sorry for your loss. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


Massimiliano Menna posted on 12/19/20

I never need Daniel in person but we shared the same passion for mobile game he was always friendly and polite! We all gonna miss his presence and friendship! Our prayers to his soul and to all his family


Leonardo Olan posted on 12/17/20

I'm deeply saddened by your loss. I remember in my teen years him saying, "what's up kiddo," and "hey Leonard" anytime I came by to see you visit. I also remember how generous he was to me - helping me get my first car, a 1980 Toyota Corolla. God speed Mr. Berringer.


Ron Levien posted on 12/15/20

Very sorry for your loss.


Carole and Ed Lutz posted on 12/11/20

You will be sorely missed.


Kathleen West posted on 12/11/20

My Bighead Favorite Nephew, We've been through some stuff together even as most recent trying to find some informative out. That's a secret I will be forever grateful for - in my heart forever my brother. You will be missed unbelievably and I'm so sorry I wasn't able to come see you when you asked recently. I know you were my protector here on earth and will continue to do so while up in heaven. Give Chase a pound for me and Grandma a hug. I miss you all deeply. Forever in my thoughts


Drea & George Stewart posted on 12/11/20

Our love and condolences to your family. You are all in our prayers.


Allen Nelson posted on 12/11/20

Wayne ,I know you're up there watching over all over us. I wish I could of came out there to see you .But until we meet again you'll always have a very special place in my heart love and miss you til we meet again my friend


Faith Hoefer posted on 12/11/20

Love you dad! You left us to soon! I will carry you with me always!



Dawn posted on 12/10/20

Mom, I miss you so much I pick up the phone to call you or when I do call the house I listen to see if I hear you in the background. I miss you so much and I love you please watch over me.


Amanda Southern posted on 12/10/20

My love for you will forever go on my love! You will forever be my beast and I your beauty. They say I am so young and I will find love again. Thing is... Yes I am young but I lost you physically. Your are forever my love and nothing will ever change that. I love you and pray every day that you and chase are spending time lifting weights together and arguing over who looks better. I love you babe. Rest in paradise! Until I see you again!


Lana Wingerter posted on 12/10/20

Miss you dad. Love Waylon


Vincent Jr. And Jamey LaChute posted on 12/9/20

You will be missed Uncle Wayne Love You


Carol Blanchard posted on 12/9/20

There's so many great memories I can't begin to name!! He was the best brother-in-law ever!!!!


Aunnie posted on 12/9/20

Nothing I say can take away your pain, but hopefully knowing that Uncle Wayne was loved by so many will make you smile. Love you all.


Amy posted on 12/8/20

We love ya’ll!!! Prayers


Lance Lavignette posted on 12/8/20

Building floats and having parties in the old house. Was a very loving Uncle, will be missed


Mimi posted on 12/8/20

Love you dad and miss you very much.



Lana Wingerter posted on 12/8/20

You were the best husband, father ,pawpaw and uncle. You will always be in our hearts. Miss you everyday until we meet again. Your loving wife Lana !!


Joe Conley posted on 12/8/20

Just heard of the passing of my old friend Teddy. He was a great friend who I played many games of hi-lo-jack with either on the hood of a car or in the back of my van when it rained. Have not seen him in a few years but as the saying goes: My friends are like stars, you can’t always see them but you know they are always there. Rest In Peace my friend. My condolences to Colleen and family.



Ray O’Mara posted on 12/7/20

Teddy was on of my best friends, to his Family my Deepest Sympathies! RIP Teddy!



Kathy Conley posted on 12/7/20

Teddy, great friend and guy! Truly going to be missed by all his longtime friends. RIP Teddy! My Sympathies to his family!


Cathy McGowan Pilderian posted on 12/7/20

I feel so sad to hear of Teddy’s passing . He was a good friend and I will miss him .


Cheryl LIbrandi posted on 12/7/20



Cathy McGowan Pilderian posted on 12/7/20

I have so many memories of Teddy. We have been friends since we were teenagers. He was one of the nicest guys I grew up with. I feel sad about lousy my friend.


Kerim Hazzi posted on 12/6/20

To all of Judy's family my deepest condolences; I'll always remember the laughter and the nice simple conversations we had together in the breakroom as well as seeing her at stores taking care of her grand child. Peace and Love.



Joanie Moraites posted on 12/6/20

Rest in Heaven Jackie, you were a fun kid to grow up with


Christine Mainey Pilderian posted on 12/6/20

My condolences to the Morretti Family. Sad to hear of his passing .



Karen Carroll posted on 12/5/20

I am going to miss you my friend. I will miss our talks on the treadmill. All the times you got on just to keep me company for a few miles. The teasing about the Cubs but most of all I will miss that smile. RIP. Until we see each other again.


Raymond J Pariseau posted on 12/5/20

Rest in peace my friend Teddy You were a great President Local 169 Forever Missed


Camila MCManus posted on 12/5/20

RIP my BFF I loved everything about you ! I wish you could stay longer in this world, your life style your love for god, your smile were the best ! You changed my life for ever and I’m very glad I met you in Brazil ! So many memories, it’s impossible for me to forget you ! You will always be in my heart ❤️ Eric, Sophia e Fábio vocês são uma benção nas nossas vidas ! God has your back ! Love you all Camila, Dean, Kevin and Dylan ❤️



Marília Cruz posted on 12/4/20

Rest in Peace.....


Leah Noble posted on 12/4/20

Dear Fabio and Family, I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have been known and loved by Cris and to also know her and love her. What beautiful and accurate words said about her life. She truly did live life vigorously. Her life is a true inspiration to me and so many. I remember setting up and decorating the kid's wing at church in Iowa City and none of us could figure out how to restuff that doggone beanbag chair. Sure enough, Cris had all the answers, and true to Cris style made the entire place beautiful. She served in such grandeur and deep humility. My great comfort is to know that we were created for eternity. Until then, my heart grieves with you.


Mary Kester posted on 12/4/20

My deepest condolences to Bette and to his family at Michels - Lundquist. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Courtney T Lawson posted on 12/4/20

Judy you were such a joy to be around and work and after hours you knew how to get the party started. You always knew what to say to make everyone laugh and smile and you were never afraid to tell it like it is. Don't give god too hard of a time up there.


Sue Lemmons posted on 12/4/20

Judy will be missed by all of her colleagues at Winn Technology Group. Judy was always so sweet to me. I will miss her bright lipstick smile, fun style, and laugh. RIP, Jersey Girl! All my love. We will celebrate your life and you won't be forgotten.


Katia posted on 12/4/20

Descanse em.paz irmã em Cristo ! Até um dia na glória ! Abcs família!!


Katia posted on 12/4/20



Dionei de Liz posted on 12/4/20

Queridos irmãos. Que o Senhor Jesus lhes console e fortaleça. Que a sua graça preencha todas as lacunas deixadas pela Cris em suas Vidas. Abraços da Meuc de Blumenau. Brasil.


Elaine King posted on 12/3/20

Dear Peachie and family, I am so sorry to hear about your husbands passing. Sending my love! ❤


LynnMarie Waguesspack posted on 12/3/20

Judy was an absolute joy and was full of spice, sauciness, and life. She made me smile thousands of times in the many years I knew her. She was a wonderful loving mother to her children, and she can hold her head high and proud now in heaven. We all miss you very much Judy. Stephanie, Ashley, and Mike I'm sorry for your loss. Hugs and all my positive energies coming your way from me.


Annabel Snowden posted on 12/3/20

Judy, while we didn't work together for very long at Winn, you made a lasting impression on me. You sat only 2 rows behind me and you always did your job so well. I always knew when you were on a call and vice versa. You are missed!!! XO to your family!


Camille DiConza, Winn Technology posted on 12/3/20

Judy - you are terribly missed at Winn. Your smile and wit always lit up a room. Rest In Peace my friend. Prayers and Strength for your Family.


Camille DiConza, Winn Technology posted on 12/3/20

Judy, Everyone at Winn Technology misses you terribly. Your smile and wit always lit up the room and made people happy. Rest In Peace my friend. Prayers for your Family in their loss.


Drew Johnson posted on 12/3/20

There are no words to describe the loss of one of our own. He was truly one of kind. We shared memories of our Midwest roots, and our love for bizarre socks. As a colleague he was kind, dependable, and always kept us well fed with snacks and pizza. He will be deeply missed for many years to come, this was his home and he took great care of it.


Patricia Carvalho posted on 12/3/20

Que a paz do Senhor esteja sempre sustentando vocês! Conhecendo a história da Cris, aprendemos mesmo que a distância a amá-la e a colocamos em em nossas orações. Lindo o testemunho de fé e confiança em Deus da família! Aqui no Brasil, saibam que existem muitas pessoas que gostariam de abraçá-los. Que o nosso amor e conforto de alguma forma chegue até vocês!


Vivian Jardim posted on 12/3/20

Meus queridos Fabio, Eric, Sofia, Arno, Erna e Raquel, estaremos com nossa Cris em breve, pois essa vida passa depressa. Enquanto esperamos, honraremos a Cris honrando a Jesus. Que privilegio ter tido a Cris em nossa vida! Amamos voces!


Julie Frye posted on 12/3/20

Fabio and family, We are so sorry for your loss. I really enjoyed working with Cris at the bank here in Muscatine. May God embrace you with His Peace, and your memories bring you smiles.



Barbara Papa posted on 12/3/20

Que Deus abençoe a família de vocês e que a luz, os ensinamentos e o amor que a Cris nos ensinou, continue em nossos corações por toda a nossa vida.


Genieri posted on 12/3/20

Queridos Fábio, Eric, Sophia, Arno, Erna e Raquel, continuamos em oração para que Jesus console o coração de cada um de vocês. A Cris estará para sempre em nossos corações! Ela tocou a vida de cada um que teve o privilégio de a conhecer, o seu legado viverá em mim enquanto eu viver. Essa foi a maneira que encontrei de honrar a vida da Cris. Vivendo a vida “to the fullest” Deus os abençoe, todo o nosso amor e carinho para vocês! Família Beppler


César Maurício Baasch Filomeno posted on 12/3/20

Cris still lives, but now in heaven, in the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Marcos Carneiro posted on 12/3/20

Em nome da Associação Luteranos Herdeiros de Worms,Brasil, me associo aos demais associados à dor do nosso conselheiro teológico e associado Rev. Arno Paganelli , pai da saudosa Cris. Durante os dois ultimos anos acompanhamos a luta da Cris pela vida e suas demonstrações de fé e pudemos participar das campanhas para que ,no que dependesse dela, a luta contra a doença fosse vencida. Sabemos que ela jamais duvidou do amor de Deus e de sua soberana vontade sobre sua vida. Um exemplo de fé, coragem e vontade de viver. Que Deus a acolha no seu reino eterno e que Cristo Jesus seja a esperança maior dos que prateiam sua partida.


Erinn Giammarinaro Abbazia posted on 12/2/20

My sincere and heartfelt condolences to the Lundquist family. I knew Drew (Andy) in high school. He was such a nice guy and, though we didn’t keep in touch, I have fond memories of him. My prayers are with you.


Derek Churchill posted on 12/2/20

I met Linnaeus ( Dusty ) Walton about 35 years ago when he was touring North America on motorcycle. He was in St. John's, Newfoundland, where I was a Police Officer. He was staying at a local hotel, however, I brought him home to meet my family. He stayed for 10 days and the friendship was formed. When he left to go back to the U.S. I called in sick and we rode our bikes across the island together. He returned to Newfoundland several times after that and we continued to stay in touch via e-mail, Facebook, etc. I was shocked to hear of his passing. He was very good to my children when they were young and I will be forever grateful for that. He will be missed.


Karen posted on 12/2/20

I met Drew at the gym, and always thought he had the warmest persona. When we did a half marathon together about 2 years ago, was when I really got to know what an amazing person he was. We talked about any & everything, and he was the kindest, most thoughtful gentleman I knew. I will always remember his kindness & sweet spirit. This is a difficult loss & Drew will be missed by many. He will also be remembered for his impact on many. Thoughts & prayers for family & friends.



Katie Thompson posted on 12/2/20

Good friends I love you. Make me smiles love you. Your Hearts Jodi with you



Michael Meadows posted on 12/2/20

My deepest sympathy to the Lundquist family and also to Drew’s work family at Michels & Lundquist. I feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to work with Drew. He was a very loyal and dedicated associate. My thoughts and prayers are with Drew’s family at this time.


Paul Miller posted on 12/2/20

I offer my sincerest heartfelt sympathies to the Lundquist family. I looked forward to my fitness class in large part due to the joy he made us feel. So kind hearted and extremely witty. His many friends are saddened by this tremendous loss to our community but I know his legacy of caring will live on in our hearts and lives. Thank you Drew for the fond memories.


Ellen Holeman posted on 12/1/20

I remember all the plays he did with my daughter, Audrey. They had a great time. Drew was also always there when our loved ones passed. Everyone in my family that has passed has been helped by Michael's Lindquist. Drew will be missed and always remembered because of what a good person he was. I'm so sorry for your loss. I will pray for your family.


Marie Skelton posted on 12/1/20

Drew was a thoughtful, generous, caring man to everyone he met. He always put someone else’s needs first. He loved acting and putting a smile on the theatre patron’s faces. He was a good friend to my husband Charlie, and I and to Richey Suncoast Theatre. He was taken too soon and will be greatly missed!



Debra Scott posted on 12/1/20

So sorry for your loss!! Prayers for all. Love to all.


Dave amicangelo/ carolyn posted on 12/1/20

So sorry for Drew's family he was a very sweet charming man. He will be missed by many but greeted in heaven with open arms by many


Mary and Jim Julian posted on 12/1/20

Our deepest sympathy to the family. We saw many of Drews performances at Richey Theatre. He clearly loved performing. Prayers to everyone


Jodi posted on 12/1/20

Too many laughs to count, a few tears (all mine), adventures, holidays, dinners, running races, singing songs, taking pictures....lots and lots of pictures, funny faces and hugs and kisses. I don't remember how or where we met, I'm just so glad we did. You've made my world a better place and for that I am so blessed and thankful. I will always have a spot in the front row saved for you. My love always, Jodi



Laura Bustamante posted on 12/1/20

Drew and I share a brief light-hearted chat waiting for our next group fitness class to begin . In that time looking at him having. his mask on, just his eyes, I learned more of his personality and saw that he seemed to me a kind hearted man with a healthy sense of humor. Happy to have had that exchange


Scott and Sarah Sykes posted on 12/1/20

To the entire Lundquist family and the Michels and Lundquist staff, we are so sorry for your loss. Drew was such a nice person and always willing to help no matter the task. Prayers for all.



Alissa Mitchell posted on 12/1/20

Rest in Paradise, Drew. You are obviously loved and missed by so many and its really inspiring how many hearts you touched and lives you influenced. Deepest prayers for your family at home and our family here at work, we are all missing you right now. I'm very honored to have met you and known you in the short time I did ❤


Roger& -Carol Gibson posted on 12/1/20

We were shocked and saddened by the passing of Drew. In my time at M&L he was a pleasure to work with. Our condolences ,and prayers go out to Betty and the family. May he rest in peace.


Elaine Llewellyn posted on 12/1/20

My deepest sympathy to Drews family and his work family.


Susan Perry posted on 11/30/20

So sorry to hear about Drew. He had a smile that could light up even the darkest room. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the team at M&L.



Denise A. O'Neill posted on 11/30/20

I have so many fond memories and the fun we had as kids (can’t possibly mention 1)


Monin Gonzalez posted on 11/30/20

Querido Hermano Toño. Siempre te recuerdo con mucho cariño y recuerdo los tiempos que tu, Evelia, Adrian y yo pasamos juntos. Que Descanses en Paz en los brazos de nuestro Señor y su Santisima Madre. Mis oraciones para Evelia y tu familia.


Zaivette posted on 11/30/20

I love you Grandpa so much ♥️ I’ve been having a hard time excepting that your no longer here in the flesh. My Memories play over and over in my head and I hear your laughter. I miss you so much. Thank you for being the best Grandpa. I love you and we will see each other again soon.


Lisandra Figueroa posted on 11/29/20

Mi Pai querido, mi compañero de pláticas de pelota. Ya te extraño un montón. Que vueles alto mi ángel de la guarda! Me imagino la gran fiesta que se formó en el cielo cuando llegasteis y te reencontraste con tus suegros, tu mamá, con abuela Rosa, Tío Yello, Amaury, Titi Herminia, Tio Pewee y todos los que llegaron antes que ti. Que recibimiento! Que descanse en paz Pai.


Tiffany Johnson posted on 11/29/20

Daddy I miss you so much! I wish the cancer didn't take you so soon. I love you so much daddy. May you rest in peace.


Beka posted on 11/29/20

Thank for being the best papa a girl could ask for. Thank you for the unconditional love and support throughout my life. I will graduate PA school with you in my heart and continue to make you proud. Sorry I couldn’t officially become your doctor. I promise when I go to checkers I will leave you only the small fries ❤️ I love you to the moon and back my papa❤️ My you Rest In Peace with our Heavenly Father


Sandra Brouillard posted on 11/29/20

The best father you could ever asked for, the rock of our family, he always put someone else need ahead of his own, always happy I’m forever great full to had you as my dad. Rest In Peace Daddy (papa).


Paul Lariviere posted on 11/27/20

My condolence go's out to Theodore, i have known Theodore for 59 years.


Idamary posted on 11/26/20

I will be forever grateful for all what you did for me. You was the most wonderful, loving, caring father I could ever have. I will miss you forever. I love you papa



Cindy Engel posted on 11/26/20




Lauren Lewis posted on 11/26/20

I will miss you very much teddy. Rest in peace ❤



Dawn posted on 11/24/20

Today’s the 23rd of November. 23 days that you have been gone and went to meet our maker. I know you’re in a better place but I miss you tremendously. I love you mom. Fly high Angel, till we meet again. P.S. Drop down a coin so I know you’re thinking of me or even a feather because I’m thinking of you all the time. I LOVE YOU ❤️


Jerry and Vivian Raposa posted on 11/24/20

Peachie so sorry to hear of Teddy’s passing. I remember how much Pam enjoyed being with you both. Condolences to your family.


Jerry and Vivian Raposa posted on 11/24/20

So sorry to learn of Teddy’s passing. I remember how much Pam enjoyed being with you, Teddy and the gang.



Anita and Amos posted on 11/24/20

Such a sweet, kind man. Amos and I will miss him so very much.



Stanley indyck. (Pete) posted on 11/23/20

So sorry for the family lost we all had good times together Ted will be missed all the brothers and sisters will be together in heven god bless and love you all



Kathleen Wolfendon posted on 11/23/20

My Memories of Uncle Teddy are so fond, i will miss him dearly. I can remember him always treating me like i was a special young lady as a child and an adult. I can remember his laugh while playing cards with my daddy (david) Miss you very much xo


Linda Larabie posted on 11/23/20

So sorry for your lost to Peachie and family sending prayers and hugs


Sandy Buck posted on 11/23/20

Prayers for Peachie and family. Teddy was a friendly caring soal. Always greeted you with a hello. May God grant you peace.


Julie Roberts posted on 11/23/20

Prayers to you all. Teddy was just a kind man. You girls meant everything to him.. He will be missed.



The Blanchet Family posted on 11/23/20

RIP Teddy. We will miss you ❤️


Cynthia Cole posted on 11/22/20

On November 13th 2020 I lost my best friend of 22yrs. I have had the privilege of caring for him the past 6 months. He enjoyed life in the outdoors to include surfing, fishing, scuba diving, riding his motorcycle and so much more. Cole was a kind soul. He would give you the shirt off his back and the last penny in his pocket. He was loved by all that met him. When he loved he loved deeply. His children Austin and Hunter were his life. He will be missed dearly and forever in our hearts.


Constance Cole Karchner posted on 11/20/20

You will be forever missed brother...and NEVER forgotten. You are now free to swim in the waters again! You are free to ride the waves and pull in another big one! Love you!


Matthew and Karen Karl posted on 11/19/20

Our deepest condolences and prayers for your loss. May God keep Bobby and ease your sorrow


Dinah and Nick Kalafatis posted on 11/18/20

The world has lost an incredible, loving,father,son,brother and friend, whose life touched many.Armado ,Lucy and family you have our sincere condolences, prayers and our unending love.


Bill and Sara Brandt posted on 11/18/20

Dear Armando and Lucy, Please know that God is going to give you both the comfort and peace that you will need to get through it. We dont visit you as much but we are always thinking about you. Now we are praying for you and your family. God bless you both


Albina Marques & Tony Marques posted on 11/18/20

Dear Lucy & Armando Botelho I am so very sad for your great loss. May God accept Robert in His Kingdom & grant him eternal peace. Please accept our condolences.


Maggie & Corey Hagar posted on 11/18/20

We are so saddened by this news. So many wonderful memories in school and on soccer fields. Prayers and love for all the family.


Kelly Falsetti posted on 11/17/20

I am so very sorry and saddened to hear of this horrible news. My deepest condolences go to The Botelho Family. I’ve known Bobby since Kathy and I were kids. He was like a little brother growing up. He was such a precious little boy. I remember what a sweet, thoughtful and polite little boy he was and even was also as an adult. He was always a good person with a good heart and a cheerful smile. He always had a hug whenever he seen me. He will be forever missed. Rest In Peace Bobby, we will always love and miss you my friend. May God Bless The Botelho Family with Strength, Courage and Peace now and in the time to come.


Linda Silva posted on 11/17/20

My deepest condolences to Armando, Lucy, Aubre and family.. My heart breaks with this sad news.. I pray you all find peace during this difficult time. God be with you all.


Ratna Dhingra posted on 11/17/20

My heart is breaking today. Bobby was like a son to me.I knew him since the day he was born. He spent countless hours in our home and was a beautiful charming little boy.He was a great dad,called me so many times for advice and to say he loved me. Our children are devastated. May God give his wonderful parents and sister strength—it is so surreal—I cannot believe it. We love you Bobby—always did and always will—you will live through your wonderful daughter. We miss you already ♥️


Debbie Pacheco posted on 11/17/20

I’m saddened that we lost touch when the family moved to Florida, Rest In Peace cousin, my deepest sympathies to the entire family



Sonia posted on 11/16/20

I have so many amazing memories of us growing up. My heart is broken. I gonna miss you.



Dawn posted on 11/13/20

Mom it’s been 13 days, yesterday the service was rough. I miss you dearly I cry a lot, I called the house in hope in hope of hearing your Voice, or even hearing you make some noiseswishful thinking but I have a Lotta memories, I have a lot of your phone calls we’ve called and left messages on my machine, I have videos of you and I when I’m doing your nails or I’m feeding you. I do have a Lotta good memories but some people just like to spoil the memories, and that’s a shame..... I love you mommy till we meet again.


ARLENE KEEL posted on 11/11/20

Bill, So so sorry to hear about Bea. You are in my thoughts. Arlene Keel



Cindy Engel posted on 11/11/20

Dear Dad, Tomorrow is Veterns day, i want to take a minute to wish you a Happy Veterans Day, and Thank you for all you did. I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH DAD LOVE YOU ALWAYS YOUR DAUGHTER CINDY XOXOXO XOXOXO XOXOXO XOXOXO XOXOXO



Sherry posted on 11/10/20

Sad to learn of your passing and the circumstances.



Anthony F Ryan posted on 11/8/20

My name is Tony Ryan. I worked as a foreman with Tom at a highrise in Tampa and at the School Board in Brooksville. Years later, Tom became a superintendent, and I worked for him. Tom was always friendly and happy and he will be missed. My condolences to the family.



Dawn posted on 11/8/20

Today has been one week already it seems like forever I cry in the dark not being able to see you and give you your kisses and how you would laugh at me when I did the little kisses in a row. I listen to your voicemails when you used to call me I listen to you when I fed you a couple weeks ago and I videoed of it and I told you I loved you and you said I love you too Dawney. I wish there was a stay away from heaven did I could take you back here and you would be healthy he can spend more time with us. I miss you so much mommy I love you with all my heart. Sore like the angel that you are. until we meet again just remember I love you with all my ❤️


William Durr posted on 11/8/20

Bea remember this from th wedding i'll always remember how good you felt the first time we danced and I knew as we swayed to the music and held to each other I'd fall in love with you I'll always remember that magic moment when we stepped on the dance floor as we danced together I knew forever your all I'll ever need Can I have you dear for the rest of my life will you be my partner not just my wife when we're together it feels so right can I have you dear for the rest of our lives Love you always sweet heart Bill


Donna posted on 11/7/20

R.I.P. my beautiful sister, I will always treasure all our laughs, and long talks, and how you always watched over me as a little girl. You will forever be in my heart. until we meet again, fly high! I love you now and forever.


Lila Noe posted on 11/7/20

Queen Bea, Queenie. Thank you for loving me like one of your own. Your heart... so big, loving, and caring, you will be missed by so many. Watch over all your loved ones from heaven above and keep us safe. Thank you for asking if it would be ok to be my mom, knowing the hurt I had when I lost my own dear mom. It made the hole in my heart heal. Thank you for being proud of who I am and for talking with me about my passions. I will miss that forever. Until we meet again... I love you always. Love, Lila


August Kain posted on 11/6/20

The joy I saw and love I saw when I first met and after love and support your daughter Dawn had for you taking care fixing food full of love for you and your husband showed how devoted she was to family and love you both shared I know she loves you dearly I was blessed to have met you both on that cruise I was going through a tough time and you all took me in as family and you both continued to after thank you



Carol Ann Mitchell posted on 11/5/20



Carol Ann Mitchell posted on 11/5/20

Bea, my sister, I love you sooo much and miss you too. You were amazing and wonderful. You were the absolutely the BEST! Till we meet again. I love you Gigi


Brenda posted on 11/4/20

Grandma thank you for being such an amazing person in my life! We will miss you everyday until we meet again! Love you Love, Bren, John, Alexis, Cayden, Michael, Andrew, & Ashton



Dawn posted on 11/4/20

Fly high my guardian angel ❤️ Till we meet again Mom❤️


Dawn posted on 11/4/20

Mom, I miss you so much. I still call every morning and two more time’s a day. Wanting to hear your voice. I know you’re in a better place. I Love You❤️ Till we meet again



Kimberly posted on 11/3/20

Aunt Bea, may you rest now in the Peace you so deserve. I will Miss you Forever.


Donna M Welker posted on 11/2/20

To my beautiful daughter, it's been 3 long months and I haven't stopped think about you, know that I love you very much, my heart stopped beating the day they told me you were gone, part of my heart will always be with you up above, please watch over us all, I know that you are not in pain anymore, rest in peace Rachel Ann. Love your mom



Cindy Engel posted on 11/1/20



Ron & Sue Durgan posted on 10/30/20

We lost a good friend. Spent some great times and shared many stories at Lake Louisa State Park in Florida. Our sincerest condolences to all of his his family and friends. RIP Hugh.


Mike Scaringe posted on 10/29/20

Memories of a great teammate from SLHS basketball team and a great friend to all May you rest in peace and prayers to you and your family.


Taliyah Millner posted on 10/29/20

wow its been almost five years since i last saw you i miss you more than ever life been hard without you, you always knew how to cheer people up i guess this time you won't be the one cheering us up. Its sad seeing mama like this without you i wish i would have been able to go to your funeral i never got to say goodbye losing you was like a knife going through my heart i wish you was still here i wish you never left us life sucks i don't have my father figure in my life anymore i didn't even say goodbye when we left for Tennessee i wish i could spend one more day with you i wish i was able to go to your house and talk to you it hurts so bad that we all had to say goodbye to you so soon you were so young life sucks why out of all the people in the world god decided to take you you was the rock of this family and when you died we all fell apart i just want my family back i just want you back here with us to see you laugh again or to spend another Christmas with you and our family it sucks man i wish you could read this there will always be a hole in my heart since you left i have so much more to say but i have to get back to school i hope heaven is as good as they say i love you so much uncle and i miss you more than ever rest up and save me a spot in heaven


Denise Rodriguez posted on 10/29/20

Grandma, you're were the queen of my life. I will miss you every day for the remainder of my life. Thank you for all of the life lessons and giving me some of the best childhood memories ❤


Deanna Wall posted on 10/29/20

Fran was such an elegant and beautiful soul. Her smile and quiet nature lit up a room as she danced. She will be greatly missed by the dance community, family and friends!


Bob DeMaro posted on 10/28/20

A friend in high school one of the best rest in piece Hugh


Penny McFee posted on 10/27/20

My Dear Sister (Penny I), Best Friend and My Hero. You will be missed forever. Enjoy those new wings.


Karen Woods posted on 10/27/20

Memories of a true gentleman and a friend. Reunions at Lake Louisa and friendships of the class of ‘65 live strong in my heart. Rest In Peace Hugh.



Rose Lobdell posted on 10/26/20

Condolences to all..


Nitch Family posted on 10/25/20

Rest In Peace Ed.


Kayshla F posted on 10/25/20

I remember our highschool days and the few times we hung out. You where kind and easy going. Had a contagious smile. I remember how smart you where and that one time Coach Quarto mixed us up. You are missed.


Tami Rivera posted on 10/25/20

Ed, me and the boys will miss you this Thanksgiving camping trip that you were supposed to be a part of. You were my constant in life. I could always count on you. You showed all of us unconditional love. You lived life to the fullest. I miss you so much but know we’ll be together again.


David P Cruz posted on 10/23/20

We went back and forth will miss her so much. Love and kisses.


Rob Johnsom posted on 10/23/20

Ray was like a brother to me. I will truly miss him pulling up next to me at a light or behind Danny's out of no where and say what's up buddy what are you doing? I say getting off work he say you don't work lol let's Get a Beer so we Did!!!!


anonymous son posted on 10/22/20

All the times we had, that i lost are slowly fading away. so i hope to see you again, and i'm so sorry I couldn't say goodbye.


Jaela Krause posted on 10/22/20

Papa I miss you so much. May you Rest In Peace. I’m so proud that I had the chance to call you my papa and my god father. I remember when you used to take me to Ted’s on Sheridan Drive all the time to get my favorite cheese hotdogs. I wish I could have came forward as family to give you a proper ceremony cuz you deserve it. Bless your soul for serving Vietnam War 3 times. You were a proud solider and veteran. Every time Veterans Day comes up, I think about you. I miss the days I got to see you and talk to you. Let alone write you letters when you moved to Florida. Duke is a good boy and I’m sure he’s missing you more than me. I love you papa.


Donald Kirche posted on 10/21/20

During our high school years, Hugh, Billy Rutherford, Guy Nutter, and I would spend Memorial Day weekend fishing in St. Regis Pond. I often think of those fun times of our youth. Rest well my childhood friend.


Robin Duncan posted on 10/21/20

Cruises,home visits,re-unions..... All here in Florida after living different lives elsewhere after graduation from SLHS in 1965. Amazing !


Frank and Marie Demetro posted on 10/21/20

Franny was a wonderful sister; liked and loved by everyone. She truly will be missed.


Mary posted on 10/20/20

Siblings know how to push each other buttons but they also know how to mend things faster then anyone else. A loss sister is like the missing blue piece in the game of life. Looking back on all the silly things we would do together. You will always be my big sister. I love you. Rest in peace sis


Mari posted on 10/20/20

She was my influence in life. She was the only one that can control me. Lol How I’m going to miss her


Barbara Usher Sullivan posted on 10/19/20

I'm so sorry to see this. Don and I went to school together, and when we ran into each other several years ago, we laughed about being 4th grade sweethearts. My condolences to your family.


Suzanna mclean posted on 10/19/20

Best husband and dad I could have ever asked for I love and miss you so much


Kathy Idarola posted on 10/19/20

Bud and Janice were a wonderful, loving and caring couple. My thoughts and prayers to the family.


Melanie Dorsey posted on 10/18/20

Oh Trey, it is so hard living in this world without you. I love and treasure you always. I think about you all the time. I know you would be thrilled that the Rays made it to the World Series. Love you, bro.


Susan posted on 10/18/20

I was so very sad to hear of Franny’s passing. Last year we were able to reconnect after many years. It was such a great visit. Such a lovely person . She will sadly be missed. RIP


Leslie Glover posted on 10/17/20

I am so distraught over the passing of my very dear friend. Words cannot express what an amazing person she was. And most of all, she loved God and her church.


Don & Marian Leamy posted on 10/17/20

So Terrible and Sad, Fran was a wonderful lady and beloved by all who knew her. She will always be remembered.


Rebecca (Gray) Hoch posted on 10/17/20

I loved Uncle Don, he would visit us in summers when I was a kid, go camping with us, fishing, swimming and we always had a good time. He was a good man. My mom (Rubietta) and her brother Bill (Klootwyk) considered him like another brother. They always looked after and helped each other. I will miss him very much.



Yasmin Colon posted on 10/15/20

Grandma I will always love now you may Rest In Peace Til we meet again I’m so glad got to cherish the time with you til the very end Oxoxo


George Martínez posted on 10/15/20

My sincere condolences to your family and friends.Titi Paulina was & always will be a part of my life.


Carmen Vazquez posted on 10/15/20

I knew Paulina as the mother-in-law to my deceased brother Pichy. A growing I attended the same church she attended in Yonkers, NY. For several years, She will be truly missed by all family & friends.


Digna Mascorro posted on 10/14/20

We will see you again one day Paulina! Te oigo diciéndole a Mami, “Delfa esto aquí es inexplicablemente bello, bello! Estoy en paz”


Robert Knotts posted on 10/14/20

Don was a great guy always friendly and always willing to help out if you need him.


Jose Chamorro posted on 10/14/20

She was also my grandmother and without her I wouldn't be in this world. She will be missed and in my heart forever. May god continue to bless her for eternity. I love you your grandson ..


Gtasiela Irizarry posted on 10/14/20

She was my Grandmother and she will be Greatly Missed


Gtasiela Irizarry posted on 10/14/20

She was my Grandmother and she will be greatly missed.


ARELIS TRONCOSO posted on 10/14/20

Have fond memories of you when when I visited your house in Yonkers, you were always so nice gracious and sweet, Rest in peace



Bishop Chuck @Susan House posted on 10/14/20

From the House Family! I hear her saying to us in the heavens. Don't cry for me today, I wouldn't want it this way. Be strong and smile,


Sophia Page posted on 10/14/20

My deepest condolences to you and your family.may you be surrounded by her love and memories..God bless you all.


Laurie Beaulieu posted on 10/14/20

Jack was such a joy. We had so much fun playing cards and the great parties and cook outs at his parents home. We will miss Jack. Our deepest condolences and prayers to you Cheryl and your family. Love Aunt Laurie and Uncle Rick


Damaris posted on 10/14/20

Seeing her smile


Taffi Thompson posted on 10/14/20

I will always think of Don when I see a John Wayne movie. My thoughts and prayers of strength for entire family.


Linda Johnson posted on 10/14/20

Don, i am so lucky to have known you over the years. Your whole family has always made me feel like a part of your family. Rest in peace. You will be in my thoughts forever


Laura Brockhum Lee posted on 10/14/20

Burt is my favorite cousin we grew up together when we were young we had some great times he great person we started talking more lately on Facebook he always calls me cuz I think about this all the time I am gonna miss him but I know his Mom and Dad was waiting for him I love ya cuz and I miss ya bad


Tammy (Gray) McDaniel posted on 10/14/20

He was the coolest cop I've ever met, he was silly and bubbly and always made me feel happy. I truly treasure the time I had with him and hate that we didn't get more. My deepest condolences to all of you. Again, and again. I just loved that man.


The Kilrains (and del Rio) posted on 10/14/20

We are so sorry for your loss. Jack was a good person and brought you so much joy. We are all sending you love. ❤


Donna Penman posted on 10/14/20

Although I only met Jack about a year ago he was always very kind to me. I could see how much Jack loved his wife Cheryl. They seemed like the perfect fit & she took excellent care of him with such loving care. He will be missed by so many. Rest In Peace Jack.


Robb Zimmerman posted on 10/14/20

Don and Family My sincere condolences My families thoughts and prayers are wit all of you Thank you for your service to our country and our county RIP Don Sincerely Robb and Family



Chris Lewin posted on 10/13/20

Will be missed


Jim and Barbara Doyle posted on 10/13/20

Praying for peace for you and your family to know Jack is now pain free.


Jim and Barbara Doyle posted on 10/13/20

Praying for peace that Jack is at peace and pain free.


RIta Stanford posted on 10/13/20

Jack was a very sweet man who no doubt loved his wife and was blessed by her. What a sweet couple.


Jennifer Stake White posted on 10/13/20

I never met Jack but I know how happy you two were together, he was a special blessing. Sending love and prayers as you navigate this difficult time.



Candi and Jerry Davis posted on 10/13/20

All the great times and love you always showed me.I love you and miss you terribly


Catherine Schneider posted on 10/13/20

Only knew Jack a short time but he liked to have fun and enjoyed playing Pokeno, along with other board games. He was a joy to be around Jack you will be missed. You join the great Yankee pitcher Whitey Ford who recently died. Now you can talk Baseball. I know you will rest.


Debra Scott posted on 10/13/20

Jack will be missed dearly. Love you my friend.



Debra Scott posted on 10/13/20

Jack was a great man.loved by all. He will be missed you my friend._



Karleen Frederick posted on 10/12/20

My thoughts and prayers to Raylene and Family. Just know that Burt will always be watching over you all.


Susan Broward posted on 10/12/20

We are so very sorry to hear of Lauren’s passing. Such a beautiful young woman and an equally beautiful soul.



Melissa snell posted on 10/12/20

You all are in our thoughts and prayers and we are so very sorry to hear of the loss of your dear loved one.


Pearl Gritzback posted on 10/12/20

Rest in paradise burt.Sorry for the loss of ur husband and father raylene and kids.



Raylene posted on 10/12/20

Till we meet again my love


Leona posted on 10/11/20

Burt was a awesome guy so sorry to hear about his passing my prayers are with the family


Ellen & Rick Lair posted on 10/11/20

Our deepest sympathy to Rayleen and the kids,he will be remembered with fond memories.


Cortney Sparks posted on 10/11/20

Wow, I can't even believe I'm seeing this. You have been such an amazing friend since we were 12-13 years old. We have had Soo many great times together, so much laughter & happiness! REST iN PEACE pretty girl **** until we cross paths again, FLY HiGH!


Andy Farley posted on 10/9/20

Kenny, though we never had a chance to say goodbye, I'm looking forward to saying hello again.


Gina posted on 10/8/20

May you be at peace my old friend. Sorry Lisa for your loss.


Laci posted on 10/5/20

Gonna miss you bunches I know my dad will as well ❤️ you JJ rest easy up there and don't give God no problems


Mandi Massenburg posted on 10/5/20

Rest easy now Tubby. I hope I make you proud. I hope Heaven has a smoking section and plenty of cold beer. You've got the best seats in the house now for every Dawg game. The hole in my heart you and Kenzie have left will never heal or be filled by another. Daddy I hope there's something after this life and somehow we are reunited. You never made me feel like I had to earn your love and you always made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl in the world in your eyes. So many loved Tubby. But I loved you most Daddy.


Kathy Idarola posted on 10/1/20

Janice was a wonderful, caring and loving woman. She always made me feel welcomed when I joined the family for some of their get togethers. My thoughts and prayers to Bud and his family.


Anne Knox posted on 10/1/20

We are so very sorry for you John and your family's loss. Janice was a beautiful women inside and out. She was someone to look up to and to strive to be like. We have so many wonderful memories of her to cherish. I especially remember working on the newsletter for CUMC and on the pancake breakfast. But what I remember most about her is her smile and her grace. Rest in peace our dear friend. .I can here the Lord saying to her :|"Well done my good and faithful servant" Love, Anne and Bob Knox


Tony Clark posted on 9/30/20

To the friends and family of Tom. Tom will surely be missed. He was a stand up guy and we at McKesson could always count on not just his strong will and humor but his knowledge and integrity of his job. He will certainly be missed from his work at McKesson and I am sure, other customers that he had. Our hearts hang heavy today thinking of him. RIP "Forklift Tom".



Denise B posted on 9/28/20

Will miss talking with my dear friend Sue.


Cindy Johnson posted on 9/28/20

Sending prayers and deepest sympathy for the family may you Rest In Peace and fly high my angel


Catherine bates posted on 9/28/20

RIP Thomas u ware such a good friend thank u for helping me out with my hard times and talking me into dating my husband fly high tt rip my friend


David Adams posted on 9/27/20

I’ll miss you my friend we had a lot of laughs together. God may have you but I have the memories.



Scott and Alice Blair posted on 9/27/20

Sending my condolences to the family rusty was a wonderful person always make ya laugh



Heather Short posted on 9/27/20

TT, I had just gotten the opportunity to meet you in the last few weeks. You had a smile that lit up a room and a personality that people don't forget. That's how much of an impression & impact you left on me in the short time I knew. You will forever be missed.


Ronnie and Kimberly Peters posted on 9/27/20

Wrote “Ken Ruzika and his fur babies” in the sand at Myrtle Beach this morning and the tide should take you away. Rest In Peace friend!



Joann Morrison posted on 9/27/20

Want say am sorry for loss of Rusty and know he was a very special young man who had no fear he had love for his kids parents and sister am so sorry for you loss but his memories will live on in all



Denise Simcick posted on 9/26/20

Sending prayers for strength and comfort to the whole family. Rusty will be remembered fondly!



Perscilla posted on 9/26/20

May you rest in peace... You will be so missed by everyone who knew you...


Diane Ingoglia posted on 9/25/20

Sorry for your loss.May she rest in peace


Della &Jimmie Perry posted on 9/23/20

First trip across a state line with him to Currituck county. Then we moved there in 74. Loved our puppet ministry that he taught us to do. Encouraging to Jimmie and me throughout our life. I shall always remember his love for Betty as she proceeded through her illness. The care he continued with Samantha after Losing Betty. They joy just being in there home. God bless Johnny, Chuck, Donna and Samantha. We love you all.


Lisa K Baar posted on 9/23/20

I was always honest with u and I always cared alot about u.i wish I could trade places with u, if I could I would so u could be with your family..I just dont understand??.I guess 1 day I will when we meet up again.thank u for the greatest gift I could ever ask for..and for that you will forever live on in my heart..and prayers for your family too.



Wanda Ashenfelter posted on 9/22/20




Stephanie Pisano posted on 9/22/20

Love lives on


Stephanie Pisano posted on 9/22/20

♡ My heart will never be the same. I'll always Love you and I'll never stop missing you. ♡ Thanks for looking out for me when we were young. See you on the other side dear brother.


Joyce (Don) Petry posted on 9/22/20

The best Big Brother anyone ever had , We Love You and some day We will all be a Family again !so sorry we’re not able to come and be with Y’all, Love to everyone and My heart goes out to Each and one of y’all ❤️❤️❤️❤️!


John zinke posted on 9/20/20

You will be missed but never forgotten.


Gulfside Staff member posted on 9/19/20

A mother's love is alive forever. In the lessons she taught and in the hearts of the children she raised. Prayers to out to Linda and all her family in this time of sadness.


Tricia werstein posted on 9/16/20

YOU WILL BE MISSED FOREVER my thoughts an prayers go to your family . May you Rest In Peace my friend



Tricia Werstein posted on 9/16/20

You will be missed forever.. sending my thoughts an prayers to you family ❤️ May you rest easy T


Amy Remy posted on 9/15/20

To my beautiful son Thomas, i love you more than words can or could ever say.. I can now say im completely beautifully broken.. Nothing can ever put me back together again.. I am so sorry mommy wasn't there to have ur back as i always have.. Im so sorry you died alone svared & not knowing how or why they killed you is i believe it was a robbery.. You came home with enough money to get mommy a car & home.. They will get theirs if it's the last thing ever i see done.. I am so lost without you.. You've always been my son #1 & #2 my best friend my ride or die.. You & i been to hell in back a couple times in 29 yrs.. You was such an amazing & friend! Everyone loved you as soon as they meet you.. you had such an amazing gift with people and how you are how you treated them. I just know that we have to keep your memory alive for your son Aiden he's 7 years old and he will know who his daddy was we will make sure that. I love you so much and I still am so lost without you & idk how im gonna make it.. Im gonna fight the cancer for you.. So Aiden knows all about his daddy.. I was so proud to be called your mother you made me so proud you're an amazing man and I love you so much R.I.P baby you fly over us all.. Those of you in heaven ate so lucky to have gained a new spirited young man y'all get ready to have fun. I love you son with everything that I had and I miss you so much I'm so broken without you


Southwood Class of 1967 posted on 9/15/20

To The Family of Ray, We the Southwood High School Class of 1967 want to send our Deepest Sympathy to each of Ray's family. We are so sorry for your lose and ours. He was a dear friend to many in our class. He made the 3rd classmate to pass in 4 days, May you each find comfort in your many fond memories. Southwood High School Class of 1967


Southwood Class of 1967 posted on 9/15/20

To Rays Family. We the Southwood High School Class of 1967 send our deepest sympathy to all of Ray's family. We are sadden for your lose and ours. He was a dear friend to many of our class. He will be missed and remembered. May you each find much comfort in your many fond memories. Southwood High School Class 1967



Nikki posted on 9/14/20

My brother was a loving and amazing person. He was kind hearted and cared about everyone even when he acted like he didn't his love still shined through. He has made some mistakes in his life but who doesn't. He has learned, loved, and grew. He didn't live the best life but i hope he lived a good one. He was my bestfriend the closest thing to me I love him so much and think about him every day. We were always so close bestfriends since I was born he raised me, cared for me, and loved me and he will remain in my heart and mind forever I hope he is it peace and has no worries. I promise I'm going to make you proud Thomas ima accomplish everything for you ! I love you so much ! You will live on even if you arnt here with us anymore. Gone but never forgotten. Real ones neva die. Ima make it in life because I had you. Through everything nmw you'll always be my d1. I love you so much and i miss you. I think about you everyday all day. I hope you truly understand how much you mean to me and how much i love you. Fly high my brotha i love you my g.


Mike Novello posted on 9/13/20

To all the Lombardos and my dear friend Marty - your mom was a wonderful lady and always so welcoming. Our sincere condolences to all of you during this tough time. She and your Dad raised a great family that will always make her proud. Love Mike, Claire, Dani and James Novello


Gary bateman posted on 9/12/20

I can't explain. Like the song from who and the scorpions


Gary bateman posted on 9/12/20

My best friend


Tiffany posted on 9/12/20

My Uncle Mike was a down to earth,huge hearted Man. He definately brightened&always put a smile on my face whenever I was around him. I will cherish all the memories I have had with him until the day I see him again. Rest In Paradise!! Love you always


Ryan Campbell posted on 9/12/20

My Amazing Uncle, he brought laughs and happiness wherever he went, there wasn't a day he couldn't brighten and a problem he couldn't fix; he only had goodness in his heart. Much Love.


Ryan Campbell posted on 9/12/20

My Amazing Uncle, he always brought laughs and happiness, he took one day at a time and was a good person; Much Love.


Adrienne Pisano posted on 9/12/20

I miss my brother so much.its like a terrible dream..Michael was such a good hearted. Person.and pretty silly at times.I will never forget my dear sweet brother .until we meet again Luv u❤


Joe posted on 9/12/20

Mike was the beat uncle anyone could ask for. He always put a smile on everyones face.. You will be missed uncle mike


Diane Solomon posted on 9/12/20

A dear friend My heartfelt condolences


Diane Solomon posted on 9/12/20

Lydia was a dear friend and I will miss her. We formed an immediate bond and continued our friendship after she moved to assisted living. I admired the determination which enabled her to overcome her parents objections and earn a college education with the encouragement of her husband while raising a large family. With sincere sympathy. Diane


Donna Heiland posted on 9/11/20

The LORD needs Help to Answer Prayers. God is with his Family,Friends,Co Workers and all Whom knew him.



Donna Heiland posted on 9/11/20

May he Rest In Peace and in the Arms of GOD.


Justin posted on 9/11/20

We didn't agree on everything but I really did enjoy the many great conversations with you over the years since meeting Shayne. You were a very honest and trustworthy person, something a lot of people these days lack. RIP Mike, you will be missed.


Mike Tomaselli posted on 9/11/20

Great memories of having band practice in the Lombardo basement... 42 years later still performing with Marty... I remember your mom always being so warm and friendly and of course always offering us food, like all Italians do. She will be missed, my deepest sympathy to the whole Lombardo family, my though and prayers are with you!


Mike Gallucci posted on 9/10/20

A wonderful, loving woman who was an inspiration to all! Love you Aunt Lydia. May you rest peacefully with Uncle Vince, Nani, Grandpa & my Dad.


Shayne Uplegger posted on 9/10/20

Even though we disagreed a lot you will be missed Mike.


Lynda Bateman posted on 9/10/20

He was a very special person & we considered him part of our family


duane l hudson posted on 9/10/20



The Lombardo Family posted on 9/10/20

Lydia Catherine Gallucci Lombardo was loving and smart, with an insatiable thirst for learning and life. She was our mom, grandma and great-grandmother, or Noonie. She was love. Our roots. She was loved for fifty years by her husband, Vincent, who also preceded her. And she will always be remembered by her seven children; Michael (Rita), Martin (Michele), Jeanne (William), Linda, Vincent (Vicki), Christopher (Tammy) and Lydia (Cory), her thirteen grandchildren; Lauren (Lee), Ashley, Vincent, Danielle (Andrew), Brin, Krista, David, Ryan, Cara, Rachael, Alyssa, Levi, Sophia, and her two great grandchildren; Leighton and Lee, Jr.. Lydia Gallucci grew up the daughter of Pietro and Virginia Gallucci and beloved sister of Lou. Her parents, who were both Italian immigrants, learned to read English by phonetically by sounding out the Chicago tribune. But Lydia they insisted, would learn the American way. So, she went to St. Mary’s in Des Plaines, and then to St. Pats, the school where the best girls in the Chicago suburbs went. There she met friends who would remain with her throughout her life. Joanne, Rita, and all the rest. Over sixty years later, they have loved and cared for each other. Lydia was driven, swift, and smart; at her parents urging, like most women of her day, she learned secretarial skills. And donned white gloves. And took jobs in the big city of Chicago. Yet, like all well-mannered girls, she also returned by train every night to Des Plaines, Illinois, where her parents lived. It’s on those train tracks that she met our father, grandfather and great-grandfather, and her life was changed. She had known Vince Lombardo growing up. But at five years older; she was just a child and he a man. But a few years later, as it often does, time, fate and biology lent a hand. Vince saw her, now a young woman, coming off that train. And he began to meet her. night after night, until she was his. That is how Lydia Catherine Gallucci became Lydia Lombardo. Mom and Dad, from the beginning, were in sync: they wanted a large family. Each with only one sibling, they weren’t kidding around. There are seven of us. All raised and loved with their values. Lydia is our matriarch. Our mom, grandma, great grandma and “Noonie”, and each of us is who we are because of her love. And her courage. And this is where Lydia’s story gets interesting. Because she is not only the spirit of our family, but also a scholar, an intellect and the bravest mom we know. At 41 she went to college, got her Bachelor’s degree, and set her path on elevating her place in the world. In short, don’t challenge her to a test of history, theology, Scrabble or word games: she’d trounce you every time. A published and gifted writer, she had the foresight to write her memoirs for all of us, which are posted here (post link once done). At the end of all of our lives, because we are human, our questions are common. Did we matter? Was there a purpose for why we were here? For Lydia Catherine Gallucci Lombardo, the answer is resoundingly, “yes!” We are all changed because of her. We love as we do, because of how she loved. Lydia loved the ending of the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus: “Look around you,” they said. “There is not a life in this room that you have not touched, and each of us is a better person because of you. We are your symphony. We are the melodies and notes of your opus. We are the music of your life.” So, rest easy, Mom, Grandma, and Noonie. You live on. The symphony of your life continues.


Sue Harmison posted on 9/10/20

Ed was such a great guy a cops cop. He was a great squad mate who loved his 6 Mile Creek zone. He could talk about Nascar for hours and hours, that seemed to make him the happiest. RIP my friend, heaven awaits.



Christine Waters posted on 9/9/20

May Ed rest in peace


John Columbia Jr posted on 9/9/20

Ed has a great personality and was one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. I’m glad our paths crossed and he will be truly missed. May he eternally Rest In Peace.


Thomas William Singleton, posted on 9/9/20

Ed was a compassionate, loyal police officer, may he rest in peace.


Kevin posted on 9/9/20

Probably one of the best policemen to ever put on a Tampa Police badge. A good friend who taught me the right way to do the job. RIP Ed you will be missed.


Teila-jean Macias posted on 9/9/20

Soo many memories...I’m going to miss you so much chase...I owe so much to you, I don’t think me or my mother would be here without matter how bad things got or how long we would go without speaking I always knew I could count on you...I’m just gunna miss you so much.


Sandy Sanders posted on 9/8/20

Roger was personable and likable, and he liked to make people laugh. We worked together at The Suncoast News. He was a good reporter. My favorite work-related memory of Roger is when I was proof-reading a front-page of the annual Hurricane section, and closed out the section. I heard a voice behind me (Roger) quietly say, “Eye on the topics?” I gasped, and opened the page again to double check it. I had missed the typo. The headline was supposed to read, “Eye on the tropics.” Thankfully Roger caught it! We had lunch together now and then. He will be missed! My deepest condolences to his family and friends.


Amanda Desimone posted on 9/6/20

Chase, Where am I to begin? You are the one who introduced me to your amazing family. You were the one who answered any and every phone call while my little girl was in the hospital when she was 2. There is a lot of darkness in the world nowadays but you are finally not at peace and flying high among the angels. You may not be here in person but you will forever be in everyone of our hearts. I will make sure Mel keeps her head held high. She is absolutely beautiful Chase and we all know just how much you loved her and cherished every moment you had with her. We will forever love you and remember you chase! #wutang4eva #liftlife #teamdesimone


Don Brown posted on 9/5/20

Roger was a very likeable, funny guy. I worked with him when he was reporter at the Suncoast News. He loved playing guitar and he was pretty good. I might have a CD with some of his original music. His music might still be on sound cloud if that still exists. I remember we had a Jack Russell puppy who didn't get along with our other dogs. Roger took her in and those two were inseparable. Roger tried to teach me some tricks for soloing on guitar. I still remember them although I never got very good at guitar. The other thing I remember about Roger is that he liked to draw military airplanes... something he got from his father. Although I hadn't seen him for 25 years or so I still remember how kind he was and he didn't lose his Pittsburg accent.


Carolyn bowlin posted on 9/5/20

Always with the smile,Chase privileged to have you as part of our life and our family for so many years. Rest in peace . Precious child of God


Kathleen West posted on 9/5/20

Hey you, I'm alil lost for words and more so why I've been in silence for so many days. I know I've been on the outside looking in and I know I missed you while you were here on the earth; I'll miss you while you're home in heaven. When we'd see each other you'd have so much joy expressing that beautiful smile. You'd make sure to share those amazing muscles and boy would you brag‍♀️. You'd call me in your troubled times asking me for advice and guidance. You'd text me just to make sure I was ok and the kids. We'd forever reminisce about something stupid or have silly stories about grandma. Words cannot express the hurt I feel and the love I have for you. Today is your special day. I may not be there in flesh but I'm there in spirit. Fly high Michael 'Chase' - you my love have earned your wings. Give Grandma a huge kiss and hug for me. Forever in my heart - Kat P.S. Your cousins love you dearly. Alex will never forget the episode that occurred behind the house in Hudson when the woods mysteriously went on fire. Jordan Desimone, Alex Abrego, Alex Alexander, Eddie DeSimone, You and the neighborhood kids, yeah that time! I say will that your brother Alex would watch in silence Love you kid from us all - Alex, Isabel, Amare, and Me



Tara Bishop posted on 9/5/20

So many memories come to mind when I think of chase. Such a great guy, had the biggest heart ever and was so sweet to everyone. He will be missed.


Christian Johnson posted on 9/5/20

I remember Chase from high school. Always had a smile on his face, nothing but positive energy. I haven't seen him ever since leaving high school but just recently saw pictures of him a day prior to his passing. It saddens me to see friends of any kind, close or far, to leave us so soon. He will be greatly missed. I wish nothing but peace and healing for his family and loved ones. Sincerely, Christian Johnson


CARMEN LAKE posted on 9/5/20

We had so much fun when she was learning how to drive from 2001 to 2002 :-) I have many memories of her riding with me to the grocery stores, mall, to Tallahassee, and many other places - she always made these outings loads of fun.


Rosetta Gaillard posted on 9/4/20

I will always remember her Big smile ,when she answers the door. Our deepest condolences


Jeanette rivera posted on 9/4/20

Chase can’t believe this is happening but there’s is not better feeling the the feeling of freedom! Fly high watch over us and until we meet again rest easy❤️


Drea & George Stewart posted on 9/4/20

To the entire DeSimone family, we send our love and prayers.


Bonnie Rodriguez posted on 9/4/20

Dearest Chase: Walk in Sunshine May you always walk in sunshine and God's love around you flow, for the happiness you gave us, no one will ever know. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone, a part of us went with you, the day God called you home. A million times we've needed you, a million times we've cried, if love could only have saved you, you never would have died. Love you, Love Bonnie XOXO


Bonnie Rodriguez posted on 9/4/20

Love you Chase you will be missed dearly. Your friend always, Bonnie xoxoxo


Adrian posted on 9/3/20

Too many good times to count. I always felt like family spending the night at your house. Much love. Until we meet again!


Patrina Smalls posted on 9/3/20

My second mom. I will miss you so much. Praying for you all.


Kevin Shumelda posted on 9/3/20

I just saw this and wanted to let you and your family know Peg that there are those of us out there who are holding your hand through the distance and wishing you all well. He was far too young and sounded like a good young man. May God be will you all .


Joel King posted on 8/30/20

I always said she was an angel. I wish she had grace this earth longer.


Sharon Burroughs posted on 8/29/20

Two weeks ago today God called you home leaving a void in my heart that only you could fill.I will love and miss you forever. Rest in peace Your Wifee



Lisa posted on 8/27/20

Rest in peace


Lisa posted on 8/27/20

May you rest in peace, Ken May you be surrounded by all your dogs and be with dad again. May you be rid of all your pain.... I pray you will always look after and guide your Godson/Nephew, Richard...God bless you!! with love. Your Sister, Lisa



Scott Gordon Powell posted on 8/27/20

Stopping by to say I miss your laugh (you really had a cute laugh), I miss your big beautiful brown eyes, and I miss your smile. If I'm being honest, I'm constantly reminded of you by various things and it's a little maddening. The other day at work I heard a car blaring that damned Buzzcocks song you love (the one I played and you really liked, then proceeded to play all the time on your 'Groundhog Day' playlist). It made me happy to be reminded of you, and sad that I'll never see you dance to it ever again in this life. I love you Kristin Danielle Carricarte (slash) Nicholson!



Barbara Fortin posted on 8/26/20

Miss you my friend. Did not see you much in the last few years but when we did it was a great time..


Liran posted on 8/25/20

Steven was one of my closest mates during our Birthright trip. We roomed together and shared many similarities. After our trip to Israel, we even hung out a number of times in Tampa. Steven has a beautiful and kind soul and we shared an impactful moment of our lives together for 10 days. Thanks for that buddy!



Cynthia Corey Bernard posted on 8/24/20

May you Rest In Peace



Kathleen Kane posted on 8/22/20

Sometime smooth sailing and sometime stormy seas. We once shared love and life together briefly and though we had been out of touch for many years, I offer prayers for you soul and for the healing of your family.


Deborah Manila posted on 8/21/20

Michael no matter what challenges either of may have been experiencing, somehow we always made each other laugh. Our bond was strong no matter the distance traveled between us. You courageously fought to get back home to be with Vicki & the family, both whom you loved dearly. And you did it, & spent precious time with them. We had time to talk & share many things vis video. We laughed, got silly & listened to music. I miss you so much little brother. Thank you for the laughter & love. Forever in my heart. God Bless.


Deborah Manila posted on 8/21/20



Jennifer Drwila posted on 8/21/20

Though I haven’t worked at Walmart in the last 5 years, I’ll always think of those I worked with as my Walmart family and Michael was part of that family. You are and will always be greatly missed. My heartfelt condolences go out to his wife, children and grandchildren. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.


Kathleen anderson posted on 8/21/20

Rest in peace, love and healing, Michael.



criz atkins posted on 8/20/20



Joseph Churchville posted on 8/20/20

All I can say is I'm lost my brother in law, you were a great husband, father, grandfather, uncle and brother in law. I promise you can rest easy, I'll be there for the family at any and all costs. I love you more than my words can convey and I'll miss you more every day. Things just aren't the same anymore. Thank you for being such a great man to ALL you knew. There just are no words!! You're now free to fly, just like your beloved Eagles. Until we meet again, I love you.


Arlene Smolanoff posted on 8/20/20

Michael rip loveyou


Arlene Smolanoff posted on 8/20/20

My thoughts and prayers are with God bless you in heaven


Joseph germano posted on 8/20/20

Thank you Luis for making my mom happy over the years and being a wonderful life partner with her. I am so thankful and blessed to have knowing you and had you as my stepfather I love you and rest peacefully. You will forever be in our hearts and be missed.


jewel parks chastain posted on 8/19/20

We grew up next door to each other. As a five year old little girl I was very lucky to meet Louis first and then he introduced me to his little, adorable, sister, Elizabeth. We quickly became fast friends and had such great times together, oh, so many wonderful memories are flooding my mind & heart right now. Louis was such a sweet and thoughtful boy; in those early years, I'm proud to say we were best friends. Some of my favorite memories were playing & building with Louis & Elizabeth in my sandbox and sitting at their dinning room table while their sweet mother made us leftover turkey sandwiches for lunch; wondering how in the world she had leftovers for us, after feeding all those boys! Louis, I wish I had known you better as an adult, but thankful we had those first few years on East Hanna Ave. My most sincere condolences to your family.


Ellizabeth Meyer posted on 8/19/20

I cherish the time we had together. My brother and my friend. You will always be in my heart. Love, Elizabeth


Ashleah posted on 8/19/20

Rest in peace were such a sweet person .gone but definitely not forgotten


Erin Gilbert posted on 8/19/20

I will miss you, Grandpa. It wasn’t too long ago that I sat in your lap and messed up your white hair while you slapped my hand and pretended to be mad. I love you. I will miss you. I hope you are embracing my beautiful Grandma in heaven. Thank you for giving me your love and loving my family, Erin.


Charlie posted on 8/18/20

I just got the news yesterday & am still in shock. Steven, you were a unique dude to say the least. We met while working together at Publix & right from the start - you were the nicest, funniest most genuine guy. Even after I moved back to Orlando, we stayed in touch over the last dozen yrs. I’ll miss our late night ramblings about 80’s bands & pop culture. Rest well, my friend...


Sharon Burroughs posted on 8/18/20

A void is left in my life that only you can fill You were more than jus my husband you were my best friend. RIP with Nova Always and forever till we meet again Your Wiffe


Diana Fike posted on 8/18/20

pastor Webb was the perfect pastor. I understood the sermons. No problems in t h e music department (I was organist) my mother reminded me to call Pastor Webb to do her service before she went to sleep in Jesus. I called an he came just as he had promised so many years before. Rest in peace Pastor Webb you were loved ❤


Alexis Ham posted on 8/17/20

We just became co workers, We had great conversations and you were becoming my friend and I’m forever grateful to have Met such an intelligent individual. Thank you for your presence and Guidance. You will never be forgotten.


Letha and Family posted on 8/17/20

Praying for God to be with each of you during this sad time.


Michelle Tomarchio posted on 8/17/20

Steven, my dear friend. I will miss you with everything I have. You have always been a wonderful friend to me. You always kept communication with me throughout the years. I wish I could talk to you again. I will keep you always in my thoughts and prayers. RIP


Vincent Williams posted on 8/17/20

We met in college, through mutual friends. You always stayed in contact with me over the years, the only person I knew that does. Thank you for your friendship.


Axel posted on 8/17/20

We met trying to make the world a better place and help those in need and we both never lost sight of that goal. I love you dude I’m so sorry


Kerry Leegan posted on 8/17/20

My Grandpa was amazing! I think of all things he thought me and all the times he was there for us kids. Thank you Grandpa for all the wonderful memories and life lessons you thought me. I will miss you so much! I want you to know we are doing good and please give Grandma a big hug and kiss from all of us.



Christine Martins posted on 8/15/20

Renee, your dads smile and laughter were contagious! I remember your dad and mom, at the girls nursing graduation at Southern. I just remember your dads personality and smile:)) He was full of life, and made Bruno and I feel so welcome even though we had not seen them in years. Prayers for your whole family, I know he meant so many to so many people. He had a passion for God and the ministry, with 44 years of service of sharing the love of Jesus to so many people!


Michael Huffman posted on 8/14/20

A great man leaves an imprint upon the lives he touches. Thank you Charlie for your friendship, and may God give your family peace in your passing. You were one on my heroes!


Beth Deyo posted on 8/14/20

Uncle Bill and Aunt Helen always gave me my favorite Christmas gifts. It was always some learning gift, such as a craft, a book, an interactive toy. I remember them calling me together on the speaker phone, and the dinners for Christmas and Thanksgiving. He was the first of his family to leave farming and attend college. And that is where he met my happy and cheerful Aunt Helen. And this is where I will leave me memory. Right now I have the visual of them in heaven together, holding hands. Her Billy and His Honey



Adrienne Ryan Spector posted on 8/14/20

Steven, your Aunt Ade and Uncle Ken feel very sad that we will not get to see you again in this world. I am so glad that I at least have spoken to you on the phone in the last year when you called out of concern for one of your friends. I was impressed with your caring. Your uncle and I will always remember the little boy with thick blond hair and big blue eyes who played with his cousins Rob and Ben when we descended on Florida over the holidays. Your Grandma Berenice had discovered Nintendo and the rest was history! We grownups got in some serious visiting time while you, Robin and Ben played video games! We will love your parents forever so don't worry about them---or anything---anymore.


The Metal Metrosexual posted on 8/14/20

I'm still grappling with this, but I've tried to follow your spirit and our time together and carry that on into my final public goodbye. I'll be saying goodbye otherwise for a long time, because I still don't understand or accept this. We go back 15 years, and I'm still processing the ways you've influenced me for the better. You saw something in me that I didn't, I truly believe. We had many an amazing, frivilous time, and many a somber heart-to-heart. Your passing won't be real to me for some time, I believe. What I think you would want to hear is this: The night is young, and so are we. The next time I'm in our erstwhile stomping grounds, I will say it, although you being gone makes me feel far distant from youth. Your friend, Greg


Stacia Stoll posted on 8/14/20

My Dear Uncle Al :'( I sure do miss so much already! From your hardy laugh to you caring soul! You were such a amazing person and you were in so many memories when i was little❤ I'm just glad your no longer in pain and in a better place❤ We will never forget you!



Meagan Rathman posted on 8/13/20

Steven will always have a special place in our hearts and in our memories. Thinking of you and your family much during this difficult time <3


Dr. James and Rita Stevens posted on 8/13/20

Our sincere condolences to Pastor Webbs family. I always enjoyed visiting the New Port Richey church where he was pastor, on my vacation times. He had interesting sermons and was always so friendly and personable. We will miss him. He was instrumental in my wife's aunt and uncle becoming a part of the church. May God comfort you and your family at this time of loss.


Martha pilleteri posted on 8/13/20

May God comfort you as you go through this difficult time. Love, Martha and Ben


Becky Rodman posted on 8/12/20

God bless your family. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. "Even so, Lord Jesus, come."


Tanya posted on 8/12/20

may your memories bring you peace. keeping all of you in my prayers


Jody posted on 8/12/20

May the light shine around you all


Jody posted on 8/12/20

May the light shine all around you all


Paige Stuthers posted on 8/12/20

The tide recedes but leaves behind, bright seashells on the sand. The sun goes down, but gentle warmth still lingers on the land. The music stops, and yet it echoes on in sweet refrains….. For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains. Dear Tom, you will be missed by all of us at New Tampa Provisions, Boar's Head. Hearing your passing was devastating for all of us. I want to thank you for being so kind, helpful, and always on call when we needed you for forklift repairs. Our hearts go out to your family. <3


Natalie Folse Gorse posted on 8/12/20

You and your family are in my prayers Margaret. So very sorry.


pamela carr posted on 8/12/20

I am so sorry for your loss. No one can understand the grief that each of you feel due to the loss of a child. God bless you. I remember Steven and his family form Lake Myrtle El.



Robin Gibson posted on 8/11/20

From the little 2 yo at preschool to the kind and compassionate young man in his early 30s, I have loved you through everything. Always and forever in my heart.


Mr.& Mrs.David S. Walenski posted on 8/11/20

Lee Myers was not just a friend but also our next door neighbor in St.Helen,Mi. that we became attached to.Lee joined our Senior dinner group and everyone enjoyed having him every Monday at 4:00PM.My wife Charlotte said that Lee felt like a father to her since she never had one to speak of. Our deepest Condolences to family and friends of Lee(John)Myers-RIP.


Denise Jensen posted on 8/11/20

John was a loving and kind sole. Always smiling, great times were had wherever he went. You will be missed John. Please give a hug to Katie.


Chuck Harmon posted on 8/11/20

John always had a great laugh and smile never forget always an outgoing person He was a Great Person With Heart Felt Condolences Chuck and Janey Harmon


David Berger posted on 8/11/20

Steven, I will always remember the insightful, engaging, and intelligent student I had in my class who grew up to be such an outstanding man. Our conversations over the years meant so much to me, and it saddens me that we will never have those again. Thank you for all you brought to the world, and I can promise you that you will never be forgotten.


Nadia Maharana posted on 8/11/20

Steven, We have been neighbors since I was ten years old. I will never forget when I started community college and needed help to learn how to write a college paper. You came over and taught me step by step how to write a paper. You were so calm and collected and per usual I was probably a ball of nerves. Thank you for being a friendly and caring individual. We will miss you a lot. RIP my friend.


Sharon Barse posted on 8/11/20

Rest In Peace ! My thoughts and prayers prayers are with the family during this difficult time .


Mary Rathman posted on 8/10/20

My heart breaks that you are no longer here. I remember you hanging out at our pool with Meagan and friends. You were sweet, looked out for the girls, and easy to talk to. May you rest in peace, Steven.


Lindsey Turnbull posted on 8/10/20

Steven, You were the first boy I ever met who wore blazers, even in the Florida heat. I thought you were endlessly fascinating, brilliant, and kind. That you, a senior, would even talk to me (a freshman) was so silly and wonderful. Throughout the years, I watched you become more confident, positive, and curious; and always, fascinating, brilliant, and kind. The world is a less bright and beautiful place without Steven. He was always a bright spot, a lively and warm energy, and an instant friend to everyone het met. A truly unique, inspiring, authentic person, he will be missed by many. Until we meet again, friend.


Chad posted on 8/10/20

I'm sorry I didn’t get to meet you. Rest In Peace.


Crystal Turner Kennedy posted on 8/9/20

Uncle Ronnie was a special guy. Always quick with a joke, great with sarcasm and oh how his hugs were the best. My daddy was his baby brother and oh how he loved his big brother. I was so fortunate to have gotten closer to Uncle Ronnie in the past few years. His texts and calls to check on me were so special and I will miss them. I enjoyed having him in my home for Thanksgiving and for a more intimate private dinner when my cousin Kandy was here. He told me how my cooking brought back so many memories for him and it was the best compliment he could have given. The last thing he asked me for was his mamas fried chicken , chicken and dumplings and collard greens. I was so happy to be able to give him that. I’m so sorry for the loss that will leave a hole in many hearts. I’m so happy to have had him in my life. My special thoughts are with his immediate family right now, as I know how hard this loss is. Love to my family !


Ashleigh Woodruff posted on 8/9/20

Your family and fan club miss you!


Ellie posted on 8/9/20

We send our prayers for healing and strength to Theresa's friends and family. We will love and miss her beautiful soul. The Almeida Family


Gladys Peralta posted on 8/9/20

Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs.


Judith Smith posted on 8/9/20

Him&my husband Steven were on the same Facility he was sweet&loving man He was always smiling it was a pleasure being around him I know he is at peace now with the Lord


Kimmy posted on 8/9/20

Daddy, thank you for letting me call you Daddy when we have our visits. We have had many special memories from sharing holiday meals to picking you up from the barber and more. Look over us from heaven and know you are loved!


Suzi Olivio posted on 8/9/20

Ron was my first cousin on my mother's side. I will always remember his big smile and hugs from the time I was a little kid. Although I didn't see him much as adult, we had connected on Facebook in the last few years. I enjoyed his humor and the love he expressed to me and all his friends and family. Ronnie will be missed. I am so blessed to be part of this family, with a long legacy of love and faith. I know we will meet again one day and what a joyful family reunion that will be! My love goes out to all Ronnie's family and prayers for comfort and peace.


Wilfredo Rifas posted on 8/9/20

RIP Mr. Kessler.


Lizza,Ra And Jose Javier posted on 8/9/20

Siempre en nuestros corazones. Sorry for your loss


Kym Rorabacher posted on 8/9/20

I would look forward to his family posting pictures on Facebook. The photo brought me joy!


Kym Rorabacher posted on 8/9/20

I always looked forward to seeing new pictures posted on facebook. The always made me smile!


Kathy Monty posted on 8/8/20

You made my sister in law Dawn so happy, and for that I am very happy. I enjoyed all the times I was able to visit with you and your family. We always had a great time when we got together. You will be missed by so many people. Love you.


Gilda Avellan-Guzman posted on 8/8/20

Even though I never had the opportunity to meet him in person, you sharing your wonderful adventures with your dad allowed me to enjoy his sweet singing and sweet smile. The Love you showed is a true example of a loving daughter. Rest in Peace Sweet Mr Kessler.


Shawn Hutson Gibson posted on 8/8/20

I miss your contagious laughter and mischievous sense of humor. I`m sad that you never got to know your grandchildren. Love you, cousin. There`s so many memories I wouldn`t know where to begin. Till we meet again.



Allison Harrel posted on 8/8/20

It’s with deepest sympathy that I wish you all comfort. He and Hazel and singing away for sweet Mya!


Lauria Blight posted on 8/8/20

Rest Easy Mr K. No More pain!! Fly high, kick some dust up up there!! And Give Mrs K a big hug and kiss for us all!! You will both be greatly missed. ❤


BenjaminCartagena posted on 8/8/20

A great man who poured all his love and life into his family. I’m glad to have met him on several occasions. My deepest condolences to the Kessler family.


Kristan aviles posted on 8/8/20

To the most vintage man I have met. Glad to have had the pleasure to be there on his birthday, so blessed to have been given not only a friend but a sobrina! I am so glad to have had the chance to meet him!


Tate Lydia posted on 8/8/20

Raymond was such a kind and sweet spirit. I remember talking with him during dance rehearsal with Cynthia and he was such a joy to chat with. Much love!


Cathy, Hugh, Stu&Sean Taylor posted on 8/8/20

Our Condolences dear friend. Praying for God to give you all strength through these sad times. God Bless you All. Love ya


Gordon K Walsh posted on 8/8/20

Im at a lose for words .Gone to Heaven way to young.Rachel rest in peace.your in Gods hand love you will be missed



Renee posted on 8/7/20

You were always my coolest brother. Words can not express how heartbroke I am that you are gone. I will forever be grateful for the time we had together. I'll treasure the memories I have of you until my time comes to join you on the other side. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten!



Dawn Diamond posted on 8/6/20

Your wings were ready but my heart was not. I miss you so much. I know your at peace and out of pain. I love you



Donna Ponella posted on 8/6/20

I was blessed to be able to visit with Alton, Dawn and the kids every week. Alton loved his family very much. He told me often how proud he was of all of them. His grandbabies adored him. I will miss his positive outlook and smiling face. Thank you for welcoming in your home. Your in my Thoughts and Prayers


Jordan posted on 8/6/20

My heart goes out to the family, I’m soo soo sorry for your loss!! Rest peacefully Uncle Al


THOMAS DUNPHY posted on 8/6/20



Uncle Dave Davidovich posted on 8/6/20

My loving niece; we would spend hours talking on the phone. We all miss you and hope you are at peace



Shannon Diamond posted on 8/6/20

Dad I love and miss you so much. I am glad your at peace now.


Shawna posted on 8/6/20

Papa I will love and miss you see you soon one day


TINA PELCHER posted on 8/6/20

Rest In Peace Dad. We Love And Miss You. Cant Wait Till We Meet Again. Don't Party To Hard With Chris.


Karen and Dave keesecker posted on 8/5/20

Dear Rachel we will always miss you and will hold you close to our hearts forever.


Mark Lanphar Jr posted on 8/4/20

Gone to soon. We will be missing you. With lots of love, my condolences.


David Keesecker posted on 8/4/20

Rachel I love you so much we shared so many moments together been through everything you were too good too kind for this world you gave so much including the greatest gift of all our son David thank you so much I love you always will


John Mausteller posted on 7/31/20

Jessica was one of my best friends in life. Kind , funny , beautiful soul , and was a genuine true friend. She will be missed deeply , but not forgotten. God bless her ....


Elena Modery posted on 7/30/20

Donna, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. My condolences to you and your family.


Lisa Christiansen posted on 7/30/20

My sweet,beautiful niece. We will all miss your beautiful smile. I'll always remember are trips to Busch Gardens & Disney. We had so much fun. Very hard to believe that you are gone. God takes the very best first. Your are at peace and flying with the angels now. Love you forever


Richard Welker posted on 7/30/20

I love you and will miss you so much Rachel.. words can’t express what I’m feeling at least I know you’re watching over me and will guide me in the right path. Rest In Peace Big Sister I will never forget you ❤️


Justin Drach posted on 7/30/20

My condolences to the friends and family. I wish I got to know my god daughter better and I’m sorry for that. May you Rest In Peace.


Shelley Drach posted on 7/30/20

Beautiful young lady. Gone too soon. You will be missed by many. RIP Dear Rachel. Condolences to Family and Friends❤️❤️❤️


Shelley Drach posted on 7/30/20

Rachel you will be missed by so many. Your memory will always be with us. You will never be forgotten. Gone too soon.


Nicole Benjamin posted on 7/30/20

Donna I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine what you are going through. Sending Prayers and love to you and your family.


Michelle Cook posted on 7/30/20

Donna I am so deeply sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this most difficult time.



Cindy Engel posted on 7/28/20



michael viehl posted on 7/24/20

Old friend,so in peace


Dr. Earl A. Bland posted on 7/22/20

Laura and I love you Russ and family!



dan boland posted on 7/20/20

R.i.P. Aunt Elaine



Tonia Desrochers posted on 7/20/20

RIP Earl until we meet again



Rhonda Caron posted on 7/19/20

Fear Earl, Thank you so much for being a great dad during the short time you had her with my granddaughter, Skyanne. You were an awesome dad. The more I learn everyday about your past the more my heart aches for you. I will forever make sure Skyanne will HAVE the childhood you never had. FINALLY you may get the peace every child of God deserves. Love you forever. Rhonda


Mimi posted on 7/19/20

Will love & miss you forever. thank you for our daughter, grandchildren & the life long memories.



HEIDY HOLLISTER posted on 7/19/20

It is too late now. I am your cousin


Paul E Toth RPh. posted on 7/19/20

I just learned of "Mickey" Carters passing, and wish to extend my prayers to his family, I work with him for many years while I was with Eckerds and always enjoyed our conversations and the times I spent around him.


Jay Tripp posted on 7/17/20

Wish I could have made it to the service. I think of all of you often. Great memories! Thanks for sharing your lives and your space with us when we needed you all those years ago.


Tamra Measels posted on 7/17/20

Aunt Gail I loved our talks we had each day. I loved you more than you ever knew and had such wonderful memories of us going on vacation with all the family. You brighten my day when you called and gave me strength to get through all the difficulties I was having with my health. Thank you for being my Aunt and my friend. You will be missed and loved by many. My heart is broken but oneday I will see you again in heaven and the family will be together again. Hug Brett for me and grandma and grandpa. Love you Aunt Gail be at peace now.



tricia lawson posted on 7/17/20

All the childhood memories,I can never say how much they meant to me,some of the best times of my younger days,I loved you very much,I know you are with Brett again and flying high with the angels,kiss grandma and grandpa for me,love you aunt Gayle Love Tricia


Neil and Donna Fraley posted on 7/17/20

Ray, our thoughts have been with you, please know we are here if you need anything at all.


Kim and Joe Kopp posted on 7/16/20

Dear Ray, Sharon, and Dan: Joe and I were shocked and saddened to learn of Linda's passing. We are heartbroken for you and send our deepest sympathy during this very difficult time. I will always fondly remember our times together, especially camping, girl scouts, our wedding, and - hopefully this will make you smile - the trip to Mexico City that Linda chaperoned with my grandmother when Sharon and I were in middle school. My grandma always talked about that trip and the fun we had. Although we have not seen each other for many years, I have kept up with your RV adventures through my parents and hope that those wonderful memories that you made will help to carry you through these hard times. We send you love and prayers. With love and sympathy, Kim and Joe Kopp


Samantha "Tiki" Teague posted on 7/16/20

I am so sorry for your loss and hope that you feel overwhelming love and support during this difficult time. My thoughts and prayers are with Robert's family and loved ones.


Amy Gagen posted on 7/16/20

Sending prayers of healing during this difficult time. I am a co-worker of Dan, whom I admire very much! I can see from the pictures of Linda, that she has the same zest of life as Dan and brings a smile to everyone always. Thoughts and prayers are with you all.



Ashley posted on 7/16/20

I love you Dad.


Jeff Raney posted on 7/16/20

Ray, Denise and I send our sincere condolences to you and your family. We will not be able to the memorial service for Linda but our thoughts and prayers are with you.



Laura & Charlie LaBrie posted on 7/16/20

He was one of our BEST friends ,and we still talk about him sometimes and remember the fun we all had at the flea market and more.



Marolyn Hair posted on 7/16/20

You are forever a special person I was bless to not only know but to call you Uncle. I know you are finally at rest with your "Stinky", now that you are done giving this physical world all you could. Love you always. Your great (and best ) Marolyn


Josh Laner posted on 7/14/20

So sorry for your loss. Ashlee and I's thoughts and prayers are with you.


Marie Clark posted on 7/14/20

I worked with Robert years ago he’s was a sweet man and he had a huge heart for all friends. He will be missed. RIP My friend


Barb Masson posted on 7/13/20

Dear Ray & Family, What a devastating loss! For all these many years I have considered the two of you to be my best friends. As God Parents for Marcia & Monika, that made the relationship even closer. We all consider you family. It just doesn't seem right to say one of your names without the other. Even though the reports weren't good, I was SURE that Linda was going to get better. Our world has lost an absolute gem.



Rob hughes ( RJ) posted on 7/12/20

Rest in peace..robert..


Rob hughes ( RJ) posted on 7/12/20

Rest in peace. May the angels bring to the pearl gates and sit next to god and welcome you to heaven open arms. Rest in peace ..look over your friends and relatives and friends..



sandra bragg posted on 7/12/20

You will be missed. RIP Rob


Mario Dopazo posted on 7/11/20

My condolences for you and your family, may GOD’s ever shining light help guide you through these difficult times. May your mothers light cast away all pain and suffering.


Ralph & Luke Serrano posted on 7/11/20

Ray, Sharon, Dan and family. We are very saddened at the news of Linda's passing. Our most heart felt condolences and sympathies are with you. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.



Linda Crockett posted on 7/11/20

Mike you will be missed,you are now with the rest of our always Linda&Family



Karen welch posted on 7/11/20

In memory of mike penton



Arther keene posted on 7/11/20

Mike Penon, The world just lost truly one if the hardest working men to ever walk this earth. As your brother in law I just wanted to thank for taking the greatest care of my sister Shirley and your son Rocky, I will always be in indebted to you for doing so. Until we meet again Mike just know your dearly missed and loved. Love always Art "peanut"


ELISA M GOLDEN posted on 7/11/20

Emily was not only my loving and kind cousin, she was one of the most intelligent and learned people I have ever known. I'll miss the challenging Scrabble games we played and the fun times we enjoyed when she visited me in South Carolina. My heart is broken that this special friend and cousin has left us so soon.


Bonnie Sherman posted on 7/10/20

Carl - I am so happy you married Cori, you made a Wonderful couple. Thank you also for trusting me to drive your truck, so I could see my friend Sylvia in Zephyrhills. Ken often spoke about you and your knowledge about wines.He loved his wine. We always felt Welcome in your home. And I'll think about you every time I use my nifty rubber mallet from your flea market. You are a very Special person. Love, Bonnie


Connie Nahalka posted on 7/10/20

Prayers to Robbie's family. RIP You will be missed. Love & hugs. Connie


Valerie Reese and Family posted on 7/9/20

Koumbaro , brother-in-law , uncle , friend. You were my brother-in-law first and then a friend and part of our family you baptized my daughter we're going I'm going to miss you we all are here in New York. This is such a shame and a horrible thing and I wish oh I don't I'm at loss of words I know we were coming down scheduled to come down for vacation towards the end of July. We be seeing but you will be in our thoughts every day say hi to my husband and my father and your mother and my grandmother for us. You were a good guy Rob I miss exchanging pictures have the kids with you ain't talkin when we have a chance to catch up. Daniel Alex you know I'm here for you we all are in New York and as long as well things are probably going to get worse down there we might not make it now but if we do we'll see you it's not you know my number I will contact you and leave my phone number if you need anything else be strong kids it's a hard thing to deal with I know it's a great loss the pain won't ever go away but it will get better a little easier to deal with



Scott Gordon Powell posted on 7/9/20

Hey Kristin, remember the double rainbow (double rainbow!!!) picture, and how you love rainbows? Well, I keep seeing them at random. Your mom told me about how she asked for a sign that you're OK, and how she saw one on the skyway bridge almost immediately after. Suffice it to say that rainbows have a whole new meaning for us. I miss you so much, but these little reminders help to remind us that you're in a place where anxiety doesn't exist. Also, Mochi has been so good, FYI. We're going to have a small celebration-of-life gathering for the Skyland people who knew and adored you. Stop by if you can. I love you, and take care, gorgeous.


John Battista posted on 7/9/20

My heartfelt condolences to the Penton family. I have known and worked with Mike since 1986, he was a sweet, sincere, honest, sometimes grumpy guy, and I loved him. I got to know the Mike who on many occasions talked about his family and how he would do anything and everything, especially his wonderful wife to make them happy. He was a special person and I will miss him.


John Battista posted on 7/9/20

My heartfelt condolences to the Penton family. I have had the pleasure of working and knowing Mike since 1986, he was such a sweet, sincere, honest and a little grumpy at times guy.. He loved his family, as he told me on many occasions and would do anything to make his wonderful wife happy. I will miss you my friend.


Katrina Goetzke posted on 7/9/20

Uncle Carl was a kind and caring man. His quiet presence was refreshing and comforting. I have many fond memories of playing cards and Rummikub over the years with him, the family and Grandma. You will be missed.


Howard Cook posted on 7/9/20

I was fortunate enough to meet Larry at an Art Show in April 1992 and get to know him over the years. Larry was one of those truly unique souls one rarely meets in a lifetime. We are fortunate enough to have a few of Larry's creative works in our home and will miss him.


Oscar & Laura Campos posted on 7/9/20

Ray, Sharon, & Dan, It is with a heavy heart that we send you our sincerest condolences and prayers in your time of loss.


Oscar & Laura Campos posted on 7/9/20

Ray, Sharon,& Dan, It is with a heavy heart we send our sincerest condolences and prayers in your time of loss.



eric weidenhof posted on 7/9/20

I was Roger's older brother by 4 years. I had not seen him for many years, since he moved to Florida. We were born in Pgh.,Pa. We have an older brother who has passed away and a younger sister living in Australia. Roger was an avid sports writer and loved playing the guitar. I pray God wraps his loving arms around and Dad, Mom, and Buddy are there to welcome you into His kingdom.


Steve & Patty Bowen posted on 7/8/20

Kristen you are loved -From the doggy fashion shows to the great couch burning weekend at the river - you won't be forgotten Every Camp trip or River House adventure you will never be forgotten. Fly free and find your peace.To Jason and all the family know what a great person we loved and will miss forever. Love you all so much! Steve & Patty Bowen


Gilda Molina posted on 7/8/20

Dear Sharon and Ray, I am so saddened and sorry for your loss. Words can not express my feelings. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Linda was an amazing woman and will so missed. She brought joy to all who new her. May she be in Gods glory amen


Bruce Handler posted on 7/8/20

I had worked for John when he started his package firm out of his NYC apartment with Joel Bronx. Guess I was their first employee and that was around 1978. Prior to that job I followed John's footsteps and worked for Irv Werbin. I recall their was a photo of Helena on the fridge (Just to prove who I am. It was a short time later that I left for a job with benefits but I did learn a lot from John. At my next job in the toy industry I worked with his dad to do some toy packaging paintings. Very talented family and always willing to share his design knowledge. Very sad to hear of his passing, he was from the silver age of package design. Best in the future.


RAYMOND MATOS posted on 7/7/20



raymond matos posted on 7/7/20

wendy was and still is a strong woman. who love to entertain by food and being her self very funny. some would say she should have been a stand -up comedian. she was a hard worker . when ever and what ever she put her mind to do it was done . everyone she meet , well they loved her a good friend . wendy was a person who would of took her shirt off to help you in anyway she could.i meet wendy in 91 we dated a few time . one day she told me that she was gonna have our baby . i told het no matter what happens . i will be there for you no matter what it was a promise. i have keept and still keeping . wendy gave me the most wonderful gift that and woman or man could give to a person. a baby. we have a wonderful son .every time i see him or speak to him i will alway see and hear wendy . wendy you are for in my heart and you live on thREW me and our son raymond . GOD BLEss YOU



Susie Mclane posted on 7/7/20

I remember Robert as Denise's brother, uncle to Adam, great dad to his kids. A good person inside and out. You will be missed